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Cleveland: hotel to housing conversions

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Maybe it's a crazy idea. Maybe not. But with regards to the subject of this thread, I believe it's worth considering because:


++ "There was a housing shortage in Cleveland before the pandemic and there's still a housing shortage" -- said Bo Knez, president of Knez Homes, in one of my blog articles.

++ Construction employment was growing at up 10 percent year-over-year until the pandemic. It dropped during it, yet employers still can't find enough workers now, let alone when the economy picks back up. They may have to recruit them from rural areas. But where to house them?

++ There is renewed interest in remote-working, causing some people to consider relocating from high-cost cities to low-cost cities. Can Cleveland accommodate them?

++ Few Greater Clevelanders are putting their homes on the market now, resulting in low market inventory. That's causing prices to rise.

++ K&D converted the Embassy Suites at Reserve Square to housing about 5-10 years ago. The conversion was simple and quick because they were multi-room suites. But with the rise of micro units, could standard hotel rooms be converted to micro units?


So that leads me to the question -- are there some underperforming hotels downtown or elsewhere with room layouts that might make them suitable for conversions to workforce, transitional or micro housing?

"Nearly every problem that we have in the USA -- unaffordable health care, prison overpopulation, hyper militarization, climate change, racism, gun violence, poverty, poor education, urban sprawl and others -- cannot be positively addressed because bribery and conflicts of interest are legal under campaign finance laws which protect the uber-wealthy and the narrow self-interests who grossly benefit from our afflictions."


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A corollary to this - if you think the convention business is going to be in the dumper for at least an intermediate period of time (everywhere, not just CLE), we don't need all these hotels. 

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