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  1. @B767PILOT: LOL, are you related to MD88PILOT (with DL, I believe), who used to post here?
  2. LOL, don't forget Fairmount Properties (Flats EB, Kent, Pinecrest, First/Main, etc)
  3. Is the winning Cleveland site where the HQ will be built, or does it have to compete with the winning sites in other cities?
  4. Yes, the new construction is between Cooper's Hawk and the I-271 northbound ramp to Harvard, and it has just started. The Drury is behind both plots.
  5. What is going in next to Cooper's Hawk in Orange? The foundation outline is visible, and work is progressing rapidly.
  6. Is the curved pathway that comes up to the left of the parcel and curves behind the proposed parking garage a railroad track? If so, placing the garage there would make sense to me. It's too bad IMO that they did not use curvature in their structures to echo the plot boundary.
  7. To me, the columns at the base of the building appear to be Ionic, not Corinthian, although the latter style title sounds classier, lol.
  8. @KJP: Your celebrity spreads! There were several comments referencing your SHW headquarters related blog post on the CLE thread of airliners.net. People there were considering possible impacts of SHW's moves on CLE air service. By the way, are they committed to the Cleveland area, or is there any possibility that they could move to Minneapolis or elsewhere?
  9. What about the slope east of W58? You can see it in the article's photograph. Is it buildable at all? I see they have threaded a "path" through it. I thought one of the original Shoreway rebuild objectives was to create a boulevard and open up more land for development, but it looks like it's still more or less an expressway (making the 35mph speed limit somewhat ludicrous). Still, I think the W73 underpass is a terrific outcome.
  10. Re: Amazon HQ2 Search Please check out: http://www.msn.com/en-us/money/companies/amazon%e2%80%99s-next-move-these-cities-are-top-contenders-for-its-new-hq-%e2%80%94-and-50000-jobs/ss-AAsTzV2?ocid=spartandhp Detroit is listed. Cleveland is not.
  11. Did the JD Power survey interval for 2016 include any of the ticketing level construction period? Also don't forget the parking crunches caused by the covering of two lots, and the movement of shuttle pick up and drop-off to the other side of the terminal roadways. If so, I would wait until this year's survey before getting too anguished Also, lol, it's not as though Cleveland scored 320 compared to others in the 700's. That said, there's only so far you can take a 1950's era terminal. I do question certain things though like the locations and utilization of the security screening checkpoints for TSA-pre vs.standard. Also, that cattle chute screening passage to Concourse A is an embarrasment. I am with those who favor considering a stewardship for the airport broader than just the (much smaller than when the airport opened) City of Cleveland.
  12. I was recently surprised by the new townhomes on Random Rd. Lot's of new, good looking construction in the area.
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