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  1. its strange, but ohio hs athletes only hold one national track record for boys — for outdoor 110m hurdles by chris nelloms of dayton dunbar from 1990 — plus the 3 other very current indoor race walking records for girls by taylor ewert of beavercreek. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_United_States_high_school_national_records_in_track_and_field
  2. ^ so has anybody seen this car around town? i mean you would know — it would be hard to miss.
  3. hey skipper — talk to the hand
  4. mrnyc

    The YouTube Thread

    hey its still the dog days of summer — have some old roasted corn w/marcy pj’s finest jaz-o and jay-z 1989 0:36 is the part you want it was nas’ favorite song - ha
  5. ^ ha yeah — there used to be nothing there, but then they added seating, etc. and started worrying about ‘the tehr’ as bush used to say, so they added granite blocks. those looked ok — i dk why they put those eyesore jersey barriers in. maybe to stop all the jaywalkers? i would imagine they will fence it off as a proper square eventually. i hope so. *** bone thugs last night - at the brooklyn bowl in williamsburg - yerp!
  6. the sun set on the sunshine theater: https://ny.curbed.com/platform/amp/2019/8/7/20758727/sunshine-cinema-demolished-lower-east-side-east-houston
  7. cle hopkins airport yesterday via my mom heading back to fla - ha!
  8. belmont park arena approved: https://nypost.com/2019/08/09/1-3-billion-belmont-park-arena-proposal-gets-green-light/
  9. i stumbled over and around a dozen homeless this morning on the way to work from my apt into the subway station directly below. then got harranged by a homeless guy on the train. its out of control. seems like it's a terrible problem everywhere.
  10. mrnyc

    Whatcha reading?

    is anyone reading i hear you paint houses by charles brandt ---- in advance of scorsese's the irishman coming on netflix? if so, is it any good? i am finally reading snow crash by neal stephenson. it's dated cyberpunk, but still interesting. starts off with a bang, but now i'm in the middle and its kind of plodding along.
  11. mrnyc

    Off Topic

    o geez that is terrible -- my spouse just got back home from a dayton family visit. she went to feathers that day. its her favorite thrift store. needless to say i am still rattled.
  12. @Keelung to Cuyahoga welcome --- nice shot there -- i know some don't like the tower is a mishmash with the parking deck, but that is actually one thing i like about it and that angle is a reason why.
  13. @Neal435CLE welcome and thanks for the recent pics -- its cool to see from that angle.
  14. i did not know the columbus doo dah parade was back in business. it went away for awhile at one point. anyway good to hear that as parade was always great fun.
  15. without dwelling on it too much, i think at last a liitle bit of notice to cities that are passing cleveland's peak population is on topic and interesting. austin being noted --- as of 2019 these other cities are on deck to pass it next: 11AustinTexas1,001,104790,3901.80%1,205/km²30.30/-97.75831 12JacksonvilleFlorida920,984821,7841.48%476/km²30.34/-81.661,936 13Fort WorthTexas913,939741,2062.23%1,023/km²32.78/-97.35893 14San FranciscoCalifornia897,536805,2351.00%7,388/km²37.73/-123.03121 15ColumbusOhio890,228787,0331.14%1,572/km²39.98/-82.98566 16CharlotteNorth Carolina889,019731,4241.79%1,121/km²35.21/-80.83793 17IndianapolisIndiana863,771820,4450.33%923/km²39.78/-86.15936 of course all of them except sf are much larger area-wise, so its a cheat, but still, it is what it is. i wonder if there is a projection for a date when columbus population will pass peak cleveland or get to 1M?
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