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CLOUD Act - Warrantless data collection from tech companies

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Congress just attached the CLOUD Act to the 2,232 page, must-pass omnibus package. It's on page 2,201.


The so-called CLOUD Act would hand police departments in the U.S. and other countries new powers to directly collect data from tech companies instead of requiring them to first get a warrant. It would even let foreign governments wiretap inside the U.S. without having to comply with U.S. Wiretap Act restrictions.


Major tech companies like Apple, Facebook, Google, Microsoft and Oath are supporting the bill because it makes their lives easier by relinquishing their responsibility to protect their users’ data from cops. And they’ve been throwing their lobby power behind getting the CLOUD Act attached to the omnibus government spending bill.


There's certainly MANY other bad things in this omnibus package. But don't lose sight of this one. Passing the CLOUD Act would impact all of our privacy and would have serious implications.




Read the act here:




A New Backdoor Around the Fourth Amendment: The CLOUD Act



The CLOUD Act: A Dangerous Expansion of Police Snooping on Cross-Border Data:




The Cloud Act Is a Dangerous Piece of Legislation






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