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  1. After looking at many Cleveland pics posts, I started thinking about how many of the city's 36 (or so) neighborhoods aren't represented. The "What Cities is UrbanOhio Missing Thread" made me think about this more...since even within the cities that are heavily photographed, a lot of areas go under the radar. So, I was wondering if there are any particular underrepresented areas that you all would like to see photographed in Cleveland and the inner rings? Note: Hopefully this topic wasn't already brought up while I was away from UO for like 4342436 years. Some of my picks are (sorry for the East Side skew): -The area around Rockefeller Park and the cultural gardens with the big old houses (and the supposed pack of rabid dogs :wink:). -Larchmere area -Collinwood, esp. since they are working to turn Waterloo into one of the cities many arts neighborhoods.
  2. I basically agree with what has been said: Ohio doesn't have much of a unified culture, but our regions each have distinct cultures. As far as food, in Cleveland, Polish Boys are big in soul food and seafood joints in the area: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Polish_boy. I don't even eat meat much anymore...but those things are sooo good. Also, there are certain words that I've only heard black Clevelanders use like grotta (I just Googled it for the heck of it and it is a "Cleveland" word:http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=Grotta. Let me stress that grotta and wedgies ARE different, lol.
  3. Cleveland.com comments make me sick. I was googling info about yesterday's Obama rally concert with Jay Z and Lebron James. A lot of people on that site don't get ANYTHING. "Funny how 98% of the African-American population is voting for Obama and about 45% of the Whites . But were the ones that are always being accused of being racist if we bring up any thing derogatory towards Obama ." Finally somebody with some common sense stepped in: "Open your little brain and realize that over 90% of African Americans are democrats to begin with..." "'Geez - if the cops in Cleveland want to know where most of the criminals will be hanging out, they have their spot." Whether or not you are an Obama, Jay Z, or Lebron fan, those comments are really ignorant.
  4. I love the Victorianesque housing in Ohio City and I think that the crazy color schemes add to their character. Then again, this comes from the girl who wanted the color scheme of her room to be purple and orange (I was 9 though, lol). ITA. Cleveland is separated into 36 or so neighborhoods and most of them are barely covered on UO (if they have been covered at all). Like, the area around the Rockefeller Park in Glenville, which has many beautiful homes.
  5. I've only been to half of the cities on that list (currently in St. Louis, which is a very underrated city). I would have to pick NYC as my favorite city though. There is nowhere else in the US that compares. Chicago is a close (and more livable) second. I also like D.C. and L.A. a lot, but I couldn't see myself living in L.A.
  6. That's fabulous to hear! It gives me a glimmer of hope in these hard economic times.
  7. I almost choked! Many images flashed before me....none good! Opening...in two days? Geez time flies. When I get back home, I want to check this out in person. The mechanical bull and everything...well, maybe not the pasta with bio slime. Maybe it won't be such a bad, tacky place...
  8. A book for my Urban Studies class, titled "Cities and Urban Life" has a nice blurb about Cleveland. Hopefully I can post it a little later without violating copyright laws, lol.
  9. Wow, we're getting up there! When I saw last years ranking, I was surprised that we were only 28. Columbus also moved up in the rankings and went from last (50th) to 30th.
  10. *Sigh*, I am still speechless. May she Rest In Peace :cry: .
  11. I used to live in one of the cities surrounding North Randall and they have more residents than I thought. However, I always assumed that some of its areas were actually a part of Warrensville. Don't they share the Warrensville Heights School District anyways?
  12. Yeah, I was a bit confused by that statement too, since Miami's fashion week (or don't they have multiple ones?) seems to be a pretty big deal. Either way as Jpop said, it gave some good press to Cleveland.
  13. I am not sure if anybody has posted this before (it is from May), but on http://www.fashionweekcleveland.com there is an article that Women's Wear Daily wrote about Cleveland. According to WWD, "WHO SAYS OHIO HAS NO STYLE? Certainly no one who’s attended Fashion Week Cleveland, a regional phenomenon that’s become the nation’s third largest fashion week after New York and Los Angeles."
  14. It is still hard for me to believe :-( . I especially loved watching his show when it came on a few years ago.
  15. Yes.... Almost as if they had to borrow "nice things to say" from other publications. Exactly! I am REALLY glad that the PD did this though. It would be nice if it was somewhere on the front page...
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