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  1. Rubino's. When I lived around there they were the only place we ever ordered from. My favorite is the Cameo in Sandusky (or maybe Chet & Matt's...everyone says they're the same but I still choose the Cameo for the better dining experience). I was raised on that stuff and try to get there whenever I'm in town.
  2. I've always had a soft spot for Milan. As a kid in the summertime my mom would drive my friend and I to the library there once a week or so. Even though the Sandusky Library was bigger and closer we always preferred the trip to Milan. Love the town square. It's been a few years since I've been to Milan but I always remember it as having lots of trees in the center of town which always appealed to me. Plus the Melon Festival and Edison Park (particularly for sledding in the winter)...good memories. I have a family reunion to attend next month that I wasn't particularly looking forward to, but knowing that it will be in Milan makes me more willing to show up. Another of my favorite small Erie County towns, and in this case very small, was Bay View. For some unknown reason my friends and I in high school were fascinated by this place. There are some nice places right on the water that I always viewed as the perfect summer homes. But aside from that and the old Bay Bridge there isn't a whole lot going on yet we'd still drive out there anyway. And stop at Terry's Tavern of course.
  3. I'd be curious to see the numbers on the visitors these places get. With five (I believe that's the correct number) water parks in town they can't all be doing well can they?
  4. I found that line to be pretty humorous. I'd be thrilled to live right by the fabulous Sandusky Mall movie theater. I wonder how many people they are really expecting to draw to this. If my options were living at this new place or downtown on the water where those new condos are being put in or have been put in (will there be residential space as well at the Battery Park project?), it's an easy decision. This is just flat out a terrible location to live.
  5. Is Apple's still around? I get to Norwalk maybe once or twice a year and for some reason that place always stood out to me and I have no idea why.
  6. I don't know what's wrong with the current Aldi location on Perkins Ave away from all the CP traffic. Perkins has this prime empty space and this is what they do with it? I'm surprised Hoty didn't try to put another strip mall there.
  7. Unfortunately everything is in Perkins Township on that hideous stretch of Rte. 250. Once they built the mall out there, businesses began to leave downtown and they never came back. The attitude of the residents isn't any better, especially that of Perkins residents in regards to Sandusky. It's a shame. The downtown Sandusky area can be very charming, especially if you take the time to really look around. But it sees none of the tourism traffic. A decent hotel in downtown Sandusky could be fairly successful with access to the waterfront and the boats out to the islands and less traffic headaches getting there than out to Perkins or Avery. But there's nothing there. Just a lot of empty storefronts.
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