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  1. Oh no. From that link above I just realized--and confirmed on the web--that Hodges had closed. They were the restaurant space that the link above is advertising. That's really too bad---they were a really good restaurant and at times had some really good deals. That's a big loss for that part of Downtown.
  2. ^Did Richmond Mall close? And it has residential now attached to what?
  3. I've said this before and received a major backlash from forumers from some reason which I never understood--and then my post got deleted. But I'll say it again: For the area to be successful, it needs to be made into a real neighborhood--not just apartments built surrounded by bars and restaurants that are on the pricier end. It needs: a drug store, a deli to pick up quick food/snacks, laundromat/dry cleaner, a few coffee shops, some small little bars (that are not intended to draw a weekend crowd, but just locals), some non-upscale places to eat like a chipotle, cheap chinese place, etc, some bldgs with for-sale apartment units, and a few other local shops. Why are Lakewood and Cle Hts desirable, yet cool places to be? Because it has this mix of uses and across price points.
  4. ^Surprised no one had a response to the above. In any event, other public health concerns: The coronavirus from Wuhan, China had a second US case confirmed, with 63 other persons being monitored. The first case was confirmed in Seattle. The second is closer to Cleveland--Chicago. "CLEVELAND — With a second U.S. case of coronavirus reported in Chicago Friday morning, Ohio and local authorities are taking steps to ensure any cases of the disease are reported, although officials say Cleveland is currently at low risk. Hospitals--Cleveland Clinic is screening patients on intake for possible travel from China, confirmed Andrea Pacetti with the clinic. Airports--A Cleveland Hopkins International Airport official stated that they are following the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention alert, which recommends avoiding non-essential travel to Wuhan, China, and provides the following guidance to those planning on traveling to China, and those who have traveled from China in the last two weeks who are exhibiting symptoms....." https://www.cnbc.com/2020/01/24/cdc-confirms-second-us-case-of-coronavirus-chicago-resident-diagnosed.html https://www.news5cleveland.com/news/local-news/local-state-health-officials-taking-steps-to-prevent-coronavirus-report-possible-cases
  5. "....The airport is predicting additional growth in 2020, adding perhaps another 500,000 to 600,000 seats, for another year of 4-5% growth.....[Airport Director] Kennedy said he is looking forward to another strong year in 2020. “We’ve got a couple of announcements to look forward to that will add more capacity here,” said Kennedy. “It’s a little premature to talk about it. Some of them are pretty good.”" https://www.cleveland.com/business/2020/01/delta-frontier-airlines-show-biggest-growth-at-cleveland-hopkins-airport-in-2019.html Any guesses on new routes/equipment upgauges?
  6. ^Maybe 57%. Note that their data is based on US Census Bureau numbers, which for 2018 are only estimates. But I think there is definitely an increase of some amount---I've noticed more Indians around CSU---and perhaps more east Asians in and around Asiatown.
  7. ^Interesting. Never thought much about "departure time". Is that a procedure so that the girls can leave safely without being followed or something by the customers?
  8. Fire at Reserve Square has been put out. Per Channel 19: "The fire originated in a garbage chute, no injuries have been reported and scores of residents evacuated." https://www.cleveland19.com/2020/01/24/fire-downtown-cleveland-high-rise-prompts-heavy-first-responder-presence/
  9. ^The Lido Lounge. Dan Polk talked about that place on one of his CD's. Talked about the quality talent there and the outrageous $2 cover charge.
  10. ^ & ^^ Okay, thanks. At first, I thought, man, Cincy is looking great! And then I thought it may have been an inappropriate (to the story) photo.
  11. ^Is that photo supposed to be CVG with the Cincy skyline in the background?
  12. New Diversity study out looking at US cities, comparing 2010 and 2018. Most cities, Cleveland included, have become more diverse. Interestingly Dallas, Houston, Miami, LA, and Chicago are LESS diverse than before. "In 2010, there was a 61.9% chance that two people randomly chosen from Cleveland were of a different race or ethnicity." "In 2018, there was a 67.1% chance that two people randomly chosen from Cleveland were of a different race or ethnicity." Philly for comparison: In 2010, there was a 68.0% chance that two people randomly chosen from Philadelphia were of a different race or ethnicity. In 2018, there was a 71.0% chance that two people randomly chosen from Philadelphia were of a different race or ethnicity. Back to Cleveland: From 2010 to 2018, the diversity index in Cleveland grew by 5.21%. Change in Population by Race and Ethnic Group White 7.0% Black -14.1% Asian 57.0% American Indian 48.3% Native Hawaiian and Pacific Islander 107.5% Other Race -37.8% Multiple Races 74.7% Hispanic 19.2% Non-Hispanic -5.8% According to them, we doubled our population of Native Hawaiian and Pacific Islanders. Nice interactive, graphic map: https://www.usnews.com/news/cities/articles/2020-01-22/americas-cities-are-becoming-more-diverse-new-analysis-shows
  13. Some fluff piece: "Although Cleveland has a big reputation, it’s actually not Ohio’s largest city (that honor goes to capital Columbus, with more than 870,000 people). Rather, Cleveland has a population of 383,000, giving its downtown and vibrant neighborhoods an almost small-town feel." WTF? I certainly will not--nor anyone I know--send this article on to someone with this useless---and degrading--sentence in it.
  14. That's a lot of police coverage just to walk through the property in daylight. In the first photo there are four cops--who knows how many others were present that were not in the photo.
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