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Smells of City Living

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A couple Cincy locations I've either worked, visited, or lived in in my life.


West End - Coffee, beer, and pickles.  I love all 3!!

Bridgetown - On days when the wind was just right, we could smell the old Lawrenceburg Seagrams/MGP plant Distillery.   

Carthage - I always got a butterscotch type of smell near Paddock 

St Bernard - Soap, lots and lots of soap

Mt Healthy Heights - Unfortunately for these folks live out there, they get the smell of Rumpke most days of the year.  This is one smell I can not take!!!!!

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I used to work at Cincinnati's Metropolitan Sewer District. Our office was right next to the main treatment plant on the Mill Creek in Lower Price Hill. It usually wasn't too bad, but if it was really hot out, the smell was unbearable.

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When PS3s get really dusty inside they smell like a West Virginia Turnpike Travel Plaza in the '80s when people could smoke. Both the little Northbound ones and the big Southbound one that used to be the Glass House.

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