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St Anne's Hill vernacular: houses that are similar (D8N)

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Playing with typology...


This is sort of following on my interest in those modified I-houses as a local urban vernacular here in Dayton.  Back in that Oregon thread I posted a few months ago I was sort of speculating on how that vernacular might have been worked out or developed by local builders.  Here in St Anne’s Hill, same thing...& how the style gets deployed throughout a neighborhood, retaining that side door feature, often centered on the side façade…...but starting to see modifications...


Starting with a true I-house, long front to the street, on Fifth Street…




I-House, adopted for the urban lot, on a side street…with the side porch..




Later version? (after 1869), asymmetrical placement of doors




..note that you will start to see more examples of doors on the gable end, facing the street, as well as the side door.




example with the side porch and an abbreviated L or T in the rear….




Missing a window?













This house dates from the early 1860s, just before or during the Civil War..and is selling for $138,000….




The front porch is probably late 19th or early 20th century






The other common house type is the cottage, and I think this might have been the original type of house on a number of properties here, as they show on the 1869 county atlas as being built on, but the style of house is too late for 1869, so there has been some building replacmenet going on in St Anne’s Hill.  Maybe worth more of a look some other time….


The original cottages were probably small frame ones, like this.




You can’t see it too well, but this one has a symmetrical side façade, with two doors under the square upper windows, which is just like small farmhouses or rural tenant houses in KY.


A few more small cottages







(with some additions)


Larger cottages (which look like one story versions of those "urban I-houses" upthread.










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