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Ohio & Illegal Immigration

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and for the next installment in this series, Painesville city manager Monica Irelan clarifies the new (and seemingly always in a state of flux) immigration policy. There's already controversy about the formation of task force in regard to this issue and the city's outreach to La Raza, the Latino advocacy group.


Meanwhile, over the weekend, a plan to place an OVI checkpoint at an intersection in a part of town with a large Mexican population was deemed, by a newly arrived resident (and apparent SJW), to be a ruse intended to nab illegal immigrants and send them packing. Additionally, 3 Latinas are running for city council in the upcoming primary against a one time councilman and former classmate of mine who apparently is regarded as the official town xenophobe (I hope they all win--lol)


Another Viewpoint: Painesville’s stance on immigration explained, clarified






Questions about police checkpoint in Painesville





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well, for the umpteenth-umpteenth-umpteenth time Painesville "clarifies" its immigration policy (resulting, of course, in more confusion); and two Mexican-American candidates run for city council (fears of a Latino takeover are already brewing among some of the more...uh...unenlightened citizens :-X )





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The Globe and Mail, Canada's equivalent to the New York Times, recently did a story on the plight of Beatriz Morelos. Well written but no doubt a self-aggrandizing attempt to demonstrate the "moral superiority" of Canadian culture ::) (as if Canada doesn't have any immigration laws or doesn't enforce them)


Deportation in Trump's America: 'My life, my house, my children. Everything in one second'



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On 11/17/2017 at 2:22 PM, eastvillagedon said:

another deportation looming


Rally held in support of Painesville woman set for deportation




can they do this? I guess they just did


Painesville woman deported to Mexico files federal lawsuit against ICE




PAINESVILLE, Ohio — "Esperanza Pacheco Padilla of Painesville has filed a federal lawsuit against the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency, 14 months after the mother of four was deported to Mexico in Nov. 2017.


The lawsuit filed by civil rights attorney David Malik alleges ICE failed to respond to multiple public records requests in releasing details on how the agency makes its decisions on who will be deported and when."

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