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  1. Please explain! I know nothing about Indianapolis.
  2. Great article and I love the historical perspective. Just curious, how tall are unidentified bldgs 1, 2, and 5 anticipated to be? (You indicated this for 3 & 4, but not the others.)
  3. ^yeah, I can see that. I guess I blocked EWR out of my options for NYC as CLE-EWR was UA only and I would never fly UA to NY when I had the options of DL and AA. I'm hoping DL announces more daily CLE-LGAs on Monday--like they did when UA dropped CLE-BOS, though to do that they'd have to reduce flights from other LGA destinations given their limited slots. Likewise with AA or DL at National.
  4. To go to the city you use EWR? If I'm going to NY I only use LGA. If i were going somewhere in jersey, then I might use EWR, but I generally try to avoid UA (since 2014) and never go to Jersey.
  5. I hate UA more than any other airline. Lots of jobs to be eliminated now as the entire ExpressJet base will be closed and if UA really think people will use IAD or EWR in place of DCA and LGA, they're idiots. They'll fly another carrier to/from DCA and LGA. Notice to ExpressJet employees: "“Outside of an unexpected major industry shift, we have been informed to expect the Cleveland crew base to cease to exist by the year end, most likely sooner, in the early fall.”
  6. Eric Turner was the supervisor of Abdul-Malik Ali, the former Manager of Field Maintenance who reported unsafe conditions and practices at Hopkins to the FAA. As a result of being a whistleblower, he was demoted to sit in a broom closet for which he later sued the city (including Turner by name). The city eventually settled a wrongful demotion lawsuit he filed for $425k and had to pay the FAA thousands in fines. Ali spoke out because of unsafe icy runways and other issues (lack of de-icing material, etc) as he was otherwise ignored. Luckily no one died, though they could have had Ali not spoken up. And now this from Eric Turner? Time for him to go.
  7. from the article: "Concerns were raised about the building being too close to the City Club building next door; the planned four-foot balconies being too small to be usable; and the building being too short and wide." How is it too close? There's E 8 between them and bldgs should be side to side along city streets (unless there is something like E. 8 st in between). We don't need lawns or plazas between buildings. "four-foot balconies being too small" -- they're about four feet bigger than nothing. certainly 2-3 people can stand on it and look out. and depending on the depth is big enough for a small table to have breakfast or drinks on. "too short and wide." too wide? bizzare comment as that's the size of the open space. "too short"---that's interesting---i though 23 stories was okay, but would happily take a 30-story bldg, but is that the role of the design review committee? what if the developer doesn't have budget for taller? does the city then try to kill the project?
  8. Bed Bath & Beyond at Great Northern will be closing. https://patch.com/ohio/westlake/bed-bath-beyond-closing-2-ohio-store-2020
  9. ^So, Yabo, what is it that you heard? Are they looking at CLE? Is a deal in the works? I'd prefer Brussels Airlines over Aer Lingus (despite your experience) as from Brussels one can easily and more quickly get to other major cities (by train) than they can from Dublin.
  10. 170 deaths in the city from pneumonia between in three months from Sept. 29 and Jan. 4? This sounds like a very serious situation. Cleveland Department of Public Health revises stats: 170 deaths associated with pneumonia since late September "As of Sept. 29, there have been 170 deaths associated with pneumonia in the city of Cleveland. There were no flu-related deaths between Sept. 29 and Jan. 4, according to a correction from the Cleveland Department of Public Health....." https://fox8.com/2020/01/15/273-deaths-in-cleveland-associated-with-pneumonia-or-flu-since-start-of-this-years-flu-season/
  11. Their operational hub is at Brussels. They would not fly into another city from CLE. Also, only BRU would give travelers the full range of transfer options.
  12. More details on this as well as improper behavior divulged: 'The letter says on that on Nov. 29, [Deputy Commissioner Eric] Turner, who oversees maintenance issues, returned to the airport’s secure parking lot with his relative and again escorted his relative through areas of the airport that require employees to display badges. The letter also notes that Turner’s relative was logged in at security as an IBM employee. Airport rules only allow employees to escort people through secure areas who are there for airport-related business. Two sources have told 3News that the relative is Turner’s brother. Turner and his relative parted ways near the security checkpoint and the relative went through the normal security check before boarding the plane, according to the letter..." If you scroll to the bottom of this you can see the details of a disciplinary process by the City: https://www.wkyc.com/article/news/local/cleveland/deputy-airport-commissioner-escorted-relative-through-secure-areas-twice-at-hopkins-during-thanksgiving-city-record-show/95-7c3875d7-9a58-4083-9131-0eb6c57dd5e2
  13. Harbor Bay in Ohio City would underway by 2021-22-23, no? How tall does a bldg have to be to require a tower crane? Also Lumen Act II and One Univ Circle Part 2 (1UCP2).
  14. Dont' go west. You can make the pitch to west coast VC, but don't let them steal your idea. In Cleveland, JumpStart may be able to provide capital OR connect with some funds from another source. https://www.jumpstartinc.org/ Grow your startup here!
  15. ^^In 19Q2 the Great Lakes had 4.2% of deal values, but 7.6% of all the deals. https://pitchbook.com/news/articles/21-charts-showing-current-trends-in-us-venture-capital
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