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Railfan photographs, video, trainspotting, etc

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Believe it or not, but there are some live cameras, some with sound, pointed at busy rail lines at various places around the world. And yes, they're on the Internet.


Here's a few of them.......




City of Choceň






Plattling - Bahnhof LIVE






Hakata Station Now (looks from the station to the throat tracks with bullet trains on the far tracks. There's almost always a train in sight. There has to be 500-1,000 trains day visible!)




This is a camera just east of the Helmond t Hout station, Netherlands with stereo sound mounted on a house on Hoofdstraat at the Mierloseweg crossing of the Eindhoven-Venlo (on the German border) mainline. This rail line has Sprinters (short-distance commuter trains), conventional DB Intercity trains, DB InterCity Express high-speed trains and freight trains, especially intermodal containers. A train passes the crossing every few minutes.








The nice seatown Dawlish in the county Devon at the coast of the English Channel with its famous Dawlish Seawall. I visited this town in 2008 and is a beautiful area. It has a busy railroad line with local passenger service and 125 mph intercity trains from London to Plymouth or Penzance in Cornwall. In February 2014 the line was destroyed by huge storms and reopened in the first days of April. It offers a free seven-day trial hoping you will get hooked.



Plus there are many others in the UK, some of which are found here (they play video simultaneously with sound so they require a lot of memory):






Still collecting these, but my favorites are on the Norfolk Southern mainline between Chicago and New York City/New Jersey. One is about 40 miles east of Chicago at Chesterton, Indiana and the other is in Cresson, Pennsylvania between Johnstown and Altoona. Both average a freight train every 15-20 minutes plus a few daily Amtrak trains. Both cams have sound, too.


Chesterton, IN



Cresson, PA


"Save the planet. Move to the city." -- The Downtowner podcast

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You know what I'm thinking. These for watching Amtrak, commuter rail,light rail,streetcars. Exception is subways. Comments?

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Has to be the coolest railroad location -- watch the second train's headlight illuminate the inside of the cave that the track was built through. Yes, a natural tunnel! Check the video's comments for this location.... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RzOw9dOITd8

"Save the planet. Move to the city." -- The Downtowner podcast

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