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  1. Actually, you know what is pretty diverse by Cincinnati standards? The crowds at Kenwood mall. I guess there's something to say there about how downtown isn't really an economic crossroads like it was last century, but Kenwood has filled that role with the ongoing collapse/consolidation of brick and mortar retail.
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  3. Compare presidents all you want. Only Trump has the history of bringing the world's myriad affairs down to his level of personal attack. This is not normal behavior for anyone, least of all a president.
  4. The infighting in the comment sections of conservatives sites like National Review is unsettling. You can see the rift widening between "establishment" conservatives and Trump's army. When you get a chunk of the electorate that says "there's nothing Trump could do to lose my support," that's scary.
  5. Trump's America on full display right here. Explain then, in scientific terms and evidence, how ethnicity or skin color is a specific, contributing factor in crime rather than environmental conditions like education, poverty and discriminatory conditions such as racial bias in the justice system. I can't wait for this. Actually, your reaction is a perfect example of the irrational left. Absolutely nothing I said indicated that I have a predisposed belief to ethnicity being a prime predictor of criminality. I literally said I don't have this data to show you. So you'll have to keep waiting. I'm saying I would, as a scientist, be open to the possibility if I felt that such a variable had been isolated and was valid. Because I pride myself on being open to all rational possibilities, and weighing data as it comes in. That's why I believe in man made climate change. It's also a big reason why I didn't vote for Trump.
  6. I'm all for considering racial and demographic data in assessing crime patterns. I think it is terribly dishonest for progressive people to demand scientific accountability for one issue, but ignore another because it's a sensitive topic. BUT if you want to be rational, you have to play by the rules. Ethnicity is but one data type. Crime follows drugs and poverty. The Mexican border has lots of both: With huge patterns like this, it's not rational to isolate ethnicity as the most important factor in crime. You have to account for other variables before you can do that. Namely, America has a totally broken drug policy and an ever-increasing income inequality index. If we had an evenly distributed low GINI and a decriminalized drug policy, and we still saw lots of spontaneous violence from specific ethnic groups, then it would be rational to focus on that. But it's not right now, and quite frankly it probably never has been in America.
  7. Discount airlines are great options for young, flexible travelers and people who are just barely able to buy into the airline travel experience. Personally, I was starting to cramp up on Delta Comfort Plus from NYC to London. There is no way I'm subjecting myself to a discount airline seat across an ocean.
  8. Except that IQ does mildly correlate with years of education, if you look at the whole population, which we must. Income also strongly correlates with race, so there's your income-skew with regards to Dem vs Rep. I am a firm believer that capitalism, while not intrinsically perfect, brings relative peace and prosperity. It does so by tapping into man's rational self-interest, AKA his economic self-interest. In a democracy, when you're not doing so well economically, you're going to vote for your self-interest. As well you should, this is rational. So when I see large swaths of the public voting against their economic self-interest, I am concerned. It means our system is not working the way it has in the past.
  9. Actually, the biggest factor in the election of Trump WAS education level. High school or lower Whites broke for Trump by 35 points. That's stunning. It's both the largest education break in modern election history, and Trump had the most uneducated White voter base in modern election history. We are increasingly partisan based on race and identity, instead of economics.
  10. Keep some perspective, guys. The bloodbath was 2010, when so many districts were gerrymandered to make them almost Democrat-proof. That was on full display in GA 6. Democrats cannot win these districts. Republicans have to actively lose them. Fivethirtyeight.com pointed out that the real news from yesterday was the close race in South Carolina, which the Dem only lost by a couple points. This district was gerrymandered in 2010 to heavily favor Reps. If the Republicans cannot deliver jobs and optimism to the rust belt by 2018, it's over for them there. The Reps know this, which is why one of the main conflicts within the Senate right now is over opiate treatment relief in their health care bill.
  11. Whole foods doesn't have the clientele that complains about everything. The biggest difference between poor and middle-class or upper-middle class people (who actually eat healthy) is how they react to things that don't seem to go their way. For someone who shops at Whole Foods, their time is more valuable than the average person who shops at Kroger. I hate to say it but I'm sure they're also more likely to just let the small things in life that were out of their control, go, without caring much and feeling the need to make a petty point. I doubt Whole Foods even deals with "Shrink" issues the way Kroger or Wal-Mart does, despite their merchandise being much more expensive. It seems like the most retail theft happens at Dollar Stores (they always have that audio warning you when you enter, that you're under surveillance and have monitors everywhere showing that you're on camera.) I wish Kroger would have acquired Whole Foods but the best thing they can do now, is more directly compete with them. did it ever occur to you that most Kroger customers don't have the disposable income that Whole Foods customers do? If a particular product (say a staple item) is damaged or unfit for consumption, the few dollars that was used to pay for it by the Kroger shopper is going to mess up that person's food budget for a week; but the Whole Foods customer can pay those same dollars (or much more) for an upscale product, and if that's inedible, it won't make a dent in that person's finances. I would say that's poverty in general. Middle class and above, you live in a world of hundreds to thousands of dollars, months and years. Poor people live in a world of pennies and dollars, minutes and hours. They undervalue their own time and labor and overvalue near-term gratification, at the expense of undervaluing long-term investment. This is a natural survival mechanism for living on the financial brink, which just perpetuates their poverty. They are willing to spend their time on little complaints because they live in a world where their time isn't worth very much, so they have no perspective.
  12. Remember in Demolition Man where Taco Bell was the only restaurant left? Jeff Bezos loved that movie.
  13. This is irrelevant. Donald Trump cannot self reflect or self criticize. He cannot. People with his type of disorder are incapable of these things. It's the whole core of the disorder. I know, I'm a broken record.
  14. Thank you to the UO'ers who actually travel to and document these projects, and share the results with us here. It's the difference between real information and the endless fibs and he-said she-said of lesser internet discussion boards.
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