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  1. i caught cleveland's own pere ubu aka crocus behemoth aka david thomas:
  2. mrnyc

    up in michigan

    ^ what don't you understand?
  3. mrnyc

    up in michigan

    totally agree. even inbetween the towns, another thing that reinforced that otherness up in the mitt were all the creepy highway billboards. about 10-20% were typical billboards for businesses. literally all the rest were jarring anti-choice abortion images or for militia meet-ups.
  4. an awesome shot of the fast changing manhattan skyline as seen from the bronx
  5. mrnyc

    up in michigan

    up in michigan *** late august in the mitt -- dunes, lakes, vacationland, hemingway country, etc.-- enjoy! *** ann arbor (pop. 121,477) frankenmuth (pop. 5,131) lake leelanau narrows (pop. 253) traverse city (pop. 15,479) peterson park leland (township pop. 2,033) petoskey (pop. 5,749) horton bay (pop. 512) charlevoix (pop. 2,514) glen haven (the last resident, carolyn bumgardner, was evicted through eminent domain in nov 2007 after a long battle to keep her property) empire bluff trail (empire pop. 325) sleeping bear dunes (1,280,932 visitors in 2010) suttons bay (pop. 620) lighthouse point / grand traverse lighthouse northport (pop. 525) *** i hope you enjoyed a late summer look around up in the mitt of michigan ***
  6. super job -- i like the angles
  7. major amtrak food services layoffs: https://www.amny.com/transit/amtrak-layoffs-1.21733947
  8. ^ my spouse says they have some sort of amazing sound baffling system so that the rooftop concert sounds dont travel into the seaport or over into brooklyn. *** now here is a cool shot from a construction worker's insta -- the topping off at long last of 53W53rd aka the moma tower verre: 53W53 reaches new heights. Last month, we placed the final piece of steel on the building, completing 53W53's topping out. here is another view:
  9. nice. who doesnt love tostadas? they are a big thing in mexico city.
  10. florida brightline has funding locked in and construction bids finalized for its route to orlando: https://www.thenextmiami.com/done-deal-brightline-finalizes-construction-bids-for-miami-to-orlando-route-financing-in-place/ i believe some of florida's fed money for this originally came from the 3C ohio rail plan money that kasich gave back.
  11. mrnyc

    Cleveland Browns Discussion

    thank goodness its just a sprain for higgins —
  12. mrnyc

    Amazon Go / Cashierless Stores

    ^ yep and thars $$$ to be made in them thar clouds too. thats one thing my spouse’s company does, they are sort of the backbone of the internet. they co-own these gigantic server farms with that other much more well known company whose name is bigger than the number of subatomic particles in the universe, but still smaller than the total number of possible different games of chess. they also do ad-serving, email and other stuff too. all so your business does not have to bother with it.
  13. mrnyc

    Nashville Gentrification Madness 1

    in other words, these days its another charlotte? austin? flushing/sheepshead for ny?
  14. mrnyc

    The Official *I Love Cleveland* Thread

    i saw this in nymag: Podcasts 19. Listen to Serial Season 3 “One courthouse, week by week.” For its third season, the hit investigative podcast is switching things up. Instead of focusing on a single case, host Sarah Koenig, joined by reporter Emmanuel Dzotsi, dives into the infinitely complicated topic of the American criminal-justice system by delivering weekly stories from Cleveland. WBEZ, September 20.
  15. mrnyc

    Amazon Go / Cashierless Stores

    hmm, wow i have heard of this, but to see it is pretty rad. i'll have to try it out sometime when we go out there. and good taste buying stumptown beans, lol, they are easily consistently the best of any i ever buy. hair bender is thee one for sure, but all their beans are always roasted to my taste. too many local roasters disappoint me.