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  1. This is from the previously posted article: 'Place-Making,’ Mixed-Use Development Revitalizes Cleveland Community Published by Teresa Garcia on Friday, April 5, 2019 Phase 3 Next to the Forest City Square Apartments will be Phase 3 of the development, which will pair the adaptive reuse of an existing building with an adjacent new-construction, five-story apartment building. The 88 apartments will be available to residents earning up to 80 percent of the AMI.  Phase 3 will be financed with OZ investments, debt, equity and some city funds. Construction will start this summer and is scheduled for completion within 12 months.  MORE: https://www.novoco.com/periodicals/articles/place-making-mixed-use-development-revitalizes-cleveland-community
  2. On two occasions this week I saw men drilling in the Southeast corner parking lot at W.28th & Detroit a couple of days ago.
  3. I saw that to. They have a fence around the perimeter of the building.
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