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  1. Pretty much every storefront from public square to East 12th’ had the glass shattered. Geigers was completely looted.
  2. Euclid Avenue is in shambles. Rebol on Public Square is decimated and they even shattered windows in the theatre district.
  3. Went back again tonight. Just as amazing as last weekend. They make three types of barbecue sauce and all were amazing. I absolutely hate gooey molasses based sauce. All three were unique, really good and don’t taste like the garbage store brand variety. Not many people were doing sit down but they were doing a sh*t ton of carry out orders.
  4. I'm really sorry to hear that @jonoh81
  5. I think he’s part of one of the restaurants opening in the Flats.
  6. I had the brisket, pork belly and the smoked chicken. I don’t know that they do ribs. They don’t need to do ribs. The food is amazing. I’ll take it over Mabel’s and cheaper.
  7. Apparently, Proof (barbecue) in Tremont opened to a quiet opening yesterday. I stopped in and was pleasantly surprised that they do Carolina style barbecue as Welles traditional. The food was amazing.! Best barbecue I’ve had in years. It’s in the same complex as Crust and Visible Voice . They’re also building a huge back patio with an outside smoker. It’s opening in two weeks. Dave Ferrante (Visible Voice) and Michael Griffin (Crust) put the place together. I can’t believe how good that barbecue was and I just found out about the place. The bartender said they’re planning on doing a Father’s Day curbside pickup package.
  8. That’s a beautiful shot. There were a lot of people on the malls as well. Mall B was the doggie hookup. There must have been 30 dogs on the slope. I also saw two separate dads with babies on Mall C.
  9. Thanks mate, I appreciate it. I used go once a month for work. Who knows when I get back down to Cbus but I’ll keep my eye out.
  10. I think I just had a coronary reading that. I love jerk chicken.
  11. That’s exactly what I got out of it.
  12. I didn’t plan on sending her. I was pointing out that her summer camps are not small. I thankfully can work from home and she’s an only child. She’s adapted well and rallied her friends to play games/schoolwork online and FaceTime at the same time. She’s more mature than me and she’s ten. Of course, I didn’t set the bar very high.
  13. Mine goes all summer. Rotates between Science Center, YMCA & Cleveland State Camps. The Science Center camp probably has 200 kids so not small.
  14. Do you ever put any thought process before, you know, actually posting. Try and provide a succinct answer on how she is out of control based on your misogynist worldview. I’ll wait.
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