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Skateboarding/Inline Skating in Ohio

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I searched skateboarding on this forum and it pulled up zero results. I got my old inline skates out yesterday and took them on the bike lanes on a wide road near my house (in Lakewood, Ohio). The bike lanes are wide enough to skate completely in them and I was going 15-20mph the whole time on a 25mph road. When I got home, I told my parents and they asked if I knew it was illegal  :wtf:. I looked up the laws and was shocked to find in Ohio, inline skating and skateboarding on roads is illegal. You must ride on the sidewalk, full of hazards from people to business patios to signs and planters. Not to mention Lakewood's buildings are so close to the sidewalk that I'd have to go 5-10mph to be safe and still have to slam on the brakes at every intersection (every 500ft). Better yet, skateboarding/inline skating in "business districts" is illegal which if you know Lakewood, are impossible to avoid (and I live in one). Is this another one of those "protect the kids" things? Am I crazy to think that on 25mph roads it should be legal to inline skate in the road? In Michigan it's legal on every road but the highway. I can maybe understand skateboards because stopping is very difficult and losing control is easy but it sucks for inline skaters. You are in control in some ways more than a bicycle.


Both activities are such great exercise yet the laws make it extremely difficult to do them. Basically my only option that's 100% legal is to drive 10 minutes to the Rocky River reservation and enjoy the paths there or put my rollerblades in my backpack and bike there. What a pain.


I'll be calling the local PD sometime soon and will post an update here. It's a state law so the best thing they can do is say they'll turn the other cheek.

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