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  1. and the clown car keeps re-inventing itself. Thanks Boomer for posting a Rasmussen garbage pol.
  2. Seriously, what your group has done to Scranton is fantastic and it’s only getting better.
  3. Allow me. In a huge blow to Trump, the DOJ watchdog found no evidence to support the claim that the FBI spied on his 2016 campaign In a huge blow to Trump, the DOJ watchdog found no evidence to support the claim that the FBI spied on his 2016 campaign https://amp.businessinsider.com/justice-department-finds-fbi-didnt-spy-on-trump-2016-2019-11
  4. Brother @YABO713,, you do realize that @Ram23 only regurgitates the GOP far right talking points. He either doesn’t understand the evidence (doubtfull) or falls into another class of people that refuses to believe any of the evidence against the president for their own biased personal beliefs and I’m using biased loosely here.
  5. Brietbart no less. At least he’s consistent with his garbage sources. @eastvillagedon Grow up (sorry, I know your older like me so that ship has sailed) and stop posting from garbage websites or is that the totality of your contributions? If so, that’s realky pathetic.
  6. I’m awaiting the day EVD posts a serious journalism piece instead of the opinion pieces at Faux News, Brietbart (actually Ram’s favorite site) or the NY (NY Post) equivalent to the National Inquirer. Were aliens found in Trump’s anus? Inquiring minds want to know! Please tell me you read actual news instead of this drivel. I’ll garner the answer is no.
  7. @jon81oh, if you think you’re going to get serious or debatable dialogue from from the two biggest apologists, then you’re sorely mistaken. @Ram23 posted an article from the laughable NY Post about farts and @EVD said it was a sham inquiry if Hunter Biden didn’t testify. You think you’re going to get serious dialogue out of these two?? Ha! My ten year old offers bette dialogue and arguments. I treat both of them as parody accounts because there’s no way neither of them can be serious. I actually laughed out loud at the NY Post BY @Ram23. It was pretty entertaining and sad at the same time. Congrats NY Post. I see a Pulitzer in that article. Stay classy.
  8. I’m not. OSU has played pretty flawless football and PSU and Michigan are pretty flawed teams. PSU’s offense is average and far from elite and Michigan’s defense struggles against upper level offenses. I’m not counting my chickens but this is my favorite OSU team in a long while. I believe in Ryan Day more than I have in any coach we’re had in the last 20 years and that includes Urban Meyer.
  9. But a credit to Ram, he just summed up the NY Post’s journalistic depth and integrity. The best use of that paper is to wipe your a** if you ran out of toilet paper.
  10. You’ll see Brendan re-appear at another downtown location real soon.
  11. @YABO713 You sir have no equal. What sports fans that never played football miss is what you see in your analysis on the goal line stand. Outside of not reading defenses well this season, Mayfield’s accuracy is severely lacking compared to last season. At least that’s my opinion. I agree the running game is a beast. I completely agree with all your comments on defense. The two players that stood out for me on defense were Mack Wilson and Denzel Ward. I almost blew a gasket when he called timeout with three seconds left in the 3rd quarter. I also felt he should have taken the three points at the goal line stand. The offense obviously was out of synch. Fantastic analysis as always and I for one, appreciate your insight!
  12. I don’t believe it but I’m looking forward to seeing what you have to say. It looked like a complete sh*t show on the goal line.
  13. Where is your post game analysis!
  14. OR that he admitted to it: Judge orders Trump to pay $2 million for misusing his foundation The money raised "was used for Mr. Trump’s political campaign and disbursed by Mr. Trump’s campaign staff," the judge noted. https://www.nbcnews.com/news/amp/ncna1078306 The settlement also included an admission from Trump that he personally misused foundation funds and called for mandatory training requirements for the now-defunct foundation's directors — Donald Trump Jr., Ivanka Trump and Eric Trump. Your posts truly crack me up!
  15. @Ram23, you do know what was released by the the Whitehouse was not the full transcript, it was the redacted version. Just like the redacted version of the Mueller Report, which consequent, the Republican I mean US. Attorney’s office is appealing to have the full redacted version turned over as part of the impeachment inquiry. If nothing to hide, why not hand over the report and transcripts for all to see.
  16. FOUR diplomats have confirmed the whistleblower’s story. As stated upstream with someone with a little more grip on present day reality is that it doesn’t matter who the whistleblower was at this point. Four diplomats have corroborated his story. Good to fire up the 20% that still stand with him. His base shrinks by the day. I know of eight friends that voted for him and not one of them will do again. Most were the anti Hillary type and thought how could he be worse. Well, they all got their answer I guess. Good luck staying in the Titanic.
  17. EVD has never heard of Cornell so your link is fake news. Now if you’re talking Brietbart or the NY Post, boy does he have some articles for you!
  18. Also, check out Worthington Yards. The place is amazing and in your price range. I have a friend in the building with a one bedroom at 1,000 square feet and I think he pays 1300 a month. They have a rooftop deck, two courtyards, a dog park and some other amazing amenities. To answer your question on Constantino's, their prices are anywhere to same price at a normal grocery store to 30% higher. All the staples are normal pricing (eggs, milk, bread, beer, wine). The 30% higher things are ice cream, pickles, juice. I don’t feel like there’s a huge difference in pricing between Heinens & Dave’s in OC. I buy 60-70% of my groceries from Constantinos, 10% from Heinens (things Constantinos doesn’t carry) and the rest at Target. Target for bulk items mostly.
  19. I’ve been living downtown for close to 14 years in the Warehouse district. I’m also close to the same age as you. I have a ten year old. I think the noise complaint is a bit overrated. I do live ten floors up so that may make a difference as I rarely hear anything. Motorcycles in the summer are the worst part. I also work downtown and never felt like the panhandling is that bad.
  20. What a great use of military construction funds!!
  21. You don’t get much lower than this: GOP sinks lower and outs purported ‘whistleblower’ https://www.rawstory.com/2019/11/gop-sinks-lower-and-outs-purported-whistleblower/
  22. The Federalist became a joke three years ago. They’ve sold their soul. I used to like to read their articles but they’re now a better written Bietbart article. That’s too bad and that article is pathetic.
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