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  1. Based on the above posts, is the proposed building on Riverbed that would have been suspended above the existing buildings using trusses dead or in jeopardy?
  2. ^Looks like NYC is ahead of the curve on this one
  3. Eastwood Mall at US 422 and SR 46 in Niles, OH: Anchors: Dillard's Outlet, JC Penney, Boscov's (in old Sears space). Target. and Macy's, has added (attached): an office building, a Residence Inn by Marriott, and an event center. It is also surrounded by strip shopping and free standing restaurants.
  4. Symmetry! Stark is pulling a "reverse Harbor Bay," (for now) shrinking the project by dropping the apartments and keeping the offices. Balance is maintained in the spacetime continuum. Please build the current design now! We can only imagine what a further shrunken fourth iteration would look like. On a more serious note, the Herold Building renovation looks fantastic, a melding of old and new that shows off the attractive front of the historic building, while hiding the unfinished side wall.
  5. LOL: Given the coronavirus pandemic, this thread topic reminds me of a Star Trek episode, where to escape planetwide destruction, all of the members of the civilization transported into the past.
  6. ^ I've long felt that this is one of the best vistas in the area. Unfortunately it is fleeting.
  7. Hehe. On the SE corner of Detroit and W25, in my imagination, I would build a curved mid-rise with a restaurant/amenity deck overlooking downtown, the river, and the eventual park, Unfortunately, the money I would need to do this is also in my imagination.
  8. I wonder if the SE corner is available for redevelopment, or if it will be part of the proposed Irishtown Bend Park?
  9. This is something to keep an eye on. Per this article, JetBlue founder David Neeleman's new startup. Breeze Airways will start flying in 2020 with a strategy to run 118 seat E195's between cities that have suffered abandonment from the majors. Like Allegiant, they want to serve secondary airports in the larger markets, and one of those secondary airports on the list was (wait for it, wait for it) BKL (Burke Lakefront in Cleveland). LOL, so don't close BKL just yet, hehe. This is similar to a model Neeleman used in Brazil with AZUL airlines (busy guy). Later , they intend to acquire and fly larger A220-300's, which are fuel efficient and have a "bodacious" range. Excerpted from the article: According to the reports, “On a map of prospective routes, it shows Providence flights to Allegiant-like airports in Florida (i.e., Orlando Sanford and St. Petersburg) and California (i.e., Oakland, San Jose, Contra Costa, Orange County, Burbank, Ontario and McClellan-Palomar, north of San Diego). Other dots from Providence include Phoenix Mesa, Rocky Mountain Airport near Denver, Concord near Charlotte, Fort Worth’s Meacham Airport and Burke Lakefront Airport in Cleveland. Aside from Providence, other northeast region airports of interest to Moxy include Baltimore, Trenton, Stewart (halfway between New York City and Albany) and Republic Airport in eastern Long Island." https://www.golocalprov.com/business/Newly-Announced-Breeze-Airline-By-Founder-of-JetBlue-Could-Be-Coming-to-P
  10. H&M coming soon, world class signs are up near Nordstrom on the same side as Microsoft. There is also a large area being worked on in the lower Dillards wing between AT&T and the old Hollister space. The stores coming in are not out of whack for BP.
  11. Is BOS still on for this summer? It wasn't listed on the chart in the press release.
  12. ^ He he, did you check out all the foreign "oligarchs?" Oh wait. That's not funny.
  13. Sorry, could someone please explain this comment? I am trying to understand the reason for the connection between the stubbornness and the 2% of rewards cards. What would they expect the percentage to be? Why is this an issue for United?
  14. I don't know if anyone has mentioned this, but there is an excellent "aerial" 360 degree photo, from 3/2019, on Google street view of the Flats that includes the proposed R&D site on Carter Rd, as well as everything around it, including Thunderbird, the river, and downtown Cleveland. (The Beacon beckons, but the Lumen is not yet looming). The photo's dot is between Carter Rd and the FIRR/Big 4 tracks. Maybe this link will work. Oh, the spot for the HQ is also in the photo. https://www.google.com/maps/@41.4903069,-81.6965179,3a,30y,238.41h,79.81t/data=!3m8!1e1!3m6!1sAF1QipMkt34_L7mUj5vpcsoyLIlR_HDPQfz2YY_D7K16!2e10!3e11!6shttps:%2F%2Flh5.googleusercontent.com%2Fp%2FAF1QipMkt34_L7mUj5vpcsoyLIlR_HDPQfz2YY_D7K16%3Dw203-h100-k-no-pi-0-ya129.07343-ro-0-fo100!7i8192!8i4096?hl=en
  15. Regarding the proposed R&D site on Carter?, will the Towpath Trail be between the SW construction and the river bank, or will it be on the street side?
  16. Interesting, they are planning to alter Gehring's path. The rendering is fantastic. Gotta love this project.
  17. Is the parking lot between Gehring and the rapid tracks part of this or any other projec?. It seems "primo" to me.
  18. @B767PILOT: LOL, are you related to MD88PILOT (with DL, I believe), who used to post here?
  19. LOL, don't forget Fairmount Properties (Flats EB, Kent, Pinecrest, First/Main, etc)
  20. Is the winning Cleveland site where the HQ will be built, or does it have to compete with the winning sites in other cities?
  21. Yes, the new construction is between Cooper's Hawk and the I-271 northbound ramp to Harvard, and it has just started. The Drury is behind both plots.
  22. What is going in next to Cooper's Hawk in Orange? The foundation outline is visible, and work is progressing rapidly.
  23. Is the curved pathway that comes up to the left of the parcel and curves behind the proposed parking garage a railroad track? If so, placing the garage there would make sense to me. It's too bad IMO that they did not use curvature in their structures to echo the plot boundary.
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