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  1. Heck's--at least the one in Ohio City--is a great place. Isn't Shake Shack some very mediocre greasy national chain? I truly hope Shakeshack doesn't bump Hecks...
  2. Regarding CLE-BOS, Delta is a better product--better service and will utilize better, slightly larger aircraft and 3x dailv compared to UA's 2x. This change is good for Cleveland (and Boston).
  3. ^The idea to move the port to E55 made sense for so many reasons.....
  4. $30M could pay for a lot of cameras on streets and analytics to address all the wild west shootings of late. Or pay for most of a new immigration facility at Hopkins (tagged at $43M). Or support economic development programs to fund more growth. Actually there are a lot of good uses of a new surprise pot of money.
  5. ^Looking at the photos of the dishes, the place looks good. I wish it was in the city and not out in Painesville!
  6. "Looking at County-to-County migration patterns for Cleveland from the Census Bureau, 2012-2016..." Are the values in the five-year ACS data (like 2012-2016) the total of the five years---or the average of one typical year within that range?
  7. I agree re the momentum from 2017. As the Census bureau just released 2012-2016 county move patterns today, we may have to wait til Nov 2019 to see the 2013-2017 data. ....And then til November 2023 to see the 2017-2021 data. Hey, that's only five years from now.
  8. By comparison, Cincinnati net loss (domestic) of only 160 people. Biggest contributing county: Clermont, Ohio 576 people and biggest loss to: Kenton County, KY at -502. For Columbus, net domestic gain of 5983 people. Biggest contributor was Cuyahoga at 1254 people. Biggest loss to Delaware County, Ohio at -1399.
  9. I should also note that Pittsburgh is net positive for Cleveland: (ranks #11 for Cleveland gains): From Allegheny to Cuyahoga: 506 From Cuyahoga to Allegheny: 373 Net gain: 133
  10. ^Ah, that's right, thanks. I made the correction.
  11. Looking at County-to-County migration patterns for Cleveland from the Census Bureau, 2012-2016: The top 10 counties and number of people--net--to which Cuyahoga lost people—all Ohio: Lorain County 2187 Franklin County 1254 Summit County 989 Portage County 788 Geauga County 675 Butler County 572 Athens County 538 Wood County 393 Lake County 391 Medina County 383 ….so with the exception of Franklin, the biggest counties are still in the region. The top 10 counties and number of people from which Cuyahoga GAINED people--net: Mahoning County, OH 293 San Juan Municipio, PR 291 (San Juan) Erie County, NY 227 (Buffalo) Knox County, KY 195*** Bell County, TX 177 Trumbull County, OH 175 Hamilton County, IN 175 (next to Indianapolis) Bexar County, TX 167 (San Antonio) Washington County, PA 164 (next to Pittsburg/Allegheny County) Wayne County, MI 144 (Detroit) Overall, county to county, Cuyahoga had a net loss of about 10,000 net. On the international front, Cuyahoga gained (not net) 6,000 people (4200 from Asia, 771 from Europe, 560 from Africa), but the data doesn’t show how many we lost to international. But looking at domestic patterns which we do have, its interesting that the top places of outflow are mostly local (Lorain, Summit, Portage, etc.), but the largest gainers are from out of the region, so we’re gaining new ideas/perspectives. This is good. https://www.census.gov/data/tables/2016/demo/geographic-mobility/county-to-county-migration-2012-2016.html?eml=gd&utm_medium=email&utm_source=govdelivery ***WHY???? This is a rural county in SE Kentucky with a population of 32,000. Is this a data error or one big family or company moved to CLE?
  12. Hopefully the Landmark Commission will send them back to the drawing board. Is the commission meeting open to the public? Can someone go and complain? I agree--this is horrendous. If this gets built, i will NEVER hire Vocon for any job.
  13. I hope there will be no garage access/egress from Euclid, only Prospect.
  14. Not to sound like a broken record, but I hope at least a few floors are condo units. Does this developer, in "mixed use" mix up residential itself with some rental and some for-sale units?
  15. So what happened? Did the restaurant open? Or is he going to wait a month thinking everyone will forget by then? or will he just open under a new name/concept?