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  1. I'll believe it when I see it...the same claim was made when I was an intern with city planning back in 2014.
  2. Nice, I took a photo yesterday, different perspective though: Beacon Progress 9.6.18 by Andrew Lang, on Flickr
  3. For those who would like to read the article referenced in the tweet KJP posted: Retail, restaurant boom heats up Old Brooklyn CLEVELAND, Ohio – It’s the middle of a weekday afternoon, and Sabor Miami Café and Gallery on Broadview Road is bustling. A table of young women near the window carries on a lively conversation on Spanish over coffee drinks, while a group of business people conduct a meeting while noshing empanadas. A young family eats in the back near an array of colorful paintings, and soft Cuban music wafts through the air. Full Article Here...
  4. Or put a cap on the abatement - say, the first $250K of assessed value. Still generous enough to encourage a variety of development, but aimed (mostly) at the people the city is trying to help. The abatement can also be applied to multi-family structures as well, so if you put that sort of cap on it you effectively limit the incentive to single-family housing only
  5. ^While on the Lorain-Carnegie bridge you can see that part of the roof/second floor has collapsed.
  6. ^Well, I guess it's nice that someone finally bought the Wong site for their asking price. Not really sure that the land was actually worth that much, but hopefully that means something will actually be built here.
  7. andrew0816

    Cleveland: General Business & Economic News

    It seems that Ohio has made it possible for counties to use an administrative tax foreclosure process, so it seems that Cuyahoga county could make the switch, but do you know why we use a judicial process/what are the pros/cons of switching?
  8. andrew0816

    Ohio: Marijuana Industry

    Looks like one will be in Downtown Cleveland: Source: Ohio's first medical marijuana dispensary licenses awarded: See the list
  9. andrew0816

    2018 Gubernatorial Election

    I am conflicted on who to vote for in the primary. Based on what I know about Kucinich and O'Neil, neither seem like a candidate I could get behind. I can't really find much on Cordray as far as what his policy proposals are (can't find any mention on public transit) and he seems to lack charisma and uniqueness, although I guess you could say he has nerve and talent. I think I most align with Schiavoni...he has a very detailed policy page and I like the majority of his proposals and past performance. I want to vote for Schiavoni, but I am worried that he won't win and I'm more worried that Kucinich will. If Kucinich does win I'm going to have a real hard time voting for him and might consider voting for Mike DeWine if he wins the Republican primary. How's everyone else feeling about this election?
  10. So, in sum, some people think Brickman's attempt at social commentary is out of line and others don't give a fork. If I may make a suggestion, perhaps this conversation can continue in the Cleveland World Class Signage thread, or perhaps a separate thread can be created so that this conversation can have a home where it is on topic.
  11. andrew0816

    Greater Cleveland RTA News & Discussion

    KJP[/member] (or anyone else who might have insight) - Do you know if RTA is considering coming to county residents with some sort of bond/tax to be placed on ballot that would fill the state funding gap? Think it's futile to try and work with a state that clearly doesn't get it and time for county/region to step up and invest in ourselves.
  12. andrew0816

    The Democratic Party

    I think it is interesting that the Republican strength seems to dissipate whenever a Republican is president. And I would assume that a graph showing the strength of Democrats would just be the inverse of the one you posted. It does look like the trend line for Republicans is overall positive, but, as can be seen with Hoover, a particularly catastrophic president (or other exterior forces/economic trends/geo-political movements) can destroy the strength of a political party. But with all of that said I think it's important to point out that with a two-party system with winner take all elections there will always be this ebb and flow between the two parties in charge. The two parties in charge might change over time as they evolve and dissolve, but our political system ensures that there will always be two parties that dominate, which isn’t necessarily a good thing. It seems that right now both parties are in a crisis of sorts, I do not think that the recent wins by Democrats are a sign of momentum for that party. I think the Democrats are still a mess and have no strategy or clear direction (I don't think they will win by simply being anti-Trump), although I do think that Democrats are more popular but they won’t be able to truly gain momentum thanks to gerrymandering (and I’m not saying the Republicans are strong either, that party has its own issues). But with the reduction of competitive districts both parties have become increasingly polarized and unwilling to compromise with each other. Both parties are alienating a large segment of the population, discouraging them from coming out to the polls (this discouragement/apathy is not helped by our uncompetitive elections). I think both parties at some point are going to change…so many possibilities but I think it is likely that one party will diminish in relevance and that instead of switching to the opposing party a new party will emerge and we will have a shift in which two parties dominate our political system. In my ideal world we would shift to a proportional representative system so that we can end this cycle of two party dominance and that would better represent the population, which would lead to more satisfaction (under a two-party system one party might win with 51% of the vote, but that still leaves 49% of the electorate dissatisfied).
  13. andrew0816

    Cleveland Mayoral Race 2017

    Cuyahoga County has a live voter turnout page here. Currently Cleveland has 16% turnout overall. Pretty neat to analyze, they have lists by city/ward and an interactive map.
  14. ethlaw[/member] - You're right, this townhouse proposal is not located where the Parkview is, but I think that KJP[/member] was hinting that there might be a future development proposed for where the Parkview is currently located.