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  1. i noticed this future entrance in the grand central food court recently
  2. almost forgot to report, but i went to the millrose games last saturday — like i do every year. the only ohio news this year was chad zallow from warren hs and now ysu -/ he took 3rd in 60m hurtles. also, the legendary edwin moses from dayton made an appearance to big applause. for tracky fan fun - heres a couple instas.
  3. mrnyc

    Off Topic

    some german guy tried to name all fiddy states on the twitter to great interwebs hilarity. one state we all know pretty well really haunts him!
  4. ^ nice. thats a built-in way to bring the theater back to life and support it.
  5. yeah fail on the new moniker, but who cares, it will be a major hit. demo is supposed to start next month, so I hope people keep an eye out for any action on the site. sound like they cleared out all the businesses, so maybe fencing it all off is next? let us know what you see!
  6. its scandalous or at least odd how the media buries warren and she gets little press even after most major newspapers endorse her. i know the right wing media is making a major push to dismiss her, but odd the left ignores her as well.
  7. might be the first time a render actually closely resembled the final product. or maybe they all did back then.
  8. hyderabad, india just opened a new 11k metro line. Hyderabad Metro opens Green Line Feb 10, 2020 Written by Kevin Smith HYDERABAD Metro successfully inaugurated the 11km Green Line of the automated metro on February 7, taking the total length of the network to 69km, the second longest in India behind Delhi. more: https://www.railjournal.com/passenger/metros/hyderabad-metro-opens-green-line/
  9. sao paulo restarts work on metro line 6. Work to resume on São Paulo metro Line 6-Orange Feb 11, 2020 Written by Renata Passos THE government of the state of São Paulo announced on February 7 that construction will resume on metro Line 6-Orange this year after deciding to proceed with an offer from Acciona, Spain, to continue the project. Work on the 15km line started in April 2015, but was halted in August 2016 when some of the original contractors which made up the Move Consortium, including Odebrecht, Queiroz Galvão and UTC Engenharia, became embroiled in the Lava Jato (“Car Wash”) anti-corruption operation. The consortium, which was required to fund half of the construction costs and operate the line for 25 years under the terms of the public-private partnership (PPP), also complained of financial difficulties. The consortium’s contract was subsequently cancelled in 2018. In November, Spanish company Acciona came forward with a bid to purchase a 70% stake in the Move Consortium for Reais 1bn plus debt and will now continue the project. The Move Consortium is expected to retain the remaining 30% share. more: https://www.railjournal.com/passenger/metros/work-to-resume-on-sao-paulo-metro-line-6-orange/
  10. cranes are up for 2 manhattan west and its under way. its probably as close as anywhere will get to the original wtc twins. kind of a creepy thought, but unavoidable.
  11. i dont think i posted anything about this, but with cuomo's actions redeveloping in and around penn, and some uncertainty with future plans with that, the decking construction over the western hudson yards is delayed. i'm sure the developer related will keep pushing hard though, because i heard that is the section where they will finally get out of the red on the massive undertaking and actually make money on hudson yards. Second phase of Related’s Hudson Yards development stalled by LIRR POSTED ON FRI, AUGUST 9, 2019 BY DEVIN GANNON While the reason for the delay is not clear, a source told the Post that “Related pushes them every week,” to approve the project’s plans. “LIRR and MTA are working with Related to help them develop a design that satisfies their obligation to preserve life-safety and operational flexibility for the LIRR at Hudson Yards,” a representative with the MTA told the Post. The next phase, which involves the area from 11th to 12th Avenues between West 30th and West 33rd Streets, includes bringing six new buildings that will offer space for apartments, office space, and retail. The project, expected to be completed by 2024, also includes a K-8 school. https://www.6sqft.com/second-phase-of-relateds-hudson-yards-development-stalled-by-lirr/
  12. this clear-cut blockbuster in hudson square near downtown is going to be disney offices: its for disney affiliates, abc7, live with kelly and ryan, etc. designed by som 1.2M sq ft 4-5k employees public retail on ground -- similar to chelsea market this is what used to be there --- which i saw via a still current streetview walk around --- it was city winery, etc. (city winery just moved to pier 57 at w15st)
  13. here are a couple looks i took at the crazy barry diller funded pier 55 construction -- as seen via the high line recently. this view from the jersey side is a jaw dropper:
  14. i dk, but the store does, just like higbees in the terminal tower did. i always liked them. come to think of it i seem to recall macys ny was getting rid of the wood escalators though. not sure where i heard that. here are some pics of one vandy i took this past friday -- after i came back from an upstate work commute it's via gct, 43rd st & 5th av --
  15. this is kind of weird, but the iconic macy's dept store is getting a tower: A 900-foot tower will be built on top of Macy's in Herald Square By Shaye Weaver Posted: Monday February 10 2020, 3:53pm Facing financial hardship like many other box stores, the iconic retailer is closing about 130 locations to cut costs and will be reclaiming New York City as its official headquarters, according to its new three-year plan. To that end, the company aims to add 1.5 million square feet of office space above the current flagship building that spans an entire block. The proposed "sky lobby" at Macy's Herald Square. Photograph: Courtesy fxcollaborative Macy's is also adding more office space at Tishman Speyer's Long Island City project, The JACX, which it will use for its merchandising branch (currently housed at 11 Penn Plaza), the New York Post says. more: https://www.timeout.com/newyork/news/a-900-foot-tower-will-be-built-on-top-of-macys-in-herald-square-021020
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