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  1. And across a very wide thoroughfare. The closest "old buildings" are actually new townhomes.
  2. Old Architecture? There wont be any old architecture left near this stadium for blocks. Funny how they had plenty of funds to buy it all up after we gave them taxpayer money. They said they didn't have enough money to do it on their own....but somehow had piles of cash to buy and tear down everything nearby.
  3. TheCOV


    The updated story was front and center on NPR. Many outlets had the outcome after the FBI investigation. This isn't some lib-snowflake lunacy. There WAS a noose. Bubba has been outspoken about removing the flags. So it's not really that far fetched to think what might have happened. NASCAR released the information, so nobody including the boogieman media, made "Fake News". The real story was the outpouring of support and a massive display of shared humanity.
  4. I think all of this answers when we would see "peak-OTR". I thought it would happen sooner, as I don't believe we have the population growth in the metro to support a lot more dowtown/OTR development.
  5. A Tavola closing vines street? Seriously? Perhaps this is a lease end situation? Or more because of Taglio being right around the corner?
  6. Yet more evidence POTUS has massive brain damage.
  7. More and more people should be saying this.
  8. Well maybe he's a better student than his school grades suggest. He has learned well from his instructors Kim, and Putin.
  9. But Trump sure is trying like hell to make it so.
  10. Current stage has been a scourge on the square for far too many years.
  11. He forgot to add the part where said president sadly gets re-elected.
  12. This! There is no right to haircuts or gym memberships.
  13. And FYI- I am actually one of the people who fit this description. On the cusp of opening a business as it hit, with my life savings invested. Not eligible for unemployment or PPP. Nothing. I don’t bitch to anyone working in stores. I don’t bitch that the government took my rights while storming the statehouse with a damn gun. And I don’t bitch about wearing a mask in public. Screw everyone of those snowflake losers claiming they’ve been oppressed, and their orange leader.
  14. What is always so different to me about older OTR rooftop views vs more recent ones is how many chimneys have been truncated as they were no longer needed.
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