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  1. There was a place named Cantina or Cantina del Rio or something like that on the West Bank of the Flats. Sample people or just a well-liked name?
  2. Not Cleveland-specific, but general context for the city: "While a new report by investment firm USB estimates 75,000 more U.S. stores could close by 2026 as the shift to online shopping expands, it appears that the grocery sector continues bucking that trend." https://www.nreionline.com/retail/despite-retail-apocalypse-us-grocery-store-openings-jumped-30-percent-2018
  3. Anyone know the methodology the Census uses for these estimates? I had heard, though don't know if true: they start with a US number that is the estimate for 2018. THEN they decide how much for each state, and then drill down to counties. Its not a bottom up approach, where they look at each county and roll the data up (cause then the US would have 500M people). If this is true, if the US grew by XX people, and they want to give YY of it to Texas then only ZZ can be assigned to the rest of the US and so forth....So a lot of it looks at past trends instead of any last minute changes. So Cuyahoga had a trend of losing, the Census bureau will continue that trend. If Houston was growing, it will continue to do so.... But anyone with real insight---that would be appreciated!
  4. ^The alarm is this---the only "Midwestern peer" Cle has in this field is Minneapolis. No others. An not really Chicago. And Minneapolis is kicking our butt. And Chicago, which was comparable to CLE in 2015, has been growing steadily as well (remove the 2017 outlier) and at a much faster rate than CLE. So instead of CLE being the strongest place or at least 2nd, its now 3rd, and at rate to be much smaller than #1 or #2. Money flows to the biggest places. Once we're off the grid, we're off the grid. That's the alarm. "Btw, saying Columbus, Ohio on an Ohio development site, discussing numbers related to midwest metro economic performance is unnecessary. You know that, of course, but just wanted to point out that it comes across as petty and juvenile." You missed the point. "Ohio" was like adding italics for emphasis in this case---to point out the magnitude of the alarm.
  5. Looks like CLE is in good company: Chicago and NYC also lost population, acc to the estimates. Better to be in a group with NY and Chicago than Dallas and Houston!
  6. Remember, though, these are estimates. In reality, Cuyahoga could have GAINED residents. the truth will come out in 2021 or whenever the results from the April 2020 Census is released.
  7. Joerunnin13--thanks for posting the data. You said, "I think Cleveland is doing ok when you look at 2018 versus the previous two years." If there were no other cities in the word, then yes. But that's not the case. Taking out 2014 which may be an outlier for CLE, look at the growth from 2015 to 2018: Minn 59% Chic 154% CLE 46% Col 48% We losing and losing. Even little Columbus is growing faster than us. How embarrassing will it be when Columbus surpasses us in the thing we say we're one of the nation's leader in? Its bad enough that Chicago has passed us, but Columbus, Ohio?
  8. Are we losing it in the biomedical front? Bioenterprise just released its "Midwest" investment report which it does each year. Every year, Cleveland and Minneapolis are neck and neck and way above everybody else. Chicago was about 1/10th of Cleveland. NOW, they release the following numbers: • The Midwestern metros that attracted the most investment were Minneapolis ($664 million), Chicago ($551 million), Cleveland ($294 million).... We're 1/3 of Minneapolis AND behind Chicago??? This is cause for alarm. This was our edge and now the issue is buried as 'good news'? Interestingly, you can't get the report like you could in previous years. Or if you can, its not easy to find---I just spent 10 minutes in an endless loop on their website 'clicking here!" for the report that leads to a one page graphic that says 'click here" for the report which leads to a media release to 'clicking here" which leads back to where I started..... Their headline is "INVESTMENT IN MIDWEST HEALTHCARE COMPANIES REMAINS STEADY AT $2.5 BILLION IN 2018, VALIDATING RECORD INCREASE OF 43% IN 2017" when the real story is Cleveland is losing fast to Minneapolis and is now losing to Chicago which was light years behind Cleveland. Since when does anyone in Cleveland care about "midwest" biomedical investment? If BioEnterprise's numbers are accurate, we have real cause for alarm. https://www.bioenterprise.com/investment-in-midwest-healthcare-companies-remains-steady-at-2-5-billion-in-2018-validating-record-increase-of-43-in-2017/
  9. That's an interesting quote above: “It’$ our moral obligation to open our door$ a$ wide a$ po$$ible for tho$e in need.”
  10. No---they were clearly in the Flats and definitely not in Tremont. If you're in Tremont and go DOWN a big hill towards the river, you're in the Flats.
  11. Any idea what the asking price is for that lot? the loopnet link says: "Price: Upon Request" which I don't know why such secrecy would benefit the seller. Very annoying.
  12. Lincoln Electric acquires Detroit-based tooling supplier Baker Industries Inc. as part of Lincoln's large-scale metal 3-D printing venture it plans to launch in mid-2019. https://www.crainsdetroit.com/manufacturing/macomb-township-based-tooling-supplier-baker-industries-bought-lincoln-electric
  13. Yeah---that silly font stood out to me too. Interesting that tonnage out of Toledo is 10x that of CLE. Looks like its mostly coal and agricultural stuff, for which we have zero tons.
  14. here's one in sustainability: https://www.governmentjobs.com/careers/cleveland/jobs/2397511/sustainability-coordinator?page=4&pagetype=jobOpportunitiesJobs originally linked from: http://city.cleveland.oh.us/CityofCleveland/Home/Community/CareerCenter
  15. Signal prioritization? I thought the City and RTA couldn't agree on things (surprise, surprise) so, though the prioritization is paid for and is there, but its not being used. At least that's how it was a few years ago. KJP may know the latest.
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