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  1. More will follow sadly. These places with huge rent burdens can't simply stop the cash flow and expect to survive.
  2. I saw where Ford was using seat circulation fans to make respirators for healthcare workers. Making ventilators is a completely different task. Could we make any or enough for it to even matter at this point?
  3. This what I've been worried about all along. What happens to all of the landlords when they cant pay the mortgage? Seems like it could get ugly.
  4. Now she can stay vigilant with peace of mind!
  5. Yes Yes Yes. Call your representatives!
  6. I’ve already filed my census report. I’m hoping with people being bored they have more time than ever to complete their census online. A media campaign would help, and there typically is one for each census.
  7. Yep. Airlines have been printing money for several years. Let them pull themselves up by their bootstraps.
  8. Chem-Pak building and Powell Valve....a constant chipping away of our historic buildings.
  9. Maybe Bernie Bros are really just GOP talking heads pretending to be fake Bernie Bros......
  10. Seriously, dude. Grow up.
  11. Seems to me that with the price FC is paying for all of those smaller properties, they always had plenty of money to complete this project without taxpayer subsidy. Our dollars helped FC to tear down our own city....makes me sick. I'd gladly trade any of the 19th century homes or the church for that anonymous garage.
  12. Thanks for saving that place! I too have a hard time sacrificing an old place for any new build. It’s so rare, the new structure is of equal quality.
  13. And it's sad anyone would think that's enough money worth going to jail over.
  14. Maybe Tamaya can just use the playbook POTUS used. Just repeat and tweet a million times over..."No quid pro quo" Continually claim its a witch hunt, and state that even if it was illegal, shes a council person...she's allowed to do these things.
  15. Why isn't this story common knowledge. People need to be outraged by this.
  16. Quid pro quo, who's he? I dont even know the guy.
  17. Tore down that beautiful church that served as a landmark. Harbor Lights never got off the ground. Really no winners in any of that mess......
  18. And the annual GDP growth rates were supposed to be an easy 4%. Didn't happen. Just another promise made, and a promise broken. Build Wall- No Mexico Pay for it- No Big Beautiful healthcare- No Infrastructure- No Solve immigration in 6 mos- No Eliminate debt- No Unify the country- No Put Hillary in jail- No Care for veterans- No On and on and on with whatever his lips were blathering on about in any one minute......
  19. Good to see a local continue to grow locally. I can't imagine the red tape involved with getting a hold of this property, but I'm glad they hung in there! Nation, Ivory House, and Wondercade all open this summer in Westwood.....wow!!
  20. I've never understood why there aren't more "no left turn" signs around town where a strong grid exists. Its no biggie to go right a few times to get to where you need to be.
  21. Im not sure a complete demo is needed, but I agree it's a terrible design. I've felt that way since the day it opened.
  22. Desperately grasping to spin this administration in a positive light.
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