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  1. Tore down that beautiful church that served as a landmark. Harbor Lights never got off the ground. Really no winners in any of that mess......
  2. And the annual GDP growth rates were supposed to be an easy 4%. Didn't happen. Just another promise made, and a promise broken. Build Wall- No Mexico Pay for it- No Big Beautiful healthcare- No Infrastructure- No Solve immigration in 6 mos- No Eliminate debt- No Unify the country- No Put Hillary in jail- No Care for veterans- No On and on and on with whatever his lips were blathering on about in any one minute......
  3. Good to see a local continue to grow locally. I can't imagine the red tape involved with getting a hold of this property, but I'm glad they hung in there! Nation, Ivory House, and Wondercade all open this summer in Westwood.....wow!!
  4. I've never understood why there aren't more "no left turn" signs around town where a strong grid exists. Its no biggie to go right a few times to get to where you need to be.
  5. Im not sure a complete demo is needed, but I agree it's a terrible design. I've felt that way since the day it opened.
  6. Desperately grasping to spin this administration in a positive light.
  7. Hey, at least its not Atlanta!! Congrats NEO, it's a well deserved overall win for your region.
  8. So what? Pelosi took some paper with Trumps speech on it and tore it up AFTER the speech was delivered.. Isn't every copy basically going into the trash at this point anyway? Was she supposed to frame it for her office wall? Fake outrage when Trump didn't even shake her hand...
  9. It’s gonna launch the next ring of investment. Homes along the Epworth Ave spine in the Town Hall area are going for solid prices. Along with Westwood having Montessori education from k-12 available, these new restaurants really help bring amenities that create stability. April 9 is just a working date. There’s a long way to go to get to opening a new restaurant. Much of it isn’t in their control.
  10. The two dining halls I utilized while at Miami in the mid 1980's were both screaming something out of the 1950's . I also see from the Bizjournals pic that Swing Hall where I lived 1985/86 to 1986/87 is sadly no longer there. Its crazy how many buildings I knew while attending school there have disappeared already.
  11. This dude has hundreds of tax liens going back to 2004. Any bets he still finds ways to not pay his taxes? I’m not sure this anonymous donor did him any favors. Just end it already.
  12. As one of my all time favorite buildings, I'm pleased to know this will be preserved for the foreseeable future. I wonder if the original "Union Central" letters will return. That'd be odd as the company is still in business. Or perhaps simply do something like the convention center and place "Cincinnati "across the faces of the roof?
  13. This This This!! Stop the kid gloves....flat out call him a liar.
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