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Upper Sandusky / Wyandot County: Development and News

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Tire dump cleanup to be done this year

Toledo Blade, 7/13/06


The cleanup of millions of tires from a former dump in Wyandot County will be completed eight years ahead of schedule, but payment of the nearly $52 million in court-ordered restitution may never happen.


Approximately 19 million tires have been removed so far, and the remaining tires from Kirby Tire Recycling on State Rt. 231 near Sycamore will be removed by the end of the year, the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency said yesterday.  The fire was set on Aug. 21, 1999, and was declared to be out five days - and 5 million burned tires - later.


The EPA had estimated cleanup of the 120-acre site would take 15 years.  But yesterday, Ohio EPA Director Joe Koncelik, leading reporters on a tour, said the final work should be wrapped up by the end of the year.


MORE: http://www.toledoblade.com/apps/pbcs.dll/article?AID=/20060713/NEWS17/607130352/-1/RSS08

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From the 9/7/06 Tiffin Advertiser-Tribune:


Upper Sandusky considers possible redevelopment

By Dan McElhatten, Correspondent


UPPER SANDUSKY — City Council met Monday night and heard Mayor Kenneth Richardson speak of a possible breakthrough in industrial redevelopment.  He said an individual is interested in marketing the Blackhawk building and will work with the city on promotion.  The A.O. Smith building is another building that is being looked at by a group of investors, according to Richardson, who may purchase the building for leasing to manufacturers or distributors.


The mayor also said the Pilot fuel distribution center is scheduled to open Sept. 14, though the Subway store may have to open later due to unforeseen complications.  He reported income tax revenues are down 5.5 percent.  Councilman Craig Swartz asked about the possibility of having additional curbs replaced in the revitalization.  He cited a business owner who has curbs with reported gouges in the concrete.


Richardson said there are curbs 100 years old that have been replaced, and to replace some only 23 years old would not be saying much for the city, citing the expense of tearing out and replacing curbs.  He said there aren’t any funds left to replace other curbs.  Council President Gary Veith said they may be able to look at them to see whether they could be fixed.


Tom Creger of the Wyandot County Visitor’s and Convention Bureau revisited council to seek additional funds for the bureau.  Richardson indicated the current appropriations were voted on and stand as they are, though they could consider raising the bureau’s allotment during the next appropriations.


MORE: http://www.advertiser-tribune.com/articles.asp?articleID=3612

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From the 1/4/07 Upper Sandusky Chief-Union:


Ethanol plant plans for Carey in final stages


Staff writer


CAREY - Plans for a new ethanol plant to be built near Carey currently are being finalized, and Renewable Energy Consultants' president Mark Bateman said the numbers look positive for the plant to be built this year.  Ethanol production is a fairly new green energy.  It drives economic development, adds value to agriculture and is a step toward energy independence.  Ethanol is a green energy, burns clean and is a renewable resource.


Ethanol is produced from crops such as grain and corn.  Most gasoline currently is mixed with ethanol to burn cleaner fuel and save energy.  Ethanol production is reaching new levels with more than 100 ethanol plants in the United States and more than 70 currently under construction.


Bateman said the site in Carey was chosen because of the location of the railroad and highway access.  "A rail is an absolute necessity to the plant," he said. "The highway will facilitate the movement of trucks in and out. We're not 100 percent sure that we are building (a plant) yet. We're still looking at the numbers and we believe them to be positive."


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Tire dump could be redeveloped as solar farm

Monday, April 4, 2011 



A proposal to build a solar farm on the site of a former toxic tire dump has the makings of a green future that few could have predicted.


Little of the 136-acre Kirby Recycling dump that burned out of control for five days in 1999 in Wyandot County remains except for $65.4 million in unpaid environmental fines and cleanup costs.


But that might be OK with the state.  Officials say the prospect of a solar farm at Kirby is so tantalizing that the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency might be willing to forgo all but a fraction of what it is owed.


READ MORE: http://www.dispatch.com/live/content/local_news/stories/2011/04/04/tire-dump-could-be-redeveloped-as-solar-farm.html?sid=101

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