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  1. This is a completely irrelevant aside, but has anyone else ever noticed how Bill Clinton and Al Gore get about ZERO credit for helping shepherd the world through the disintegration of the Soviet Union? It was one of their top foreign policy objectives - Gore negotiated a lot of the nuclear dismantling, in Ukraine and Kazakhstan especially, his first foreign visit in 1993 was to Poland, the Gore-Chernomyrdin Commission helping establish closer ties with Moscow, etc., etc...it did not have to go that (relatively) smoothly - the horrors unleashed in the Balkans could easily have been worse, and spread across a host of former Soviet republics and satellites. And it wasn't all Clinton/Gore's doing. But still, I never see them get credit for the part they played in an amazingly dangerous, unstable time...
  2. I have to agree with that. Because there's plenty of blame to go around - I mean, look at Georgia in 2008, when Putin did this EXACT SAME THING, and Bush did nothing. We chose President Obama (twice!) since that time - did we think we were choosing a more aggressive foreign policy with him? He explicitly ran on NOT being a cowboy, and we said, "I'll take two of them!" I'm a huge Bush fan, and I'm disappointed with President Obama on many fronts, but the fact is, he really doesn't have any good options to confront Russian belligerence. I hope we do everything we can publicly and behind the scenes to neuter Russia and its oligarchy financially - a second "Soviet collapse" may be one way to save the rest of Ukraine and eastern Europe without bloodshed - but beyond that, I'm pretty dubious about what we can do. I mean, if I were king of the forest, I'll be all about a trip wire force, but if you want a trip wire force, you've gotta have a claymore sitting behind it...and are we willing to get in a shooting war with Russia? I'd wager the answer to that is HELL no, by probably a 10-1 margin. And if you aren't willing to get in a shooting war, the last thing you want is a trip wire force. Terrible times...
  3. Well, considering it linked to these threads, which nearly brought me to tears, it probably wasn't terribly hard to guess who'd've paid to advertize them! http://www.urbanohio.com/forum2/index.php/topic,8555 http://www.urbanohio.com/forum2/index.php/topic,8556 Anyway, back on topic - sorry to hear the Elk Creek show was cancelled, though since I couldn't make it anyway, maybe there's a better chance for whenever you get your rain check...er...snow check!
  4. My WayBack Machine must be on the fritz...just spitting out links and such: http://www.urbanohio.com/forum2/index.php/topic,13532
  5. That's some impressive machinery…wonder what its carbon footprint looks like!
  6. The data is all there to do that - precinct level election results are here - just scroll down and under General Elections, choose November 2002 and download it into Excel: http://boe.hamilton-co.org/elections/election-results.aspx ...and you can see precinct-level maps here - go to the Map Layers folder and chose Voting Districts: http://cagisonline.hamilton-co.org/cagisonline/index.html I've never monkeyed with mapping stuff, though...
  7. I lived in Euclid for a year in the mid-90's, just out of college. Unfortunately, I never really did much in the neighborhood - didn't have much money, and wasn't into outdoor activities at the time, so I kind of squandered the opportunity to get to know the place better. I did always like it, though - the lake is pretty spectacular, and I dig places with vast tracts of single-family homes like that - I mean, just LOOK at this: http://goo.gl/maps/fwx7g
  8. I love the ones taken at corners, where the street just keeps going and going…
  9. I haven't focused too much on photography the last few years, but I dug through my pictures and between all the shots of dinners, cats and Army stuff, I pulled out some Cincinnati-related shots. Maybe I'll do a separate Army-related thread at some point… THIS is America - walking through the riverfront parks during Gay Pride events, and seeing Cincinnatus wearing a floral lei, big ol' flag in the background - I love this picture: Representin' for The Walnut: Cleveland-based nieces playing in the new Smale Park fountain: Ah, summer: Pete for the Hall! Sunrise over the river, with a particularly nice layer of fog/cloud: Touring Metropole's rooftop deck - this was just a couple weeks before it opened: Another from the deck: In the Army, when someone is all jacked up and you want to express that without using actual profanity (not often I don't want to use profanity, but it happens), you can say they look like a soup sandwich. Which is why I LOVED this display board and its basically invisible comma: We got amazing seats to a Reds game, but the most amazing part was that I managed to get my wife down there in time for batting practice. Unfortunately, I think they lost... Finally got an Ohio state flag this year: We seem to be part of the Great Deer Expressway over here near Eden Park - this happens pretty frequently: The Zebra Bathroom at Boca: Some scotch at Nicholson's: The wine cellar at Sotto: I joined the American Legion post up in Reading - this is part of the Arlington Heights, Lockland and Reading Memorial Day Parade: Another Reds game, again with awesome seats from a friend - this is a plaza right next to the press box. Another loss... Diner En Blanc: Later that evening: Football season - this was at the Green Bay game, as you can probably tell from the crowd, and it featured TBDBITL for pre-game and halftime: Yeah, this was pretty awesome: This was when the Moving Wall (http://www.themovingwall.org) came through Cincinnati last fall - the local VFWs and Legion posts kept a 24-hour vigil while it was here at Union Terminal, so I got to spend some quality time with it on a very rainy night. It started to dry out by morning: Bengals/Colts - this time it was sooooooo cold…great seats, though! Another sunrise over the river: And finally, sunrise over the Victory Parkway Bridge:
  10. Yeah, it's been a while...I went back to check, and I guess my last post was in 2009 before I went to Iraq - almost five years now! I've kept up some with Randy's blog and the UrbanCincy podcast, but I've missed out on a lot! I'll definitely need to spend more time here again...
  11. Wow, it's been a while since I was around here…got busy with work, the Army, etc., etc. Anyway, when I saw the ice on the river this morning, the first thing I thought was that I needed to post some shots on UrbanOhio! Not as bad as upriver a ways - some barges are already getting blocked up between Marietta and Wheeling: http://www.mariettatimes.com/page/content.detail/id/556691/Ice-challenges-Ohio-River-traffic.html?nav=5002 I'm assuming the rising temperatures will keep it from repeating 1976/1977, but it's something interesting to see while it lasts! I've read stories about that winter, and it was really awful - coal barges couldn't get through the Mississippi or Ohio, schools were closed for a month, only essential workers were able to work in 50 degree offices - as fun as it would be to walk to KY on the river, it was a terrible time... …finally, one extra shot from this morning - the moon and some planet, not sure which one!
  12. Not to move back too far up the discussion, but hooah, KOOW - exactly right. Why don't we harden the targets just a bit? A .50 cal on either end, maybe a MK-19, and a few trained folks with small arms, and I can't imagine that not making piracy a little less attractive, and saving lives in the end. Hell, might not even need to blockade anything that way.
  13. Yeah, and Mark is such a good chef, it's great that when his big opportunity came, it was still in Cincinnati!
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