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Cincinnati: East End: River's Edge

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I thought I'd go ahead and start a thread for this.  Here's the info so far.  Little is known about the scope of this project, but word should come along soon, I hope.


Here are the properties that DCI Properties currently holds:

Eastern Ave.: 2611, 2615

Gotham Pl.: 249, 251

Keck St.: 2708

Louisiana St.: 237, 239, 241, 243, 245, 247, 249


Under SLT Properties:

Eastern Ave.: 2595, 2629, 3225, 4042

Mead Ave.: 3726


Here is the site, with the top pointing west.  This is just to the east of St. Rose on Eastern Ave.  The DCI Properties are up against the river.



And here is an archive of what we know so far:



(Yes, reported by me first ;) )

David Imboden of DCI Properties, who is developing the 90-acre site across the river in Dayton, may have something in mind for the riverfront on the Ohio side.  He is demolishing 2595, 2607 and 2615 Eastern Ave. These were built in 1897, 1885, and 1900.  These are on Eastern Ave. in the area of Gotham Pl.




DCI Properties, LLC, a developer, bought the building that now houses the East End Community Heritage School for $650,000. The school at 2423 Eastern Ave. had leased the building since 2000. The lease ends June 30, and the school’s founders are looking for a new location.



David Imboden's DCI Properties, LLC bought the building that now houses the East End Community Heritage School for $650,000. The school had leased the building from the district since 2000.


The Cincinnati developer has already completed several residential projects along Eastern Ave., and has signed an agreement to create a residential development valued at up to $500 million on the Dayton, Ky., riverfront. A call to DCI's offices was not returned Thursday.



Meanwhile, Cincinnati developer David Imboden said Friday that his DCI Properties plans to start work in July on renovating the former Highlands School at 2423 Eastern Ave. in the East End overlooking the Ohio River. He said he plans to keep the existing structure and bring in a combination of tenants that could include a restaurant, deli, salon and some housing on the upper floor.


"We'll be the only other riverfront restaurant besides the Boathouse (at Sawyer Point)," Imboden said. "I'm really excited."


Imboden has built several other residential projects in that area.


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Here is the stretch of houses on Eastern Ave. that were referred to above as of January 27.  They could be demolished at any time.  They've already been stripped of everything of value, including their siding.  You can see the way some of these used to look a couple of posts back.


It's a shame about this first house--I always liked it.












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^...because of the view!  Teardowns happen when the land is more valuable than the home, and that's sure the case here...a little flood mitigation, a high roofline, and you'll get a view pretty similar to this:




(just with less water most of the time - the river was three or four feet above flood stage in this shot)

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Okay, so the development is going to be called River's Edge.  Not exactly the most catchy or clever name.  This article also mentions his upcoming renovation of the Highland School, which I will also put in this thread--so I'll just leave the title of the thread as it is since it sounds like he plans on being pretty busy in this area in the future.


This article appeared in the 2/6/06 Cincinnati Business Courier:



Developer's new horizon rises in East

Laura Baverman

Staff Reporter


Standing on the rooftop of his Eastern Avenue condo, David Imboden has a 360-degree view that includes the Ohio River, Mount Adams and the downtown Cincinnati skyline.


Click on link for article.



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Imboden continues to expand his own little empire.  Just within the last two weeks DCI has picked up all of these properties (mostly vacant) between Eastern Ave. and the river.


228, 237, 238, 239, 240, 241, 242, 243, 244, 248 Foster St. - Industrial vacant land


241, 253 Gotham St. - Residential vacant land


248 Louisiana St. - Industrial vacant land


229, 236, 237, 239, 241 Munson St. - Industrial vacant land


2605, 2619, 2621, 2627, 2705, 2709, 2713, 2725, 2727 Eastern Ave. - Residential vacant land


2601, 2603, 2623, 2633, 2717 Eastern Ave. - Commercial vacant land


2721 Eastern Ave. - a little farther east from the demolitions



2626, 2704 Keck St. - Residential vacant land


2709 Keck St. - Industrial vacant land


2595, 2607, 2609, 2617, 2625, 2629 Eastern Ave. - (previously shown demolished properties)





Picked up a few days after the ones in my prior post....


316 Audubon - Commercial/utility (vacant)


245, 246, 247, 249, 250 Foster St. - Industrial vacant land


238, 240, 242 Louisiana St. - Industrial vacant land


243 Munson - Industrial vacant land


2701 Eastern Ave. - Residential vacant land


2729 Eastern Ave. - Industrial vacant land


2622, 2710 Keck St. - Residential vacant land


2623, 2713 Keck St. - Industrial vacant land


Eastern Ave. (15.106 acres) - Commercial/utility


Gotham Pl. (0.062 acres) - Residential vacant land


Hoff Ave. (0.055 acres) - Commercial/utility


Munson St. (0.395 acres) - Commercial/utility


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I love new development but losing these old homes leaves me feeling upset. There is plenty of vacant land to build on why teardown homes like these?! :x


While I understand the reasons for tearing down these homes to build the high end condos which will inevitibly get built, I agree that tearing down these homes is a bummer. The East End is filled with such an ecletic, beautiful (albeit rundown) housing stock and it's unfortunate that a real neighborhood isn't going to be reestablished (if it's anything like the other new developments along Eastern Ave) where these old homes could be restored and reinvented into something special. So it goes...

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It seems to me (and I lived on Eastern for 4 years - still have the house now as a rental) that There is nowhere for the hillbillies that live there to go. Many of them have lived on that street their whole lives and aren't going anywhere soon.


I always thought the biggest thing that could be done to help Eastern Ave. was to move the truck route. It currently is the US 50 Truck Route from the Eastern Ave Exit all the way to downtown.


As a result, there is heavy truck traffic in the daytime - not exactly a neighborhood builder

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Aside from the 'joy of motoring' is there any reason to restrict trucks on the parkway? or let them on the parkway in the right lane only?

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Heavy truck traffic takes a heavier toll on the roadway, especially if it was not designed as a major truck route (and I have no knowlege of whether it was or not).  Roads that see a lot of truck traffic also usually see more potholes, require more repair, etc.  Given that this route is harder to shut down for major repairs, given the commuter traffic it sees, this seems to at least one argument for restricting heavy truck traffic somewhat.


This is one of the reasons that some states have vehicle excise taxes based upon the vehicle gross weight.

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Also, doesn't the parkway seem to have narrower lanes than normal highways? And don't forget it's not a divided highway.


Couldn't they make the US 50 truck route follow 275 at least to Kellog?

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I believe they have demo'd the old East End Community Heritage School at 2423 Riverside Drive.  The land has been graded, looks like it is being marketed for some high end homes.  Does anyone have any information about this?  I had though DCI was originally going to convert that into condo's.

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