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  1. Thanks for the comments everyone. A better camera would have been nice, but I was paranoid about dropping things into the lake :-D It really was an experience I'll never forget!
  2. Hey everyone, A job opportunity is taking my partner and me to the Chicago suburbs at the end of July. We realized that we have lived in Cleveland for 25+ years and had NEVER been out on Lake Erie. How did we allow that to happen? Anyway, we learned that friends of ours own a sailboat, so we spent last night out on the Lake. The weather was perfect and we had an absolutely wonderful time. My pictures are from a cell phone, so they're not the best quality, but I still wanted to share them. I hope that I do this right!
  3. Heard this on Kiss FM this afternoon on my way home. It's not originally a Cleveland song, but the edit is great. "This City" http://www.kisscleveland.com/cc-common/mainheadlines3.html?feed=353806&article=9075340
  4. Friend of mine just moved into Tremont Place Lofts because they were looking for those modern touches. So far they're happy there, so it'd be something to check out for sure. I know they had to wait for a unit to open up, however, so that might be something to consider when looking for a place.
  5. Calling all UOers! The boys and I (AKA a group of four 20-somethings) are looking for a place to go cabrewing and camping this summer. Last year we went to the Mohican River which was a lot of fun, but we're looking to try somewhere else this year. Do any of you out there have any suggestions? We live in Cleveland and aren't opposed to traveling a couple hours. We were thinking about Hocking Hills, but aren't sure of any specific camp sites. We're looking for a campsite where we can camp in a tent - no cabins - and preferably one that also offers drop-offs for canoeing as well. Any suggestions for regions/areas - or even better - specific campsites would be much appreciated! Thanks in advance!
  6. We only had a couple of hours in the afternoon because he had to leave early to head back to Louisville that night. He's coming back to Cleveland again in June though. He had such a good time the weekend he was in town that he's coming back again - this time just for fun!
  7. On Sunday I met up with a guy from CouchSurfing who was in town for a job interview. I couldn't host him this weekend, but he stayed with and had great experiences with two other people - one in Beachwood and one in Ohio City. We went to Tremont for the C-Town Chow Down in Lincoln Park, enjoyed the band that was playing and some great food (falafel flatbread for me). We then walked over to A Cookie and a Cupcake for dessert. It was a beautiful afternoon and the city was alive thanks for the baseball game and the festivals taking place all around. He left that evening to head back to Louisville hopeful to land the job in Cleveland that he interviewed for. He was impressed by everything the city had to offer and was truly surprised by Cleveland after everything he had read about the population decline. He loved Ohio City, Tremont, Lakewood, Edgewater, and Cleveland Heights. Hopefully there will be +1 to the Cleveland MSA soon.
  8. If you have any questions about Shaker, specifically the east end, shoot me a message. I just moved to some of the apartments along Van Aken in August and am very happy here so far. I'd be happy to try to give some advice.
  9. I'm really happy in the east end of Shaker. I live in the area that you've been looking at along Van Aken near Warrensville. It has great access to grocery stores and pharmacies and the Mexican place at Warrensville has great happy hour deals on Friday ;) It's not so much of a "young" area. There is quite a big elderly population actually, which is perhaps the biggest downside. It could be hard to meet people in the area, although I've noticed that the other buildings around here have more younger people than my building. My commute is a breeze - I take Chagrin to I-271 South and go against traffic. Disclaimer: I have to be in Hudson by 7:30, so I'm leaving Beachwood around 7:00 before the worst traffic hits. My partner works downtown and just walks outside and hops on the train. We like to meet up on Fridays downtown after he gets off work, so I just get on the train and head down his way then we catch the rapid back. When we go out on Coventry with friends, we call a cab and in 10 minutes or so we're in Cleveland Heights. It's a short drive down Van Aken to Shaker Square for brunch at Yours Truly the next morning! I have to drive more than I would like to here, but everything is pretty close and I can walk to Starbucks whenever I run out of coffee. Let me know if you have any questions about specific buildings in the area. Before I found my place, I looked at a lot of different places up and down Van Aken. Feel free to send me a PM if I can be of any help!
  10. I recently moved to the east end of Shaker Heights and commute to Hudson. My drive is about 30-35 minutes, so I imagine the drive to Aurora would be about the same. We'll see what happens once the snow shows up... If you have any questions about my area let me know and I'll try to help you out!
  11. Hi Everyone, I just wanted to let you know that we found a place in Shaker Heights on Van Aken west of Warrensville Center. While it's not MTS's beloved Shaker Square, we're just a quick hop up the Blue Line to get there and we have a grocery store and a few restaurants within walking distance. I learned that my in-school work is going to be south of Cleveland, so I needed easy access to the highway. My commute to JCU is 5 minutes, to school about 30 minutes, and my partner can hop on the train to get downtown. It seemed to fit all of our needs, and with me heading all around Greater Cleveland, the location made the most sense. We're moving in at the end of August and hope to meet you all soon while discovering the east side and THANK YOU again for all of the advice!
  12. Just a quick update - the search continues on and grows more frustrating by the day! We can't seem to find a place in Cleveland Heights which is both affordable and has just basic upgrades that we're looking for (air and a dishwasher). We've seen some gorgeous old buildings and some not so nice ones, but they're either outside of our price range or something that doesn't appeal to us. We've now decided to extend our search further into Shaker Heights (Van Aken), but we're also playing around with the idea of staying in Lakewood, where we can find apartments with the things we're looking for at a price we're willing to pay. The commute would be hard for me, but I have to be at JCU by 8:00 so I'm on the early end of rush hour, and I'm usually out before rush hour traffic for the drive home. I'm currently commuting to JCU from Strongsville and the drive takes around 40 minutes except when it rains and everyone decides to drive 40mph. If the commute from Lakewood takes about the same amount of time (or less), I wouldn't be opposed to it at all (I don't think). As someone on the first page said, it's important to love where you live. So I suppose the question is: am I crazy? And the second question: Does the out of place feeling of being a westsider on the eastside ever disappear? Ha.
  13. My partner works within easy walking distance of Tower City. Before moving to Lakewood, he took the Green Line into the city every day, so we're familiar with the Rapid :) Thanks again for all of the advice so far. I'll be sure to post back with updates along the way. I think we're definitely going to check out Shaker Square and Cleveland Heights. We don't go "out" a whole ton, but when we do, we always have a good time on Coventry. And to Punch - Short North today is just a strip of very expensive restaurants. It's losing the "creative" touch it used to have.
  14. Thanks for the advice so far. Please keep it coming! I never thought about Shaker Square, but it should also be an option for us because of the rapid connection to Downtown. I think we'll probably end up looking mostly in Cleveland Heights, but we really appreciate all of the comments and feedback this site offers. Thanks also for the brutally honest opinion on the commute from Lakewood. Google says it's about 30 minutes, which wouldn't be that bad, but that doesn't count traffic and all of the stoplights along the way. If only they could invent teleports within the next few months, we could live in Lakewood!
  15. After time in Athens, Germany and Columbus, I will finally be returning to Cleveland to stay for a while. I’ll be pursuing a Masters Degree at John Carroll and my partner works downtown. I currently live in the Victorian Village neighborhood in Columbus. I like being able to walk to the Short North area and the grocery store, but it’s an overly residential area missing the commercial elements. I’m originally from Strongsville and my partner is from Chagrin Falls. He currently lives in the west end of Lakewood, which is an area we both love. We love being able to walk to the restaurants, the bakery (mmmm), bars and grocery store. We also enjoy the quick access to the Metro Parks. When he drives to work, he hops on Clifton and is downtown quickly, and when he takes the bus, it stops right outside of his apartment. Unfortunately, we don’t think Lakewood will work because of my commute to University Heights, where I have to be at 8:00 AM. Here’s what we’re looking for: -Budget of around $800 for a two-bedroom apartment – we can go a bit over that if we need to, but would prefer not to. We don’t mind being in a duplex or larger apartment complex. Everything works. -Accessible to both Downtown and University Heights -Gay friendly and young neighborhood. We're both in our mid-20s -Would prefer walking distance to bars and restaurants and a grocery store. We love this part of Lakewood. -Parking for two cars. We’ve ruled out downtown because of this fact – getting to University Heights would be challenging enough with public transportation, and about a year from now I’ll be student teaching. The only districts that offer my subject are suburban schools, so a car is a must. The areas we’ve had in mind are: University Heights, Cleveland Heights (not sure about specific parts) and Tremont. Would it be ridiculous to commute from Lakewood to University Heights? And how about the commute to downtown from University Heights? Because we’re both originally from the outer suburbs, we’re not too sure what the drive is like. Any feedback and advice you can offer would be much appreciated. I'm itching to get the heck out of Columbus and can't wait to be back in Cleveland!
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