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Fire Stations

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Quarters of Engine 1 and Tac 2 at 111 W. Montcalm St. in Downtown Detroit. Since this photo was taken Tac 2 has been disbanded.  At one time this building house Engine and Truck 3.


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interesting and detriot makes the thread!


this one is in brooklyn on dean st next to the barclay arena.

i dk what happened to the old fire station here, but there is still a beautiful old style police station behind it.




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here is another completely different style of station.


its downtown by the seaport in a skyscraper bldg.


from wiki:


32 Old Slip, also known as One Financial Square, is a skyscraper in the Financial District of New York City. Completed in 1987, the building has 36 floors and stands at 575 ft 0 in (175.26 m). It is home to Convene,[4] AIG Global Real Estate,[5] Goldman Sachs,[6] the New York Regional Office of the United States Census Bureau,[7] and the ground floor houses the New York City Fire Department (FDNY) Engine Company 4 and Ladder Company 15.






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Hook & Ladder 129/Engine 273, FDNY, Flushing

from sunday --


Hook & Ladder 129/Engine 273 (1931)

Fire Department of New York

40-18 Union St.

Flushing, Queens


The company is known as "The Mouse House".


The building is similar to Engine 251 in Long Island City, Queens, and to Engine 155 in New Brighton, Staten Island.




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this is engine 18 on w10th street in greenwich village (1892)

daytonian in ny blog has a lot of cool info on it:






this was the fd hq building from 1887-1914.

it's on east 67th street -- engine co 39 ladder 16

and more on it from daytonian in ny:






this is engine 80 ladder 23 'vinegar hill' station (1905)

it's at 503 w139st




these are painted on the gates

its engine 93 ladder 45 station at 515 w181st in wash hts





and last is good pr on an old pay phone



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these are beacon, ny from last weekend:










(from google - b.1982 haha)




this one is cold spring, ny





here is a render i saw of a new one they want to build in cold spring near the hudson





this one is in greenwich village --- cnn's anderson cooper renovated it and lives there

it's rather unusual in that it is a fire patrol station

those were run by a consortium of insurance companies to protect property

surprisingly, this service was just recently disbanded -- more on all that:






and last is another recent shot of a station in the south bronx (b.1906)





^ i liked the trash container!  :mrgreen:



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from over the weekend --


this beautiful old station in center city philadelphia is converted into a restaurant





this 1960s-early 70s crap is on south street...





...however, being philly it has a great mural







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Those are very cool buildings! Thanks for posting that. Most people detest those architectural styles from the 60s and 70s but I'm confident it will ultimately hold a special place in or hearts and in historical memory.

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^ a few things from that most unfortunate 1960s-70s era will hold special places, like the loring greenway in downtown mpls for a random example off the top of my head, but far and wide most of the structures like that fire station are utter crap that will rightly be leveled and rebuilt over. or at least i would hope so. however, none of us alive today have a say on that!

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more firehouses!



company 237

i think it was built in 1919?

bushwick, brooklyn





and this stunning flemish revival style station

company 252

eastern bushwick, brooklyn

built in the 1890s



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are we still doing this???



emsc battalion 52 fdny

flushing, queens






hook & ladder 4, engine company 5

newark, nj

ironbound neighborhood



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