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  1. Increased construction costs have put a serious damper on my project. Costs have nearly doubled in 2 years!
  2. ^ They are not the final finish material. But replace "architects" in your above sentence with "developers" and you are spot on.
  3. Alright, I am game, build a fence at the border, then reopen the government.
  4. So you are saying the wall is actually a fence? So what is the argument here?
  5. ^ It gets better... click on the link... the wall is only 2' tall!
  6. Wow. With all do respect, I think that Quan Happa Building is one of the greatest atrocities in OTR.
  7. The project has already been cleared through zoning and has received a full building permit, not just building shell. The new roof was a result of push back from the zoning department regarding a new guardrail for the roof deck that would be visible from the street. Instead, the owner chose to lower the entire roof and use the existing parapet as the guard rail. Another fun fact: the project is slated to include nana-wall style accordion windows at its storefront.
  8. Alot of the food on the Mediterranean is shared between countries. If you go to Greece, you can get pasta bolognese (pasta with meat sauce), which is actually what Cincinnati Chili is. The unique thing is actually the cheddar cheese, not the pasta.
  9. I cant think of one major municipality that has its convention center int he suburbs.
  10. Don't underestimate the fact that there are the Northern KY and Sharonville Convention Centers taking smaller convention and gathering business from the Cincinnati Convention Center as well. It seems like the best path forward is to provide larger space, but at what cost?
  11. I see what you're saying... but there still are so many empty, boarded up buildings even within just a block or two (most of the buildings on E 15th between Vine and Walnut are still boarded up). I'd rather see the focus be on getting all of of the empty buildings renovated and occupied. I know it's not purely an either/or proposition... infill on the little parking lots would drive more demand for renovating empty buildings. I guess I'm just not as bothered by the little parking lots on Vine St as you are. The 3CDC plans for Kroger will jumpstart that street.
  12. Ew. The parking lot is a giant F-U to the west end neighborhood, and I thought everyone learned their lesson with gaps in a stadium with GABP. If it doesnt cause a weird wind-tunnel effect the the real estate is too valuable, and eventually gets filled in with seats.
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