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  1. Can't speak for those properties that have an abatement in place, but those of us paying full freight on our property tax bills know one reason why rents are high in HamCo.
  2. I’ve really never been astounded by any comment ever here on UO....til now. Am I reading this correctly?
  3. Those shoes are as ugly, but not nearly as much as the awful carpeting.....
  4. So wait- now conservatives are pro-welfare????
  5. My gut says that the region is simply not growing fast enough to maintain the early bursts of construction activity we saw in OTR. So yes, it's simply going to normalize to the rather meager population gains we are seeing in the metro.
  6. Maybe this attitude puts pressure on these projects to hit up the next neighborhood that needs and/or wants this type of development?
  7. Or working towards getting a bridge to connect the west side to the booming employment around the airport....
  8. What, because the west side is the only place that has an Olive Garden? It's sad the booming Cincinnati restaurant scene has all but ignored the west side. It's nice to see Nation Kitchen taking on a new location in the Westwood Town Hall district soon. Westsiders are indeed partaking in the wealth of restaurants available today, they just have to drive to them. I think the first few places that realize this and locate there will establish a presence and do very well.
  9. THIS THIS THIS. Simply roll the tape every single time he claims its someone else's fault.
  10. TheCOV


    In 2016, Caitlyn Jenner said we should support candidate Circus Peanut. Whoops. If only there were signs in his past behavior that would have led Jenner to think maybe she shouldn't trust him..... if only.
  11. Is it me, or are the gooseneck lights on that historic building too large?? Is this a recent renovation?
  12. I'm becoming more annoyed daily by FCC. If they don't care if their fans get to games on time...why should the taxpayers?
  13. Crazy how much the hospital has wiped off the map since the late 80's up there.
  14. I renovate houses, I get it. But this is nearly $400k PER UNIT. Do you know what the debt service is on that figure? Adding in all the monthly operational costs, how on earth can these units rent for below market rate????
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