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  1. ^ funny how out of date that midtown manhattan panorama became over just the past 3yrs -- i saw these sao paulo pics on the similar reddit thread -- i dk if you can zoom in here? but pretty cool:
  2. ^ dewey is an outright cleveland legend -- all the best to him, he earned a nice retirement. i'm glad he will keep the chagrin shoppe open though its quite a fixture there.
  3. yarrr interesting real estate news https://nypost.com/2019/06/11/farmhouse-thats-a-century-older-than-america-is-for-sale-in-ohio/
  4. its guaranteed gonna be a great day — honolulu right now 6am
  5. check out beckham’s new custom roze! https://es.pn/2KdJpYu
  6. how can someone click on a thread they are over with? ha.
  7. more about it: https://finance.yahoo.com/news/billionaire-dan-gilbert-awake-responsive-022402063.html
  8. very nice -- those girls are sooo el lay ha. i was actually hanging out there around the same time you were there. i could not get to griffith observatory, the road was closed off, so i bailed on that. we dont have much overlap in pics, i kind of did a modernist homes tour, but i am having troubles with photobucket, so i will post mine some other time. they aren't anywhere near this good anyway.
  9. ^ that landslides exist doesn't make it a unique issue though. certainly anything like that immediately brings to mind cinci's twin city .. and sure enough: https://www.wesa.fm/post/pittsburgh-says-its-more-prepared-if-2019-brings-more-landslides also, this brings to mind that cleveland has plenty of issues with the valley slopes and along the waterfront that impede development. so not building along those otherwise very desirable plots due to difficult terrain concerns is a drag too.
  10. now that looks to be some very nice quality glassiness. great to see it.
  11. ^ you have to wonder how that is even allowed? i mean, who approves that? ha. the midtown biggies are getting close to topping out
  12. any recent word on a start date? i had read perhaps early august in i think the scene a couple months ago.
  13. they had platform lawlessness porter on draft at the harlem tavern of all places, so i tried that yesterday. probably not the best thing to have on a hot, sunny day after i had walked a long way lol, but it was a mighty fine porter.
  14. true enough, but sometimes mixed use makes for some strange bedfellows. also, of course the whole of the riverfront back there isn't mandated for a casino, much less only a casino. there is plenty of room for the casino, plus residential, offices and etc.. granted it would take a lot more thought and efforts than building on empty lots, but i always lean toward building up the waterfronts. otoh, if a new sw hq is to be a signature supertall on the jacobs lot, that would be beyond the beyond great too. it would most certainly kickstart more warehouse district redevelopments.
  15. this is a fine, but i think some type of compulsory voting is even better to try than this idea. such a small minority of the electorate even bother to vote. it doesn't even have to be compulsory, it could just be incentive based, like a tax break or a day off work for election days if you can prove you voted or something like that. but anything that works to light a fire in cynical people and bump up the voter numbers is fine by me.
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