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  1. I don't think there are any Wework locations in CLE. The company just postponed its IPO... "WITH ITS stylish shared workspaces and chic occupants, lubricated by fruit-infused water and nitro coffee on tap, WeWork, a firm that rents out temporary offices, had seemed to be riding the wave of a new trend in managing desk-jockey life. But the nine-year-old private company has suffered a setback, announcing on September 16th that it would postpone an initial public offering (IPO) that had been expected to raise $3bn-4bn. Investors, it seems, cannot decide what the firm is worth. They have four main worries. The first, and most glaring, is WeWork’s lack of profits. The firm argues that this is explained by the huge investments needed to secure economies of scale. It says that mature locations are profitable—revenues doubled during the first half of 2019 over the same period in 2018, to $1.5bn. But its net losses also rose, if more modestly, to $905m. A second concern is how the company would fare in a recession. It has taken on $47bn in lease payments but has only $4bn in committed future revenues from customers. A third bugbear is corporate governance. WeWork will issue multiple classes of shares that give its flamboyant founder, Adam Neumann, control with a minority stake....." https://www.economist.com/graphic-detail/2019/09/17/why-wework-doesnt-work-yet
  2. Yeah, way to go, @troeros. Insult the leadership and staff of SW....
  3. "the City still argues that "BKL is a reliever airport for CLE." " um, it IS a reliever for CLE. You really want all those little planes delaying your commercial flights when departing or arriving?
  4. ^Not sure who made that prediction and am surprised DCA created it or otherwise support it, but i think over the 13 years between 2017 and 2030 demand Downtown is Far greater than 4,000 units. what is that--about 6,000 people? Barring a major recession, I'd say Downtown demand is at least 10,000-15,000 units over the next 11 years.
  5. @marty15 - If you're referring to Burke, its code is BKL, not BKE.
  6. So what? You think that that changes the mindset of non-black people in the Carolinas? Ask people of color how life is for them if they venture 30 or so miles outside of places like Charlotte or Raleigh. And in South Carolina, they have "plantations" everywhere and they proudly call them plantations. I would never ever move to company to place like that no matter what the tax breaks.
  7. What?!? nothing about those southern cities "really make so much sense." Tell that to black employees of SW -- 'yeah, you should move to the Carolinas and see how you're treated.'
  8. Could you expand further? You saying their 'nationwide' comment isn't really just a ploy to see how much the state will give them to counter another state's offer, but they really are open to moving somewhere else? Can you give more info on your source--e.g., is he/she a sr. exec or board member? Any more info you could share would be helpful to understand such a gloomy and frightening post. Thanks.
  9. ^If the City did, it would probably have to have been published publicly for public bid.
  10. ^This is good news. And the other day Fitch Ratings assigned an A- rating to CLE's series 2019A-C airport revenue refunding bonds. Good news on both fronts.
  11. I guess I was not alone in feeling the true bizareness of the format that apparently others have asked for the full, unedited (removal of higgs) version--so the city reposted it. I got this email from city hall: "We've been asked to provide the full unedited interview Mayor Jackson recently provided to Cleveland.com. The interview and the Mayor's intro are below. Stay tuned!"
  12. ^yeah, it alone doesn't mean much. I could mean, as you said, the number of jobs downtown grew faster than did housing in the city. It also could mean that despite more downtown employment, those that work there continue to move to the burbs and those that are living downtown either work at home (which is not counted by his data source) or work outside of downtown, such as in Univ Circle or outside the city.
  13. ^I know. But above you said, "Bingo. The Avenue condos are a test of the market. If it passes with flying colors, expect rapid movement with the [9th/Bolivar] tower." what are you referring to?
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