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  1. I can answer that for you. They’ll start screaming about Hillary Clinton’s 30,000 emails and all 30,000 are all kiddie porn for Bill. The part about Trump is fake news.
  2. Fair enough. I rescind my previous comment. I did rifle back through some of your previous comments and you’re right, you have been fairly moderate in your discussion points. My apologies for lumping you on with the other two.
  3. I believe you’re you more than proud to let everyone know that you voted for him. Am I wrong or do I need to dig that up?
  4. But you have “ people” like @Ram23 @eastvillagedon& @gottaplan Defend him at every turn. What tells you about those people. I’ll give you a hint #a lot .
  5. Thats because he wouldn’t know a true statement if it bit him in the a**.
  6. Typical Trump supporter. They spew complete bullsh*t out of his pie hole. His first statement was “ Trump made one mistake.” That should let you know that he’s not a serious person followed by “you think you know more than the president on the constitution” while talking to @YABO713. My my nine year old has more smarts than this tool.
  7. I NEED whatever this dude is smoking. Holy hell. Brietbart & Fox News comment sections are in aisle 4. This in aisles 2&3. This has to be shack’s brother.
  8. I remember Osama Bin Ladin.
  9. One of the forumer’s family member owns the place @smith I love the place.
  10. I agree with that as well.
  11. See @eastvillagedon, I don’t need to be Mr. Know It All and do all the talking when there are others much better at completely owning you. That was brutal and all @jon81oh had to do was use historical truths. Quit when you’re way behind. I just watched someone get baby sealed without watching National Geographic
  12. Toothbrush, toothpaste, access to showers and a bed. The very thing that monster from the DOJ said they didn’t need.
  13. I’m truly amazed that people like you exist.
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