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  1. build it in the flats. make the lawyers walk up and down into town. sweaty lawyers! cle will have the fittest lawyers in the world lol.
  2. yes I took the train out there from union station, but unfortunately i lost those photos. in fact i was so mad about it, it keep me from organizing these pics. anyway the ride is unmemorable, except you can see a lot of very large developments going up here and there. los angeles is really going in for big, dense apartment buildings these days -- it was impressive.
  3. ^ come on now. thats just what they know of. low ball numbers. i wonder if trump is in the black yet?
  4. my bro txt me this breaking news from the ghoulardi fest lol: https://fox8.com/2019/10/10/big-chuck-lil-john-hoolihan-reunite-for-the-first-time-in-40-years-for-new-series-space-ship-one/
  5. noper -- iris played with that band for a bit after funky music was already a hit -- wiki sez he was on their last album. one of the guys who co-wrote it went to lorain high for awhile though.
  6. haha well, columbus had a city center mall .... then they did the right thing. it was never as nice as the open santa monica place of course, but that's just ohio weather for ya. santa monica also has the sharp pedestrian street too with lots of people, but generic shoppes. i like the short north better. yarr, but so does everywhere if you don't order correctly -- it was pretty nice views, which was the point of course -- and i even had a celebrity sighting there, not bad for day one. unfortunately, i lost most of my good santa monica/venice photos due to photobucket disasters, uuuggh.
  7. somebody just let the cat out of the bag on 270 park aka the new chase bank tower. ny yimby i think: https://newyorkyimby.com/2019/10/first-look-at-jpmorgan-chases-future-supertall-headquarters-at-270-park-avenue-in-midtown-east.html height will be 1425' here is the strange site of the handsome old mad men era modernist building coming down.
  8. haha you guys missed by far donnie iris’ best song. the rapper. and yeah i would agree donnie boy’s hits were more well known and hold up better today.
  9. hmm this does not portend well. #9 of ten things masslive learned from the cavs-celts game: 9. The Cavaliers are just awful They finished the game with 27 turnovers and 26 made baskets. That’s not easy to pull off. Cleveland was never supposed to be good, but they could be the worst team in the league. They’ve got some young talent that will be interesting to watch develop. Kevin Porter, Jr., Darius Garland, Marques Bolden, and Collin Sexton could be the future of that franchise, but if one or two of those guys don’t pan out, then it could be a long rebuild in Cleveland. The Kevin Love trade watch will be interesting this year.
  10. ^ thats an impressive old theater right across from the journal sq path station. last time i saw a show there parts of it were cordoned off because the ceiling plaster was falling! i think they fixed it up a bit tho lol.
  11. ^ now thats a shame even though it seems they will reopen somewhere. losing places like this also means people will forget how downtown cle was once known for its corned beef sandwich scene back in the days. maybe they wont move far though.
  12. wow the real story here is that the city actually po’d sw over jacobs/weston site because ... they wanted the new justice center there? there of all places?? on the prime public sq jacobs/weston properties??? oh good lord that is giving me a flashback of mike white pissing off progressive because their tower/site didn’t please him ... and look what happened. i can’t believe city hall would aggravate sw with this big decision going on for literally the dumbest reason on earth. yikes.
  13. ^ noooo doubt about it. i had never been there before, it was nice and a good place to spend day one. mts — after eames i had lunch outside on the balcony at this place: https://www.elephantela.com/
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