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Strange rail technologies

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When you are denied seeing passenger rail and its everyday benefits in real-life, you become vulnerable to all kinds of kooky salespeople selling snake oil substitutes to the basic food groups of transportation....



Columbus semi-finalist for futuristic, high-speed transportation system

Kimball Perry

Posted: 01/10/2017 6:17 AM


Pull up to most drive-thru banks or pharmacies and you probably have used a pneumatic tube to send your deposit or prescription to the clerk helping you.


A proposal submitted by a Columbus-based commission would use a similar concept to launch people from here to Chicago in 30 minutes or to Pittsburgh in 15 minutes at more than 700 mph. You could work eight hours every weekday in Columbus but live in Chicago or Pittsburgh and be home each night in time to walk the Magnificent Mile or chow down on the Steel City's Primanti Brothers sandwich topped with coleslaw and fries.


It sounds like science fiction, but the Chicago-to-Columbus-to-Pittsburgh route is one of 35 international semifinalists in the Hyperloop One Global Challenge. Hyperloop One, the California-based company holding the competition, aims to make the fast, easy shipment of people and goods via tube happen. The company says its transportation mode combines the speed of air with the reliability of rail.


"Columbus is the Midwest's fastest-growing area," said William Murdock, executive director of the Mid-Ohio Regional Planning Commission. 





"Save the planet. Move to the city." -- The Downtowner podcast

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The lesson: here is what often happens when we ignore proven technology for moving people and go chasing after the "new, shiny thing".  Not saying we shouldn't pursue new transportation technology: only saying it is foolish to do so at the expense of committing funding to invest in moving people off of the street/highway grid by rail in dedicated corridors...



China's Elevated Bus Project Seemed Too Good To Be True — And It Was

July 6, 20179:30 AM ET



"The idea was absurd, childish," said a longtime critic. Still, investors pumped more than a half-billion dollars into the project, after being promised returns of 12 percent.




"Save the planet. Move to the city." -- The Downtowner podcast

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