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Non-Ohio Historic Preservation / Demolition Watch

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The Third Oldest Mcdonald’s in America to be Demolished in Oregon


McDonald’s and their distinctive golden arches design was phased out by 1969, but there are actually three of the classic 1960s buildings still standing.


According to food blog Eater, one of those buildings, located on Powell Boulevard in Portland is set to be demolished next month. Aside from special events, the McDonald’s hasn’t functioned as a restaurant for decades, as a newer one (functioning today) opened on the same lot in 1980.


James Dotson is the franchise owner McDonald’s #425 store at 91st and Powell, and will close its doors on February 22. While Dotson will re-open the newly remodeled McDonald’s, the old one built in 1962 will be bulldozed to make room for a much more modern fast food joint – complete with self-service kiosks.



Last year I had a chance to visit the one in Downey, CA (the oldest location that's still standing) which is actually still functioning as a McDonald's restaurant.

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HGTV buys the Brady Bunch House with plans to ‘restore it to its 1970s glory’


Will the Brady Bunch House return to the small screen? The famous home has sold to make-over powerhouse HGTV—which plans to “restore it to its 1970s glory.”


The deal closed Friday, with the network shelling out top dollar for the Studio City residence. Property records show HGTV paid $3.5 million for the home—nearly double its $1.89 million asking price.

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the old sunshine theater in manhattan is getting torn down for a glass box.




here it is just before they put up scaffolding






pre-modern nuevo sunshine theater — when it was sitting empty for decades






historic sunshine pic






replacement render





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yeah a facadectomy would have been ok here — the theater front has a nice, clean design that somebody with more talent, vision and i suppose money could have done something creative with.

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