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  1. at least historically, it always seemed like suburban politics control the state more than rural or urban. that's how, for example, les wexner got I-270 bumped to the top of the list to be widened for his easton lifestyle mall when it wasn't even on the radar to be done. suburban mindset drives ohio state politics and overall suburbs get all the gains with roadbuilding and the like. they certainly do not care about things like downtown rehabbing when all new is preferred. i doubt the capitalista politicians as a whole care about the price of soybeans and tomatos or whatever other rural issues so much either. maybe its changing or changed, but i doubt it, that is just the way it is, or where the muscle is anyway.
  2. wow the facade looks great. i dk pura vida, but two thumbs up for taco bell cantinas!
  3. while we are all anxiously awaiting the crowns to be finished to resolve and complete the new supertall midtown towers, central park nordstrom tower, 111w57st and one vandy, here is something interesting about 111w57st. the ceramic is shaped to make an exotic lighting effect when it gets lit up at night. below are some pics someone on ssp found on the developer website. some views!
  4. the majority of the cityscapes of mil and buf are further away from the waterfront than cle, thus radial measurements hurt more. you could throw a rock into lake erie from standing around much of cle, it runs along the waterfront more. more similar to the cle waterfront would be places like seattle and miami. mil is much more intact though by any measure. also bigger area-wise and more people these days than cle. and more importantly slight growth, not slight shrinkage.
  5. i was -- lo ves papi chulo -- doan let me cash you cherry pickin posts!
  6. not so fast, you would have to cut cleveland's waterfront area in half to match those waterfronts. that is, they have waterfronts, but they are not built along the waterfront as cle mostly is. anyway, that's why a radial measure always kills the clev.
  7. definitely, but it isn't just this mayor, its been that way for a long time. just a guess, but it always seemed to be more than poor management - there seems to be some active, old school pushback against change ...
  8. yep, not so good --- foreign born x select places: st. louis 4.1% cinci 4.6 % cle 5.2% pitts 5.8% cuyahoga co. 7.1% greater indy 8.8% milwaukee 9.8% cols 11% charlotte 15% denver 16%
  9. your friend google: https://fox8.com/2019/01/25/radio-host-geraldo-rivera-buying-drinks-for-furloughed-workers-at-cleveland-bar/ edit: dubz!
  10. ^ for sure cle could use a few gay, former crackhead hooker bazillionaire tv personalities. geraldo is kind of a poor man's version vs king-maker oprah, but he's a pretty good get.
  11. that's the contrast with santa monica. the majority of the scooters are kept lined on one street in front of the train station. being technically a suburb, they probably can clamp down on it better. still not great though, from what you are saying. i dk what i actually think of them. i liked using them, they are fun and easy, but i like walking, so meh. i guess ideally it would be nice if they were more strictly kept in scooter corrals. seems like herding cats though.
  12. meh, cle doesn't need good persons, poor persons, wealthy persons, etc.. it just needs persons. and it looks likes its getting them at last and people have been staying. that is, if around 1700 loss is really true. remember 30k losses per year used to happen. so by any measure the bottom has been reached and the reversal is in effect. that is very good news.
  13. i didn't see it that bad elsewhere, but no doubt even that's all downright neat and tidy as compared to slobby, slacker venice.
  14. that is a very funky looking almost modern goth rehab. i like. i bet the crow would approve as well.
  15. ^ haha wow that is funny - cheesecake factory is unstoppable! i dont think those closures are really anything to do with cle. at least broadly speaking, maggianos/chilis/brinker and flemings/outback/bloomin are struggling franchise operations. they are outdated and too expensive for what the are. and of course stagnant old causal is losing out to fresher fast casual dining. mccormick and schmicks/landrys also seems to be closing up a lot over the last few years, and that kind of bums me out. we lost the one in midtown manhattan, which i liked, particularly for their rather famous and well regarded happy hour specials. i'm a landrys card holder and user, i got nothing against chains lol. btw the landrys card is a great deal, it costs $25, which you get back as soon as you use it, then you get specials notices and $25 every year to use on your birthday, so i'm long in the black with it.
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