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Cleveland: Midtown: Development and News

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4 hours ago, RE Developer In Training said:

Not a huge fan of this.  With the so-called Med Mart center of innovation sitting largely empty and the upcoming blockland - do we really need another innovation center?  Maybe I just don't understand the purpose of each center, but c'mon.

so when do you stop trying to be innovative...   maybe build some additional steel mills or gas powered automobile plants...??

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2 hours ago, X said:

That's not really such a big loss.  The facade on it is ok 1900's commercial architecture, but nothing special.  Behind that it's just a long featureless one story building.  This clears up a large, contiguous development site.


But that's just steps away from Terdolph park!


All of the recent activity there and closer to the Agora start to paint the picture of the overall neighborhood vision @KJP keeps nodding to. The Midtown Cleveland CDC has been very busy it seems.

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Cleveland Foundation buys planned headquarters site in Midtown as legal dispute continues

Updated 6:05 AM;Today 5:00 AM

By Jordyn Grzelewski, The Plain Dealer


CLEVELAND, Ohio — The Cleveland Foundation, despite a pending lawsuit challenging the move, has purchased the Midtown property where it wants to build its new headquarters.


The $600,305 sale of 1.2 acres on East 66th Street between Euclid and Chester avenues closed Nov. 25, according to Cuyahoga County property records. The seller was Dunham Tavern Museum, a historic former stagecoach stop and tavern at 6709 Euclid Ave. The foundation purchased the property through an affiliated LLC.


Plans for the new headquarters call for a three-story building at the northeast corner of East 66th and Euclid, just west of Dunham Tavern. The campus is being designed by New York-based S9 Architecture.



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On 9/21/2019 at 12:53 PM, MyTwoSense said:

I would love to buy the Coliseum.

Cant recall if someone has already brought this up, so apologies if I’m rehashing anything. Just passed the Coliseum and it says sale pending. 

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