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  1. Not true at all. "Staunch leftists" are hardly happy with his moderate, pragmatic approach. Oftentimes, they are his biggest critics. Take a look at his record: - GBay still open - War in Afghanistan still going - New armed conflict in Libya - Drone killings - Patriot Act preserved and (in some ways) extended - Tax cuts extended (twice) - Waiting forever and a day to support gay marriage (and still fell short of the type of support needed) - No real progress towards alternative/clean energy - Nothing substantial done for the environment - Caving to pressure from the right on Health Care - no single payer - not even a public option People keep asking what happened to all of the moderate Republicans...... I'd tell them they can find at least one at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. And that in the end is one reason Romney really doesn't have much of a chance. Once the Supreme Court gets done eviscerating Obamacare it is going to be a choise between Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum and the incumbent Tweedle Dee wins. And that is before the press starts asking Romney about the spiritual status of native Americans, African Americans, Jesus's brother (Lucifer), etc. under Mormanism; and his wifes love affair with dressage horsies. That is going to go over big with Mr. and Mrs. Six Pack. It is going to be a train wreck for the Republicans. Too bad that will leave Obama in place with his Kensian economic beliefs. Not that Romeny would have done much differently. Does anyone have any cyanide pills I could borrow? Tedolph.
  2. Well, it is better than anything else he as going for him. Tedolph
  3. As a certified card carrying wacko, I would say we hate Obama more. As I have said before, Gays are irrelevant to most of us. Tedolph
  4. tedolph

    Trayvon Martin

    I would take you up on that bet..... if the prosecutor had charged him with manslaughter. The mental state element for murder 2 will be difficult to satisfy. But if the jury in Florida is allowed to convict him for manslaughter as a lessor included offense of murder 2, then I'll take you up on that bet. You win and you get a 12 pack of the GLBC beer of your pleasure. I win and I get your hat... and your radio. Welcome back, btw I tend to agree with you. The prosecutor might, I say "might" have a shot at a manslaughter charge if, if he got the right jury. But murder? No way. The jury isn't going to go there even if they are all card carrying memebers of the NAACP. Thanks for the welcome. Believe me, I am taking my life in my hands by posting here. TEdolph
  5. tedolph

    Trayvon Martin

    I can't see how the prosecutor is going to carry his "beyond a reasonable doubt" burden of proof before the jury. If Zimmerman's head injuries are consistent with him having his head pounded into the curb, the jurors are going to put themselves in his shoes and conclude that they would have shot too, regardless of what the jury instructions say or who initiated the incident. I suspect that the prosecutor knows this and the trial is for public show purposes only. Zimmerman will be acquitted and the prosecutor's office will be off the hook with the public. The Left will have again placed their bet (prematurely) on a losing pony like Tawna Brawley, the Duke lacrosse team, the Harvard professor, etc. I will put a beer on it. Tedolph
  6. You should have fought him and told him to make the first move. He needs to be off the streets and locked up. tedolph
  7. Actually there is. The government shouldn't be involved in the marriage business at all. We have enough laws regarding paternity, testate succession, etc. that marriage laws serve no compelling govenment interest. Tedolph
  8. Not sure this is the right place for this comment. It seems to me that the #1 development thing S.S. could do would be to push the city and RTA to connect S.S. to U. circle with a light rail link. It is a PITA to get from SS to UC on the bus and UC doesn't have anywhere near enough housing. CH is just up the hill but that is a PTIA too in bad weather. TEdolph
  9. In China. And as long as we allow the Chi-Coms to devalue their currancy by 25% in an economic war against the U.S., that is where all the job creation will be if you goose consumer demand. TEdollph
  10. Interesting that New York State cities like Buffalo and Rochester were able to build subways (Cincinati too!) but Cleveland, which struggled mightily to do so, could not. I know each city's situation was unique, but are there any comonalities with the N.Y. cities that made them sucessful in this endeavour? Tedolph
  11. Hey there, person with disposable income which has already been taxed at the appropriate income tax rate. I have a great investing opportunity for you. You assume 100% of the risk. - You may not make any money. - You could potentially lose money (even all of your money). - Should you make money with this investment, you will pay a [insert % you think is fair] on your capital gain. I don't know who could resist this amazing opportunity! Sounds fair to me. And let [insert % that I think is fair] = [no less than a person who actually works for the same amount of money would pay] If that is so X, then why is it that Democrats, from time to time heave been supportive of making the capital gains tax lower than the top marginal rate, and sometimes led the charge? TEdolph
  12. I was thinking of it more as an already-existing redistributive mechanism, and one that has an element of "reward for working" to it since one has to be working (earned income) to qualify. How about just creating an economic climate where the 99% can be i) fully employed and ii) make decent money? Would that be better than just shifting around pieces of the same old pie? TEdolph
  13. Oh, you mean all these po' folk are going to go out and buy CAT scanners, heavey machinery, Jumbo Jets and other stuff that we make in the US, or are they gong to go out and buy shirts and shoes and handbags from Walmart? Maybe they will buy more middle east gasoline for thier Hundai? Have you looked at the balance of trade numbers lately? Well you are correct, your so called "Robin Hood" tax will be great for job creation........ in China! Our economic prblems are structural and will not be fixed by goosing customer demand. That is another big lie by the political establishment. TEdolph
  14. This is really an ignorant statement. The capital gains tax has varied all over the place in the last 50 years. At times, reduction in the capital gains tax was a Democratic initiative, and increases in the capital gains tax a Republican initiative. It is a complex issue invilving the opportiuity cost of capital invenstments v. income generating investments and has a lot to do with prevailing interest rates. Right now a low capital gains tax rate does not make a lot of sense, simply because there really isn't anything to invest in, and because interest rates are so artificailly low it is not like millionares are snapping up T-bills and need to be lured away from that activity. The capital gain v. ordinary income marginal tax rate debate is a very wonky political issue and really doesn't have anything to do with anything. The fact of the matter is that almost half of all U.S. citizens pay no icome tax whatsoever, not 33%, not 15% not 5%, they pay nothing and some of them just get a check! (a Nixonian concept-guaranteed anual income-that has come back to haunt us). Compared to that, 15% looks pretty high! Obama and the left are simply taking a page out of FDR's playbook: it doesn't matter how bad the economy is if you just pretend to be Robin Hood and promise to rob form the rich-the half that pay no income taxes will keep voting for you. Good luck sustaining that long term. TEdolph
  15. It was bound to happen. I know. How in God's name do they think he is going to win a general election? Tedolph
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