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  1. watch 16 y.o. alex chilton and the box tops mime their hit song for the zillionth time on the upbeat show in cleveland 1967. the results are pretty funny. you'll also see why children by million loved alex when he came around. anywaaaaay. bonus -- box tops and left banke band members post in the comment section.
  2. check out this interesting and surprisingly timeless looking 1971 barcelona pop nugget.
  3. danzig's popularity is a conspiracy -- samhain was the best glenn danzig band.
  4. that beats 4/5 ny boros -- not bad!
  5. i wonder how far back the definition of center city goes and if the boundaries have ever changed? to me it fits fine, its only 2sq miles, but it certainly seems generous given there are distinct neighborhoods in it. then again, probably everywhere is like that. for example, lower manhattan has wtc, tribeca, seaport, etc., too.
  6. it certainly is an interesting idea. two levels of retail/office/apt entrances, can you imagine? it would cover the street sidewalks below, which would be good in bad weather, yet be open up to the sun on the upper level. the multiple level roadways and road tunnel are a bit much though.
  7. before the world series of rock there was --- opera july 1931 public bath house era euclid avenue wilber henry adams 1930 e105th and euclid mather mansion / euclid millionaires row w25st 1913 blizzard kaynee buildings boys life jan 1914
  8. heres another recent take -- stick/balloon frames: Why America’s New Apartment Buildings All Look the Same Cheap stick framing has led to a proliferation of blocky, forgettable mid-rises—and more than a few construction fires. By Justin Fox These buildings are in almost every U.S. city. They range from three to seven stories tall and can stretch for blocks. more: https://www.bloomberg.com/news/features/2019-02-13/why-america-s-new-apartment-buildings-all-look-the-same
  9. yep, metallica came east, lived in the infamous music building warehouse in jamaica, queens, had adventures and recorded kill'em all up in rochester. The Music Building, formerly at Union Hall Street and Archer Avenue, Jamaica, Queens: “Bands weren’t allowed to live in [the rehearsal spaces at] the Music Building, but Metallica were put up there anyway. Interesting stories went down there, including the dismissal of Dave Mustaine from Metallica. Dave would get s – – tfaced, and he was a mean, obnoxious drunk. Scott Ian of Anthrax said he would take full garbage cans and dump them in front of the practice spaces of bands he didn’t like. That caused a lot of friction.”
  10. well this seals the deal. nashville is the new seattle/portland/austin. i saw it in the sketchbook library in williamsburg on saturday.
  11. or maybe that gets split back up? something will go there no doubt. seems like a risky site for something like a supertall though. we'll see.
  12. actually caffe bene is in nj and boston too. I am not surprised its korean, their western oriented chains are very oddly mediocre. for example, paris baguette is another chain, it evokes a french bakery, but the food has absolutely no flavor at all due to cheap ingredients. all style over substance. you aren't missing anything with these places.
  13. south street seaport doings downtown -- from yesterday morning one seaport residences 670' pier 17 -- this has the new espn broadcast station inside feb 16 pier 15 seaport r.i.p. 80 south street an apt tower here was supposed to be 1436', but the chinese investors tanked, so i think its a dead duck
  14. crown heights is losing melanin faster that trump is losing pesos to pay for his wall. just look at that render foreground, becky is pointing out her new apt and deshawn is getting out of there as fast as he can.
  15. amazing. detroit is on fire. and it aint even halloween. err, i mean devils night.
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