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    AKRON - A to Zombie?!?

    West Hill, off Copley Road should not be visited after dark and neither should the West Valley or Summit Lake Area in South Akron.
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    The Dating Thread

    Any of you gals interested in an old man of 46, soon to be 47 in April? The good thing is that I'm older than I look and can still dance... I'm still silly enough to have fun with, too.
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    The Obama Presidency

    You are just making stuff up and placing it on the internet. First of all, Tax Payers have already received partial payments on the bailouts. Last I heard, GM expects to be completely paid up withing 2 years or so and Chrysler, possibly before the end of 2011. Secondly, if we had left well enough alone, you could wipe states like Michigan and Ohio off the map. If you think unemployment is high now, imagine all the thousands of invoices that Bankruptcy would have held up to companies who rely on that industry for business and the employees they would have been forced to layoff. The Auto Industry is one of the few bright spots in Manufacturing now, as far as hiring and wages are still relatively high. Don't just be against something just for the sake of being against Obama. If the man was right, give him credit.
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    The Obama Presidency

    With all that said... Most every single Domestic Policy, Law and even Appointment has been for the average, everyday, person like me and Republicans have fought tooth and nail against every single one. They didn't want to save the Auto Industry, didn't want to reform Health Care, were against extending Unemployment and suspending Unemployment Taxes, against Cash for Clunkers and so on and so on..... Mr. Obama has cut taxes 25 times, yet Republicans continue to advertise how he is taxing everybody to death. Every Politician is forced to be a Politician every now and then. But, overall, it is clear that Obama is for people like me (An Independent, by the way). But, to each, his own... Ref: http://thechangetheworldmovement.com/2010/10/politifact-com-25-obama-tax-cuts-wow/
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    The Obama Presidency

    The Obama Presidency, so far... Emergency Spending when Obama took Office, as we were facing the worst Recession since the Great Depression: 1. Saved the Auto Industry, which would have devastated states like Michigan, Ohio and Indiana, if it failed. Enormous Layoffs from the Auto Companies and the thousands of Suppliers and Vendors that rely on them for business were prevented. The Auto Industry is paying the money back very well and the Auto Industry is one of the biggest bright spots as far as hiring in the Manufacturing Industry now. Great move! 2. Continued the Bush Policy of bailing out the Banking and Insurance Industries which hold our Savings, IRA's, 401K's, Annuities and other Retirement and Investment Accounts. A run on the banks was prevented, as well as huge layoffs from the banks and the thousands of Suppliers and Vendors who relied on their business. Consequently, the Stock Market has stabilized and the Banks are paying back the Bail Out Money very well. The Financial and Banking Industry is also a bright spot, as far as hiring. 3. The Stimulus Bill: Designed quickly and implemented immediately, before we slipped any further into the abyss, as we were loosing around 750,000 jobs per month. Excellent job, under the circumstances. A tax cut for 95% of Working Class and lots of Infrastructure Money. However, in order to get the bill passed, Liberal Democrats were forced to negotiate a lot of Earmarks and Pork with Right Wing Democrats and Republicans, which diluted the immediate Jobs Impact. Without these political compromises, no bill would have passed, which would have been devastating to our economy. Although many or the provisions of the bill did not directly impact jobs, it was sufficient to stabilize the economy and lay an infrastructure for other things that needed to be done, as well, like education, Renewable Energy, etc. The money spent on these things will produce jobs in the future, but fail to quench our thirst for immediate gratification (Jobs Now). In other words, I feel the President did the best he could, under rushed and emergency circumstances and in a Political Climate that was against him all the way. The end result was a bill that was adequate, only. Health Care: 1. The original plan was to lower Health Care Cost with a Public Option, which would have offered competition to the Private Sector Insurance Industry. This would have been the best cost cutting measure, however, the Insurance Industry partnered with Republicans who decided to oppose Obama at all cost and paint the program as Socialism. Not that we aren't already a borderline Socialist Country already with Welfare, Food Stamps, US Postal, VA, Medicaid, Medicare, Social Security, etc. Like one more Socialist Program would have tipped the scale. So, Obama was forced to drop the cost saving component of his plan and now everybody is complaining that costs haven't been cut. Wow! 2. IBM's proposal to cut Waste, Fraud and Abuse from Medicare and make it more efficient by updating technology and Electronic Records Sharing, was shut down by another collaboration between Republicans and the Insurance Industry to convince Seniors that cuts in Waste mean cuts in benefits and that Obama was a Muslim Socialist Terrorist who wanted to set up Death Camps and kill all Grandmothers. Medicare is the biggest contributor to our Deficit and IBM's plan would have made a big dent in it. Now everyone is complaining about the size of the Deficit. 3. In the end, we needed some reform and this watered down bill that Obama was forced to accept politically, is what we have left. The positives are many more people who deserve coverage, will be covered and many of the ridiculous abuses of the Insurance Industry will be eliminated. There are also some additional benefits and tax breaks for businesses who supply Health Care, contrary to Republicans' constant claim of Tax Hikes. Businesses who can afford to supply Health Care but don't will receive a tax penalty, and they should, in my humble opinion. There are some temporary taxes increases to pay for Drug Companies to develop more wides spread Generics. I believe they will expire in 7 years. But the end result will be a continual decline in Prescription Drug Prices and Generics are developed over the next 7 years. Financial, Mortgage and Credit Card Reform: 1. When the kids begin to get out of control, you set rules to bring them under control. As they mature, you ease up on the rules. These industries have been abusing Consumers, playing games and taking risks with our Retirement Money, Investments and our Mortgages. They are the reason we are in this poor economic state and it is right to regulate them, until they can show that they have changed their ways. Then they can lobby to have regulations eased. But for now, they have been out of control and need to be reigned in. Anyone who can't see that has rocks in their heads. The change in the Balance of Power: 1. I hope that when Republicans gain considerable control, if not full control of Congress, they don't continue their policy of 'NO'. If they do, Obama, being a President who likes to get things done, will be forced to compromise his way through the remainder of his first term. He will become bogged down with defending what he has done from being undone, instead of moving the country forward. The economy will improve by the end of his first term, due to IBM's Policies and Republicans will take credit for it and we will elect another Republican President who will lead us down the same path that led to where we are now, once again. By time we realize we've all been duped, we will all be 6 years older.
  6. Master

    Cleveland Browns Discussion

    I think, overall, Jake is the best quarterback. The interception problem needs to be diagnosed. I say bring in someone to work with him. It's either he needs to work harder watching films before the games or that he needs discipline on simply taking the sack or throwing it away if nothing is there. Whatever it is, it is trainable. Other than interceptions, he is the best QB the Browns have had in a very, very long time!
  7. Do you have a reason for doubting this validity of this report or are you just Nay-Saying becaus you are Republican? Just asking...
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    Akron - Under Construction

    Uastudent12: I don't care for Pink either. I currently live in Tampa and they have projects that are painted pink. I feel like throwing up everytime I ride by them. However, I think NE Ohio could use some color. Just not pink!
  9. You are right. My mistake. It use to be Summit, Portage and Medina Counties. But now it's Summit and Portage. Also, Portage County is a lot smaller that I thought it was. In 2000, it was listed at 152,061 people. I think that it is actually ridiculous to remove Medina as part of Akron and make it part of Cleveland, because when it was included with Akron, Montrose, Bath and Copley consisted of a big Horse Farm and Montrose Theater, where my Mother would set up on Sundays. They had a Flea Market. There was nothing else out there. Now, Akron stretches West in a major way, through Fairlawn, Copley, Bath and Montrose, which is, arguably, the busiest Business District in NE Ohio. Metropolitan Akron's West Side actually connects with Medina City Limits. Cleveland and Medina City Limits are separated by large sections of nothingness and a few rural Housing Subdivisions and very small Business Districts, not to mention a very large distance. For one reason or another; I suspect Politics, Cleveland has managed to get credit for Akron's Suburbs. Cleveland Residents have always taken credit for Akron's Suburbs. Richfield, for example, is clearly an Akron Suburb, just outside of Fairlawn, Bath, Copley and Montrose, inside Summit County. However, because the Cavs played there, it has always been associated with Cleveland, although it's nowhere near Cleveland. Twinsburg and Macedonia are also just outside of Stow, Hudson and Kent, inside of Summit County, yet, are associated with Cleveland; by Clevelanders. Of-course, statistically, they are part of Akron, but when you talk to Clevelanders, they consider these areas part of Cleveland. It is correct; Akron gets very little credit and respect from Cleveland. Just listen to tedolph as he finds a way to belittle Akron, as he tries to make it sound like a compliment. Imagine your a small Running Back on a Football Team. You hold your own, but everybody keeps calling you that little guy. Akron has no desire to be huge, but doesn't like being referred to as that little insignificant town, either. How about just calling Akron by it's name tedolph and not adding adjectives that diminishes it's value and importance? That's what upsets me and many people who have experienced life in Akron, which has it's perks. As far as how little Akron is..... it seems to be catching up with Cleveland mighty quick; as Cleveland continues to bleed people, at an alarming pace. From 900,000 people, down to 400,000. At the current rate of bloodshed, it will be the size of Akron before too long, so I recommend remaining humble. Akrons' Population will grow before Clevelands' does, because Akron is doing better Economically. I suspect it is growing now, but the growth hasn't hit the record books, yet. Cleveland needs to embrace Akron, the way Akron has always embraced Cleveland. Here is a link that offers many of the attractions in Akron, that Clevelanders are unaware of: http://www.ci.akron.oh.us/attract.html
  10. Yeah, my data was old. The Akron Area, alone, use to have 993,000 people. But that was when they included Portage County, which they don't appear to be including, anymore. I don't know why, though; Kent and Ravenna are definitely Akron Suburbs. So that's 300,000 people that aren't included in the current estimates. Probably more, by now. When you include Portage County, the way they use to, that puts the Akron Area at or above 1,000,000 people. That's no Chicago or Houston, but it's not the hick town some Clevelanders like to make it out to be. Akron Metropolitan Area: 1960: 993,000 (Summit, Portage and Medina Counties) 2000: 699,935 (Summit and Medina counties) 2000: Cleveland-Akron-Elyria Metropolitan Area: 2,945,831 (14th Largest) Actually, I believe Greater Akron has about 700,000 and the Canton-Massillon MSA has about 400,000. So 1.1 million is still pretty respectable.
  11. The hatred (competition or rivalry) usually comes from the smaller city. They are the ones who are jealous and want to prove they are equal to the big kids. This is the reason for Lebrons comments. Akron isn't even on the radar for someone from Cleveland, its just a local small town. I've experienced this living in Cincinnati for 40 years. They so want to be Cleveland! I disagree. You can't judge a whole city on the voice of one man. I have spent about equal time out of my life in both cities. Akron has been pushing for Regionalism in NE. Ohio for many years and it has been Cleveland who has been resisting this effort. I rarely here Akronites say anything bad about Cleveland. They route for Cleveland Sports Teams, attend their events and enjoy the proximity to Cleveland. On the other hand, I continually hear comments like yours from Clevelanders. They are always calling Akron small and insulting them. Akron is big little city, mostly because it is a part of a rather large Metropolitan Area. Last I heard; Akron-Canton Area had 1.6 million people. It is no Cleveland and they have no desire to be. But I grow weary of Clevelanders putting Akron down as some small hick town, when it is not. They have plenty to offer: The Akron Art Museum is recognized around the world. It has transformed from The Rubber Capital to The Polymer Capital and their three major hospitals are recognized around the world for their Research and Development. Akron Children's has the number one Burn Unit in the world and was the first to grow Human Skin. They have EJ Thomas Hall, The National Inventors Hall of Fame, Cuyahoga Valley National Recreation Area, Firestone Country Club, The Portage Lakes, The Ohio Canal, Montrose, Chapel Hill and Downtown Akron has become a growing Entertainment District. They have concerts Downtown every weekend and live Jazz many days at lunch. It is generally 100 times cleaner and nicer than Cleveland, has a lower crime rate and better schools. There are many people who come from around the world to participate in the AAA Convention, The Soap Box Derby, The Firestone Invitational, The Lebron Bikeathon and Marathon and The Lebron James Basketball Tournament. Akron U and Kent State are both respected colleges and are both growing at a rapid rate. One of Akron's Promotional Videos: Again, I love Cleveland and Akron both, but statements like you just made is an indication of where the animosity, if any, is coming from. How about not putting Akron down and showing them some of the love they show Cleveland?
  12. As far as hotel space; the last time they were talking about hosting something major like this in Cleveland, I forget if it was a Political Convention or the Olympics, they included Akron Area Hotels. If they did, it would add at-least another 5 high quality hotels and a host of other mediocre motels. Not everyone who comes to town will be 'Big Wigs'; many who come to town will be happy with rooms that are 35 miles or less away. There will be shuttle services and people will be renting cars, etc. Some will be on a budget and enjoy the savings at the less prominent motels outside of the city.
  13. Master

    The Obama Presidency

    We are not in a Depression. We are in a recovery. However, it is a slow and scary recovery because of the severity of the Recession. We can't expect a robust recovery from a Recession that was so nearly a Depression. We are, in my opinion, recovering as well as can be expected, under the circimstances. Consumer and Business Spending is our problem. The Fed needs to do something about that.
  14. Master

    The Obama Presidency

    Obama's little known 2004 Interview about his religious beliefs: www.thechangetheworldmovement.com