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  1. I think reducing the number of city council seats to 11 could work. You then would have 5 wards each for the east & west side with downtown being 1.
  2. This city should build a transit center on the land behind Tower City and have it connected to the rapid stations. You can probably re-route most of the buses that would traverse around Public Square which would probably eliminate some of the commuter traffic off of Ontario and in front of the Jack casino.
  3. Looks like there is some SWH news! http://neo-trans.blogspot.com/2019/10/sherwin-williams-hqr-is-down-to-two.html
  4. Looks like there is some move developments slated for the Hough area. http://planning.city.cleveland.oh.us/designreview/drcagenda/2019/11012019/index.php
  5. Does anybody know what the current floor count is? Also, I wonder how long it will be before another Lumen type high-rise will be built at playhouse square. It seems like the Lumen will fill up very quickly!
  6. Why would parking be an issue. If Sherman Williams were to build its new HQ and R&D facility downtown then wouldn't a large parking structure be part of the overall design? And I'm sure SW would own their parking structure as well.
  7. Wouldn't it take just as long to build a new building of that size here in Cleveland. Also why haven't we heard anything from our political leaders.. Jackson, Budish, DeWine. etc. I would think this would have been an "all hands on deck" scenario.
  8. How many more floors do they have to go before its fully topped off?
  9. Everybody should just calm down. I fully believe that the city will give Sherman Williams a significant financial package to keep them here. It would be political suicide to let Sherman Williams leave Cleveland. Also what kind of message would we be sending to other perspective businesses that are considering Cleveland as a location. Failure is not an option in this situation and if we cant keep one of our own (Cleveland born and bred) then it will be time for pitch forks and torches to descend upon City Hall!!
  10. What does all of this have to do with the Lumen project? Please stay on topic!
  11. This is from the previously posted article: 'Place-Making,’ Mixed-Use Development Revitalizes Cleveland Community Published by Teresa Garcia on Friday, April 5, 2019 Phase 3 Next to the Forest City Square Apartments will be Phase 3 of the development, which will pair the adaptive reuse of an existing building with an adjacent new-construction, five-story apartment building. The 88 apartments will be available to residents earning up to 80 percent of the AMI.  Phase 3 will be financed with OZ investments, debt, equity and some city funds. Construction will start this summer and is scheduled for completion within 12 months.  MORE: https://www.novoco.com/periodicals/articles/place-making-mixed-use-development-revitalizes-cleveland-community
  12. On two occasions this week I saw men drilling in the Southeast corner parking lot at W.28th & Detroit a couple of days ago.
  13. I saw that to. They have a fence around the perimeter of the building.
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