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  1. There seems to be a little more to this particular story then what has initially been reported. The board of trustees for UAB is also the same board for Alabama-Tuscaloosa(roll tide) and Alabama- Huntsville. Apparently many trustee members never wanted UAB to have div 1 sports in the first place, voted down the university hiring now current Florida St head coach Jimbo Fisher, and denied UAB using their own funds to build an on campus stadium that would have been similar to something akron or tulane recently built. UAB plays in my opinion the worst stadium in college football in which I believe at one point the whole upper deck was condemned and still averages over 20,000. Yes not Alabama or OSU numbers but clearly there seems potential to grow a program with a new stadium and some winning. An overwhelming majority of the trustees are Alabama grads including Paul Bryant Jr., Bear Bryants son who for all accounts is still very upset about the comments the former basketball coach NCAA Hall of Famer Gene Bartow made about his father. Apparently, Bartow rightfully reported BAMA's men basketball coaches for NCAA violations and also during that time noted that several college football coaches who had been chronic violators of NCAA rules where disciples of Bear Bryant. Bartow died last year and made public comments prior that he felt the board of trustees was looking for any possible reason to shut down the whole athletic program at UAB. The way the board handled the situation was at the very least unprofessional in which donors who were pledging over 10 million a year towards the football program were ignored and the head coach who had left a very successful FCS program last year under the promise of the support of the board was by his statements left in the dark. This is with a team that is bowl eligible, had gained positive momentum in the community over the past year, and receives far less subsidies then even some of the teams in its own conference. Another problem is that UAB is in Conference USA which requires participation in all conference sports by its members. This means all other programs have potentially less then a year to find a new conference never mind the fines that are associated with the violation of their contracts. I literally have no ties to UAB but the more I read about the situation it reminds me of dirty politics and somewhat seems like a modell situation in which decisions where made long before and then lied to cover them up.
  2. My experience of Raleigh and the surrounding suburbs mirrors that as well. My brother in law and his family( NE Ohio transplants) live near Cary and let me just say every time I'm there I drive by a new large section of forested area that has been decimated for some sort of exurban subdivision.They rave and rave about the area but in all honesty I have not been impressed.
  3. If you're referencing the pic I posted, it was at the franklin park conservatory last year. Haven't been back so not sure if it's still there or not. I guess at night it looks really nice. The picture was of part of British artist Bruce Munro's Light exhibit that ran from September to March at the conservatory. I visited the exhibit several times and enjoyed it quite a bit.It really is designed to be best enjoyed at night and worked really well with the different botanical gardens. Here's a link to artist's page if interested http://www.brucemunro.co.uk/exhibitions/bruce-munro-franklin-park-conservatory/
  4. Brian Windhorst was a complete idiot when Lebron announced he was coming back as well. Numerous comments were made from him regarding that Northeast Ohio is dying and that lebron is the only hope they have.
  5. I was at the game yesterday and man was it loud. I kept thinking to myself,this is how it can be when the blue jackets are consistently winners.
  6. Cleveland/NE Ohio really blew their chance when Wolstein was guaranteed a franchise and couldn't get the deal done for one reason or another. It's unfortunate as a crew fan because I would like there to be another team in the vicinity but I'm pretty sure the MLS higher ups got a bad taste in their mouth from the inaction that occurred. As a result the league got something called chivas which turned out to be a huge bust and Cleveland's own drew carey is a partial owner of the seattle sounders. As far as the crew go, I am optimistic that they will have a good season. They went undefeated in the preseason ,which doesn't count for much but hopefully may be a sign of things to come. As someone who drives up I-71 to browns game, I can attest that the drive to columbus from cleveland for crew games is not bad. In fact my father-in-law who lives in cleveland went from being a huge soccer snob who would only support his EPL team and shivered at the thought of supporting a MLS team from Columbus to a Crew season ticket holder who drives down for every home match and loves it. It only took a couple of games that I prodded him to go with me for him to see the light.
  7. yes. the findlay neighborhoods are very scattershot and more on a par with the other cities neighborhoods. that is to say, mostly junky or typical newer stuff and no or very little real historic neighborhood stock like hamilton has. Although I agree that hamilton seems to have excellent housing stock and neighborhoods, I disagree that findlay doesn't at least have excellent historic neighborhood stock near their southern part of main street with an abundance of large Victorian homes.
  8. According to the article, the information can be accessed wirelessly so it seems the criminals could leave it there for as long as they wanted. I would guess the people behind this probably assumed this would be found at some point in time and have no intention of coming back to retrieve the device.
  9. As did I. Its amazing how much has changed even in the 3 years that it has been since my wedding.
  10. Haha! Anytime I hear kahoots I think of a guy I used to work with, who was a surfer dude type character. Every friday before we'd leave he'd corner me and say" Hey brah, wanna go to kahooots?" I never did. Lots of family emergencies. :)
  11. One thing to point out is that Kent st and maybe northern illinois have a legitimate shot at a bcs game. If any of the non automatic qualifying conferences have a team that is in the top 16 and are ranked higher then any of the qualifying conference champions, then that team goes to a bcs game.Currently no big east school is in the top 25. Kent st is currently at 17 in the bcs and beating 21 northern illinois would be huge. UCLA at 16 would be the most likely to lose still although if nebraska or florida st lost it would be conceivable for them to move lower then 16. Orange bowl reps are going to the mac title game so it would be of benefit for both teams to bring lots of fans.
  12. yeah it really is horrible. I hope either the rendering is way off or there's still plenty of room for discussion. I mean for 30 million dollars the stroh center in BG seems much more appealing.
  13. Well, I believe in salt lake's case it took hosting an olympic games to get the funds for rail. Not that I'm jealous as a columbus resident or anything.
  14. I think it comes down to a few things. All of which suck. 1)shurmur and his staff were late several times getting play calls in to weeden along with the proper personal on 3rd down. Weedens" No comment" when asked about the issues in postgame interviews as well as shurmur basically saying the coaching staff screwed up puts the blame solely on the the staffs shoulders. 2)The browns have been notoriously bad running for third down conversions this season. Who's at fault? Well you could say alot of people but I put the blame on the o-line. The o- line doesn't seem to have the capability to blow people off the line especially on the 3rd downs and for that matter doesn't seem to have the capability to consistently pick up the pass rush in the red zone or 3rd downs for more then 1-1.5 seconds. 3) Receivers didn't seem to have a whole lot of separation on the 3rd down especially. The browns still don't have a number one go to NFL reciever and cooper who has recently seemed to be weedens safety valve on those type of plays was out. 4)Weeden is a rookie qb who does not want to risk a mistake in those situations. Even if he did see a small area to fit the ball in 10 yds down field he opted to go through his progressions which always went, "Covered,Covered,Covered, fourth option which happens to be a 3 yd out. 5)Poor play calling. Taking all of those things into consideration, the plays took way too long to set up and progress. There really shouldn't be any situation that the 4th option is only 2 yds down field if you need 5. The options for weeden to take a quck step and fire on a slant route like the called back td where few and far between from my vantage point.
  15. I'm kinda surprised in an article about a radio station, not one mention of the music format. I used to love CD101 when I lived in Columbus, but then somewhere along the way they just stopped playing new music. I didn't want to listen to the Verve Pipe and Blur forever. Yeah I know what you mean. I find myself listening more and more to 106.7 and even 99.7. I want to support local radio but it seems like they aren't playing the new stuff or when they do its pretty obscure bands. I like hearing obscure bands but not when they suck and are being played to get some hipster indie street cred or something. :-)
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