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  1. From everything I've seen, Liberty Center is a step down from The Greene in Dayton. Cheaper looking faux aesthetics, some ridiculous barn themed crap and a bevy of mediocre mall stores. There isn't one nightlife option similar to Bar Louie or fill in the blank chain bar. Here is the directory: http://www.liberty-center.com/Portals/0/pdf/lc_directory_oct_19_2015.pdf
  2. Valid point, I was being lazy with my comment.
  3. You'd think this development could lure Bloomingdales here since their corporate operation is based in Cincinnati. We'd have the only Bloomingdales in the Midwest outside of Chicago.
  4. We need to vote these nuts out of office!
  5. Liberty Twp. rings up another I-75 developer "We've already had over 30 calls from companies," said Brian Copfer, senior vice president for Miller-Valentine, which recently announced its purchase contract for 88 acres across Interstate 75 from the $350 million Liberty Center project. http://www.cincinnati.com/story/money/2015/04/09/liberty-twp-rings-another-developer/25538589/
  6. The footprint of the casino is sickening!
  7. Is the parking garage that faces I-71 finished? If so, shame on Norwood for approving that eyesore.
  8. I assumed the exterior was going to be yellow. I personally liked the pop of color since most of the skyline from this side is very drab.
  9. Those faux balconies are strange. For just a little more investment, they could build real balconies that would attract a broader range of residents.
  10. There are entire towns in the Middle East created from scratch, with 1,000 ft towers that are built quicker than this project. ;)
  11. You mean their local formula? Cincinnati, as a grocery market, is just a blip for them. They have urban stores elsewhere. Building a CBD store would hardly be "changing their formula" in any meaningful sense. You missed the point. I was commenting on them consolidating their office space in Blue Ash into a signature building Downtown.
  12. Watch these two get excited about Noodles & Company & Chuy's. http://wdtn.com/2015/01/21/whats-to-come-at-austin-landing/
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