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  1. @KJP: Your celebrity spreads! There were several comments referencing your SHW headquarters related blog post on the CLE thread of airliners.net. People there were considering possible impacts of SHW's moves on CLE air service. By the way, are they committed to the Cleveland area, or is there any possibility that they could move to Minneapolis or elsewhere?
  2. What about the slope east of W58? You can see it in the article's photograph. Is it buildable at all? I see they have threaded a "path" through it. I thought one of the original Shoreway rebuild objectives was to create a boulevard and open up more land for development, but it looks like it's still more or less an expressway (making the 35mph speed limit somewhat ludicrous). Still, I think the W73 underpass is a terrific outcome.
  3. Re: Amazon HQ2 Search Please check out: http://www.msn.com/en-us/money/companies/amazon%e2%80%99s-next-move-these-cities-are-top-contenders-for-its-new-hq-%e2%80%94-and-50000-jobs/ss-AAsTzV2?ocid=spartandhp Detroit is listed. Cleveland is not.
  4. Did the JD Power survey interval for 2016 include any of the ticketing level construction period? Also don't forget the parking crunches caused by the covering of two lots, and the movement of shuttle pick up and drop-off to the other side of the terminal roadways. If so, I would wait until this year's survey before getting too anguished Also, lol, it's not as though Cleveland scored 320 compared to others in the 700's. That said, there's only so far you can take a 1950's era terminal. I do question certain things though like the locations and utilization of the security screening checkpoints for TSA-pre vs.standard. Also, that cattle chute screening passage to Concourse A is an embarrasment. I am with those who favor considering a stewardship for the airport broader than just the (much smaller than when the airport opened) City of Cleveland.
  5. I was recently surprised by the new townhomes on Random Rd. Lot's of new, good looking construction in the area.
  6. I have been wondering what the final result will look like. I can't find a diagram anywhere. Will the two extra lanes each way south of Columbus Rd be like express lanes? There will still be the problem (bottleneck), where the southbound express lanes end just north of miles.
  7. ^ I wonder if the cancer center setback is an example of what the setback will be all the way down to E 89 once older clinic buildings are replaced per master plan.
  8. It would be nice if the cleveland.com reporter who covers Hopkins news looked into some of this: Why no new director? Are they even looking? What are their goals for service enhancements? Why did they spend so much money on dubious cosmetic improvements, when they need to incentivize airlines? What problems with growth do managememt see from their perch? What do they think they need to do differently? What projects are coming up next? What reasons are airlines giving for not adding destinations (any other than profitabiliy)? Should responsibility for running the airport be shifted away from Cleveland to an entity with more regional clout? What are /are not local businesses and organizations doing to assist air service development efforts?
  9. One afternoon, when exiting I-77 toward Ontario, I had a strange vision. As I looked toward the parcel north of Ontario by E 9th St., the outlet mall proposed for the Lakefront suddenly appeared before me. :-D I imagine IKEA would fit (parking underneath) I believe the parcel north of Ontario or Orange, whatever, and east of E 9th St. could be developed, but not the one west of E 9th St. When is construction scheduled for the remainder of the Innerbelt? By the way, it really isn't a belt, more like a cravat.
  10. Well, it looks like the I-271 widening in Macedonia will be wrapping up soon (yeah!), and the widening in Bedford Hts., Bedford, and Oakwood is starting (groan!) I am kind of curious what they will be doing to get the five lanes out south of Rockside Rd.. It looks like the bridge over Tinker's Creek allows for four. Further north, I have an I-271 request list. 1. Add an eastbound lane to the Chagrin Bl. bridge over I-271 to directly feed the loop ramp to (I-271 north), which would separate traffic going north on I-271 from traffic continuing eastbound on Chagrin, so the latter does not hold up the former. Are they ever, ever going to widen Chagrin in Woodmere, lol? 2. Widen I-271 southbound from South Woodland to I-480 west, as was done for the northbound side years ago. There are sections of "fourth lane" which serve as "exit only" lanes to Harvard and Chagrin, so this would involve making that fourth lane a "through" lane, and would require an additional lane on the I-271 bridge over Harvard. 3. Fix the southern terminus of the express lanes, where I-271 shrinks to two lanes with abutments immediately on the left, making for a tight merge from the express lanes to the local lanes. I kind of wonder if this will still be a pinch point even after the areas to the south are widened. 4. Partial interchange to/from northbound I-271 at Lander Rd. People heading to Landerbrook or Landerhaven from the north could exit at Lander and reduce the mess at Brainard/Cedar. People coming from the south would still use the Cedar/Brainard exit. Let me check my bank account, lol
  11. ^ The ramp from southbound I-71 to westbound SR-82 can be very annoying, because the "green light" time span is too short, and there is "no turn on red" onto Royalton Rd. Then you often immediately get a red light at Howe. That whole area can be congested. I've seen lines of stopped cars approaching Howe and I-71 from the west and lines approaching W130 St on SR-82 from the west. What about a partial I-71 interchange at Whitney to/from the north?
  12. The OC Boulevard, by attaching to E 105th St, really brings traffic directly toward Cleveland Clinic's main campus (bully for them). For those actually trying to get through those few blocks east to many University Circle destinations, heading east on Cedar, Carnegie, Euclid or Chester may turn out to be rather unpleasant. Connecting it where they did appears more CCF oriented than UC oriented. I don't know if connections further east say along the Short Line to Stearns and MLK were considered or even feasible. I also wonder if Buckeye will need widening, as people try to jump up toward Shaker Boulevard and points east. Amusingly. I - 290 was never built, but much of the travel demand it would have carried still exists. Many people loop around on I-77 to I-480, over the Valley View Bridge, and up to I-271). No wonder that bridge carries so much traffic. It is doing the job of two highways.
  13. Now that I can believe. Besides, there's no room in the middle for a 16-lane bridge. The space between the two bridges looks like about as wide as the two existing bridges. Of course, I'm not sure why we're building these bridges in the first place. I'd love to see a tax-gap analysis of this project, and if it would be more cost-effective to build Lorain-Aurora commuter rail instead. Just a question. How would the Lorain - Aurora commuter rail take over significant functionality from I-480, which serves people going in many directions when accessing and egressing, and includes actual through traffic (eg. Chicago - Buffalo) ? What do you see as the trip generators, what would its route be, and where would the stops be? What sorts of connecting services would be available?
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