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  1. I am one of them as well. I also don’t care about the primary. Whomever wins the democratic nomination, I’ll vote for them. I voted for McCain in 2012 but I’ll never vote for a Republican again, unless it’s a local election. my wife and most of my friends that were moderate Republicans have turned too.
  2. There’s a Simply Fresh Market in Brighton, MI. I would assume they’re related. https://www.simplyfreshmarket.com
  3. I live downtown as well and I’ve had almost the complete opposite experience. Yes, they do ask me what hotel every time. Once I give the guy at the window my address, everything is fine. I seem to get the same guy every time.
  4. Sadly, yes it’s true. Yes, the original owner bought it back and then closed within a year. Paper is up in the windows.
  5. Like I’m afraid from someone who made that ridiculous comparison. It was an overblown scandal. It wasn’t a debate. I flat out said your comparison is laughable. My description is completely accurate and you know it. I guess you forgot this part as well: Audit indicates liberal nonprofits also got extra IRS scrutiny https://www.politico.com/story/2017/10/05/audit-irs-scrutiny-liberal-non-profits-243497 While the audit released Thursday by the Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration doesn't discuss the political leanings of the additional groups it identified, the criteria used by the IRS to flag groups based on their names or policy positions included left-leaning organizations and causes like “ACORN Successors,” “Green Energy,” “Medical Marijuana,” and “Progressive.” Ways and Means Chairman Kevin Brady (R-Texas) said, "Democrats should be outraged." The IRS targeted Americans based on their political beliefs. Both parties. They targeted heavily on the conservative side, but the point being — the IRS not only had no protections for taxpayers, they actively targeted Americans based on buzzwords,” he told reporters. So stop clutching your pearls and do a little research next time. I’m still amazed you posted something like that.
  6. He blackmailed a foreign country to try and get political dirt on an opponent. That’s the very essence of abuse of power. Apparently, you skipped your second grade history lesson. It’s also laughable that you equate policing “tax exempt” tea party groups as an equality to blackmail.
  7. Republican senator admits he didn’t know about Bolton’s confirmation of Trump’s bribery — but still doesn’t care https://www.rawstory.com/2020/01/republican-senator-admits-he-didnt-know-about-boltons-confirmation-of-trumps-bribery-but-still-doesnt-care/ “And it is a tricky combination like I told Chuck Todd this morning, between using your conscience and having to decide what the people in your state are wanting.” OMG, these assh*ts are saying the quiet parts out loud again. As part of your senatorial duties, it’s your constitutional duty to be an impartial juror, based on the evidence. He, McConnell and Graham should be removed from the process based on their comments.
  8. Do you honestly think anyone is going to remember his presidential run? It was over before it started.
  9. This is amazing and sad at the same time.
  10. DEPACincy’s post is exactly why I try my best to stay in my swim lane. We all just witnessed someone get completely baby sealed. If anyone finds any Chiclets on the ground, they’re Mike’s in Canton and he’s going to need them back. Also, @DEPACincy, thanks for the history lesson. I definitely learned a few things.
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