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  1. The "Moxie" property at 811 Prospect will be called "811 Kitchen*Bar*Lounge" it appears (as that's the DBA in their just-filed liquor license application). Not personally a fan of unimaginative "street number" restaurant names, though I guess they serve a directional/locational purpose.
  2. Well, Legacy is losing Arhaus and/or RH from everything I've heard. Crate and Cheesecake have been courted by Beachwood Place for years (and despite the Legacy challenges Cheesecake remains a top 20 location in the chain). Two more stores have recently closed, several temp leases keep a few spots filled,. and know Lilly Pulitzer, Loft and maybe others have been on Pinecrest leasing maps (both were alluded to even in the AC Hotel rendering last week). One thing I'm sure of -- if Eton can go from a nearly empty, total failure to a market-leading powerhouse in a few short years (a dozen years ago) - Legacy, with a solid core, comparatively fewer challenges and Easton-owner Steiner doing the leasing, it should be able to reinvent itself successfully. Capital Grille and LL Bean happened in last year. One destination retailer like American Girl could help change the tide.
  3. In early Fall, Restoration Hardware (though veiled) had a 50,000 sf store on leasing map at Pinecrest (and had previously been rumored to be going to Beachwood Place expansion.) - about 4-5x current store size. By November, Arhaus (by name) had taken its place with a 20k-25k square foot store. An unknown 25K sf store coming to old Borders space at La Place (now part of Beachwood Place) - though no other named store coming to expansion of BP at this point, though an external Zara entrance hinted at from Beachwood planning records.
  4. Flip Side was on leasing map for Pinecrest at one point - and 3 Palms, the same owner's pizza place, too. Shake Shack on leasing map at one point, too. Last map update publicly available, November, had neither. Perhaps, based on rumor noted above, Red Robin is moving into Pinecrest and, in turn, freeing up their land for developer or another restaurant?
  5. The Red Robin restaurant that sits on an elevated piece of land on the southwest corner of the Pinecrest land - between Pinecrest and 271 - has just closed. Easily could have closed due to business lacking, but would seem odd timing when a $200MM+, crowd-attracting development is going up literally in your backyard. Certainly could be a new piece of land the developers have bought to open up Pinecrest to the southwest, since an unmoveable UH facility will block much of the Pinecrest view east from those traveling on 271.
  6. South Lake Union part of Downtown Seattle looked similar to this last year. I generally stay in that part of Downtown for work and I recall completely marveling when counting 7-8 cranes from my hotel window: https://www.djc.com/stories/images/20130314/StateOfBellevue_OldCranes_big.jpg http://medias.photodeck.com/e65132dc-6c12-4265-8a5b-cd8c705dbd9a/Seattle_Summer_2014-19_xlarge.jpg By fall 2015 I was seeing some 20+ cranes in the Seattle skyline when perched atop an Amazon building in South Lake Union.
  7. I flew out of Pittsburgh last week for the first time in awhile. It has nearly the same # of passengers as Hopkins (in a smaller metro than NEO) and also lost a hub. However, while the main terminal and concourse are a bit dingy (with empty gates), the central mall/retail/restaurant portion that the airport train feeds passengers into - with a huge # of shops, high ceilings, Bar Symon, etc - is sparkling, full of options and totally "big-city." It makes CLE look like a backwoods airfield.
  8. A Piada restaurant is being built between the Aloft and Richmond. Could Omnova HQ building be where land clearing is happening
  9. In part of Joseph-Beth space... "Minneapolis, MN (RestaurantNews.com) Granite City Food & Brewery Ltd. (NASDAQ: GCFB), a casual dining restaurant group, is continuing to grow with the announcement that it is building a new Granite City Food & Brewery in Lyndhurst, Ohio at the Legacy Village lifestyle center. The Company recently signed a long term lease with Legacy Village Investors, LLC. and expects the new restaurant to open in 2013" http://www.restaurantnews.com/granite-city-food-brewery-set-to-open-restaurant-in-lyndhurst-ohio/
  10. Cleveland has enough trouble, in a relative sense, getting key upscale retailers into Legacy, Beachwood, Eton, Crocker and with solid demographics all around those. Thinking they'll go to Edgewater or UCircle or downtown is a pipe dream, no matter how dreamy that would be.
  11. West side Rack will be a must-go for east side Rack fans merely because assortment varies by store - and always good to see what the other has in stock. Certainly I've seen occasions where a certain chain store on one side of town has lots of stock on a great deal/unique item, when the same store on other side of town has sold out, etc... and/or one store gets different product mix than the other. Rack Westlake = 34,000 sq ft. Rack Lyndhurst = listed as 42,242 sq ft on Legacy leasing map
  12. Here's the Rack/Crocker Park announcement... http://www.istockanalyst.com/business/news/6081869/nordstrom-rack-to-open-second-cleveland-store And I'm a 2-3x month Nordstrom Rack shopper - and actually find their deals, especially once they hit clearance, to be very good generally 25-50%+ off on most items whether Lacoste, Cole Haan, North Face or others. I pretty much don't buy shoes anywhere else.
  13. Nexus Cafe space = c'mon Melt... Isn't it about time for downtown...? They could make that stretch of Prospect.
  14. I've been seeing way too much of O'Hare (including last night) - and, better yet, at connecting ORD fares as high as non-stop CLE fares a few years ago. THAT's what gets me most...
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