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  1. nice article about the former yugoslav concrete utopia moma exhibit that loops in randall park mall and the holiday inn: https://www.cleveland.com/expo/life-and-culture/erry-2018/12/9ef69fc4692428/concrete-utopia-architecture-o.html
  2. mrnyc

    Cleveland Browns Discussion

    ridiculous, but nice: The Browns will be rooting for New England, Dallas and the Giants on Sunday. Even with Saturday's nail-biter of a 17-16 win over Denver, the Browns will be eliminated from playoff consideration if the Steelers, Colts and Titans all win. Pittsburgh plays New England, the Colts have Dallas and Tennessee plays the Giants. The Browns remain alive if Pittsburgh, Indianapolis or Tennessee lose. (Playoff possibility/scenario courtesy of ESPN Stats and Information) Pat McManamon, ESPN Staff Writer 12h ago
  3. mrnyc

    Cleveland Browns Discussion

    it never hurts to hear from top shelf winners — kobe bryant stops by the browns hotel in denver to give them a mambamentality pep talk: https://es.pn/2PEO1FM
  4. mrnyc

    Favorite Streets in Ohio

    oh and i almost forgot but there is a stretch of route 83 around lodi that has a series of perfect hills where you can take air and be perfectly weightless better than the best roller coasters.
  5. mrnyc

    Favorite Streets in Ohio

    ^ janet jackson used to show her ta taas on the regular. i saw her pop her top and show all up on a huge screen way back on her rhythm nation tour down in miami. she did it the whole tour. the mild super bowl schtick w/timberlake was totally her idea not his and for the jj casuals. *** yes ohio has a great variety of nice streetscapes — there are too many urban scape streets to chose. really almost every city has some. so i am going to pick bigger stretches i liked. route 105 between woodville and bg. route 2 between toledo and sandusky. stafford road in peninsula deep in cuyahoga valley — or really anywhere around there. especially in the snowy winter. just magical. and for a more popular choice route 315 olentangy river road from delaware into osu columbus is much nicer than I-71 into columbus.
  6. mrnyc

    Cleveland Indians Discussion

    tribe fire sale continues — encarnacion aside, i would say we freakin gave away yandy diaz: http://www.espn.com/mlb/story/_/id/25526179/seattle-mariners-get-edwin-encarnacion-carlos-santana-cleveland-indians-3-team-trade?platform=amp
  7. mrnyc

    Cleveland Browns Discussion

    wentz is 6’5” so you knew that was coming. mayfield is allegedly 6’1” but in reality less so probably no back worries for him at least. we can only hope with our luck you never know.
  8. mrnyc

    Cleveland Cavs Discussion

    yeah some are better but i like these
  9. speeding up the trains. mta is tweeking signal timers put in place after a 1995 crash caused by speeding. the hope is to safely speed things up where there are bottlenecks. http://secondavenuesagas.com/2018/12/11/with-signal-timers-in-sight-byford-set-to-speed-up-trains-hopefully/
  10. second av subway phase two is underway. a refresh environmental review fonsi went ok as expected. heavy construction is supposed to start by the end of 2019. opening is 2027...or 2029. all for 3 more stations at around $2B each. oh and except for the uppermost curve west around 125st, the tunnels are already long dug. sheesh. http://secondavenuesagas.com/2018/11/27/inside-the-sas-phase-2-fonsi-twenty-years-for-six-subway-stops/
  11. mrnyc

    Cleveland Cavs Discussion

    now that overpaid bum thompson is going on vacation for a month with an alleged foot injury. love not back until mid january at the earliest.
  12. mrnyc

    NFL: General News & Discussion

    a well researched article about officiating this year — by the numbers: https://es.pn/2UD1D8a
  13. here is another article that was in the paper today about the recycled acela leather seats. there is a short video from the indy recycling company p.u.p. that shows how they do it: https://nypost.com/2018/12/04/amtrak-makes-a-435-luxury-bag-out-of-old-leather-train-seats/
  14. mrnyc

    IKEA - Cleveland

    well hmm: https://www.nydailynews.com/news/ny-news-ikea-slash-7500-jobs-20181121-story.html
  15. amazon is taking one million sq ft of the citigroup tower in court square for 5k of the 25k employees and building a waterfront campus for the rest by the east river: https://www.6sqft.com/see-the-waterfront-site-in-long-island-city-where-amazon-will-bring-its-new-mixed-use-campus/