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Summit Street

Columbus: Random Development and News

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some columbus projects and constructions


osu gateway


arena crossing apartments almost done



some condos are replacing a surface lot on spring street. at least thats what the sign said...but there are only wooden planks and little trees there now


this bridge is gonna be destroyed and remade http://www.idom.es/castellano/Algunos_proyectos/ingen_civil/OHIO_i.htm


this one too


grant building rubble, nothing news yet


jeffrey place bulldozers


new things on summit street by 2nd ave., for nearly the whole block


possible new site for a basball stadium, in some county committee discussion now if its a good idea


all that by the river is gonna be a park


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Two things:


1) What is the finish supposed to look like on Arena Crossing? I saw them last weekend, but I wondered how they are going to dress up the windows, what kind of trim work, etc.


2) That stuff on Summit between 1st and 2nd avenues extends west all the way to Mt. Pleasant St. It used to be a midrise tower for section 8 and senior tenants. I think it's supposed to be mixed-income housing now. I'd like to get inside and see what it looks like inside the block.

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It'll be dark brick, grasscat.


OSU has too much shit going on now for me to even care posting ;).

"You don't just walk into a bar and mix it up by calling a girl fat" - buildingcincinnati speaking about new forumers

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Concerning the two bridges between Broad St and I-70.

The Main St Bridge will be the first one to be taken down and once that is completed (2006?) Columbus will follow through with replacing the Town St Bridge (I can't see Columbus closing both bridges at the same time. COSI and Franklintown would have a fit)


That Spring St park was discussed by all who attended the Columbus meet (and stayed for part 2 after dinner). There was some public grousing over the new park because Columbus had droped a million or so on a refurbishment of the north bank of the Scioto, along Spring St, just a couple of years ago.


The latest round of discussions concerning the Yankees AAA affliate are nothing new. For 4 years now, the City, county, and George Steinbrenner have been in discussion as to what they want to do with the Clippers. Stay at Cooper, move them to Whitter Peninsula, or move them to the "Arena District."

It's a touchy subject due to neighborhood jealousy, the owners of the team (that being Franklin County) and the "city players" who are angling to get their piece of they like to believe to be a golden goose.


We'll see.




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Great photo thread, SummitStreet. There are a lot of great projects going up in the downtown area. Also going up is The Terrace condo tower at Grant next to the main library downtown. There are also two medium-scale projects going on in the Discovery District: CSCC's new bookstore and the new student welcome center for CCAD (which are replacing 2 surface lots!). Scaffolding is going up for the construction to start on the 145 High condo tower also. In Harrison West, the A.C. Humco plant has been demolished to make way for a new urban residential village (similar to Jeffery Place) next to the Scioto River. Here are some of the renderings:





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WOW, there's a lot more stuff going onto the former A.C. Humco site than I thought!


I still see the dirt patch which will one day become Jeffrey Place everyday on my way to work. Is there any real work going on there right now? I think I heard something about utility work beginning soon?

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yeah, wow, at the harrison west project.

the jeffrey place is still a big dirt field from what i can tell.

and good news about the downtown projects.

anybody know anything about this:?



and the scaffolding on one columbus, is that just to take down the provident sign or is something happening?

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I was looking around http://www.downtowncolumbus.com and noticed they added a few more projects to their downtown housing list (along with some other upgrades to the website). Plus some of the housing websites that have been on there awhile have been updated.




Lofts at 106 http://www.loftsonhigh.com/


Buggyworks http://thebuggyworks.com/


Burnham Square Condos http://www.downtowncolumbus.com/downtown_housing.php?category=2&result_set=12&project=105


Washington Rich Townhomes http://www.cityspaceresidential.com/washingtonrich.asp


EcleXion Lofts


Brewer's Yard http://www.brewersyard.com/virtualTour.html

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more Columbus news:


Columbus touts good credit

The city of Columbus said Monday it has obtained AAA credit ratings, the highest possible, from the nation's two top credit rating agencies.


Officials said they think Columbus is the only city of its size to obtain AAA ratings from Moody's Investors Service and Standard & Poor's. The lofty rating allows the city to borrow money at more favorable interest rates.


The city is planning $301.5 million in neighborhood projects for 2004 and expects to sell $600 million in bonds.

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why can't we get something like the lofts on high in cincy. i'd kill for a place like that. maybe the new MED project will look something like that

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Better late than never but here is the new construction thread for Columbus




The Brunson











Did I mention LOFTS?


ConneXtions Lofts




And another


60 Spring







Guess whats next? You guessed it...... LOFTS (coming soon)


Lofts at 106


Front of building



Ok, had enough lofts for now? Me too, heres other stuff.







And finally......


I don't remember what they call this one



This isn't it, more pics coming soon

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Excellent. Looks like there is a lot going on in Columbus.


I first looked at the new construction on the first set of pictures (The Brunson) and really didn't like it. But it kinda grew on me a little, so now I'm not sure. Are there any other renderings of it?

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what the hell?! thats cool and all that theres almost a new tall tower of lofts, but why doesnt it fit in with the building next to it?! That looks awful.


Its great tho that Columbus is starting to get some downtown residential stuff, thumbs up to that.

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Keep in mind also that all of those projects are stictly in the downtown core. The big areas of construction and renovation in this area are along the High St. and Gay St. corridors. Other projects downtown currently under construction include:


Capitol Square:


8 on the Square



Discovery District:


Washington Rich Townhouses




Arena District:


Burnham Sqaure Condominiums




Jones Day Office Building (325 McConnell Blvd)



Columbus Eye Center (no rendering)

5 story 120,000 sq. ft. building with attached parking garage


EcleXtion Lofts


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Some projects under construction in the neighborhoods immediately surrounding downtown:


Brewery District:


Brewer's Gate



River West:


The Buggyworks (no rendering)

120,000 sq. ft, 68 condominiums in first phase


Short North:


Parkview at Goodale



Old Towne East


The Broadwin



Italian Village:


Jeffrey Place




Harrison West:


Harrison Place (site of former A.C. Humko plant)



University District:


South Campus Gateway




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Last I heard the developers were ready to tear down the 1970's-era buildings along High St. by the end of this year to start on the office portion of the project. They also have scaffolding and other materials on the buildings on the corner, so I think construction/demolition on part of the project has indeed started.

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The Brunson is going to be a great project. It is being done by the same company who just did Parkview on Goodale park on the edge of 670 and victorian village. The company is amazing and leaves no deatail undone. I dont see anything other than the rendering of that on here.


Also, does anyone have final pics of the arena crossing? half of the 250 something apartments have opened. IT looks really good, the best part is the walkway between the north market and the restaurant alley where bucca/starbucks/and gordon biersh are. The whole area blends beautifully.


Also, construction has started on Burnham Square condos(ones across from archpark in arena district. the parking garage is finished. Expect this one to move fast as nationwide is doing it and has all the needed funds etc.


Excelion lofts (sp?) is already gutted and being renovated as well. Expect that project to be completed by 2005 at the latest.

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oh and that video monitor above the cvs/new office space is tres cool eh?


just hope they complete the one on corner of broad/high as planned. Will look great together.

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Great post. Where is that Terraces project mentioned way at the beginning G300?


i don't know how familiar you are with columbus, but it is sitting on the parcel where the 'fire exit' music venue was....then the fire department shut it down because it was about to collapse :lol: .


it's also really close to the big hat that crosses over the road...and what cmh_downtown said

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Way to go Key Bank for actually remaining committed to downtown!


KeyBank gets approval for news ticker Downtown

Talks with ONN on content continuing




  KeyBank plans to display a 24-hour news ticker above the canopy that surrounds the bank’s Downtown offices at 3 rd and Broad streets.



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