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Fiber-to-the-Home Internet Service

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Google Fiber is now becoming available in Kansas City, KA and Kansas City, MO, providing ridiculously fast (1 Gigabit per second) home internet connections to residents. As the name implies, it's delivered by brand new fiber-to-the-home infrastructure instead of cable or phone lines.


As a result, other cities are looking into building fiber-to-the-home infrastructure to provide similar services; cable and phone companies are trying to figure out how to compete with fiber networks; and startups are seeking out neighborhoods where these ultrafast internet speeds are available.


This thread will cover these developments as fiber-to-the-home infrastructure grows across the U.S.

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Inspired by Google, Chicago pursues gigabit broadband

Sep 24, 2012


Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel is embarking on a gigabit fiber project, thanks to the suggestion of Google’s Eric Schmidt, taking advantage of the overhaul of its water infrastructure to lay new data pipes. The plan is create 15 tech zones to feed Chicago’s growing startup community.



Seattle is the latest city to go around ISPs to get a gigabit network

Dec 13, 2012


Seattle will join Chicago, Kansas City, Bruistol, Tenn. and other cities with its very own gigabit broadband network. The proposed plan would see a mix of fiber-to-the-home, mobile broadband and gigabit point-to-point wireless services. The city will partner with Gigabit Squared to make it happen.

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Time Warner increases customers’ Internet speeds

Dec. 14, 2012


Time Warner Cable said its Internet customers, including those in the Kansas City area, will see faster download speeds beginning this month without having to pay more.


The bump essentially moves most subscribers up to the speeds the next higher level of service had been receiving. [...]


The move also comes as Google Inc. is beginning to provide its much anticipated Internet service in the Kansas City area and promising connection speeds 100 times faster than traditional service.


Michael Pedalty, a Time Warner spokesman, said the speed increase is across the entire company’s service area and not a reaction to Google’s activity in Kansas City.

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