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  1. Friday night happy hour on Bourbon Street
  2. Looking for silver linings, (rather than opportunism) I wonder if the economic packages the federal government is considering, especially for airlines, might include some money for airport construction projects, like Hopkins.
  3. Its upsetting how the city just ghosted a developer who really put some skin into the game. Not returning phone calls is crappy
  4. Hey group - couldn't find a "Cleveland housing" thread, but I had a question. Last time I was home over Christmas, people were telling me the West side housing market was on fire. I was told everyone was bidding more than asking price in order to get a house for sure in Lakewood, and it was beginning in West Park, and other West side neighborhoods. Do I have this right?
  5. New Orleans converted a failed riverfront mall to an outlet center, and its very successful
  6. Thanks @KJP For sharing all your hard work with us on this project over the last few months.
  7. Probably wildly speculating here, but if R&D go to Tower City, I bet HQ goes to Tower City
  8. From reports Kitchen did seem genuinely surprised that he was being let go, He felt the organization was behind him, maybe he was talking to Dorsey who Felt he could sell the Haslam’s on one more season with Kitchens. Maybe? Im speculating
  9. Can we add trading away draft pics to move up to get Calloway as another blunder? He had great hits, awful misses (some were safe bets, some were just gambles) but most were mediocre.
  10. I am more interested in the power struggle between Dorsey and DePodesta. "Football instincts" vs "Moneyball". An ideal situation is a combination of both gut feel from experience and analytics, but the Haslams have not shown any ability to create a decent situation, much less of an ideal one.
  11. I finally used one of my season tickets for myself today. Had a great time in the first half, until the last minute and a half. Im now bald because I ripped all of my hair out
  12. Dorsey was also responsible for hiring a head coach. He chose someone with half a year experience as an offensive coordinator, and let him be head coach and offensive coordinator. Our top 5 talent team will end the season with a losing record.
  13. Could it be a similar situation like when someone buys a house? You do an inspection, and if you find anything wrong, you tell the current owners to fix it before you buy it SW has such a huge headache on its hands from an acquisition they made years ago, because that company they bought made lead paint, now SW is responsible for for all of the liability stemming from that. Now, is going to purchase the land, I could see them wanting property that is free and clear of any potential problems, like contaminated groundwater, that the corporation may be held liable for, even if it was due to the previous owners. But, this is just my speculation.
  14. Dorsey picked Kitchens because he did not want to be challenged by a strong head coach. https://www.kansascity.com/sports/nfl/kansas-city-chiefs/article158155634.html
  15. what does "negative rent growth" meaning rents are less expensive year over year (function of supply / demand?)
  16. The Browns, especially under Haslam, keeps finding ways to embarrass Cleveland
  17. Development would be obviously new, is Daryl hearing that major renovations to the stadium would be part of it as well?
  18. ^I may be remembering the name / function of the Cuyahoga and WIlliamsom wrong.
  19. Anyone know if there was there ever anything remarkable on the Jacobs lot? I forget what was there before it was torn down for Ameritrust, but I don't remember it being anything special, as opposed to the county administration building that was imploded for the Standard Oil (Sohio?) building.
  20. If you think about how they want both office functions and labs on the same property it may make it clearer why a collection of buildings makes more sense than one large vertical structure.
  21. Any bites at the RFP? Could a co-working space work well there?
  22. Do we have a Defensive Coordinator?
  23. If they were selling the property, they would want it to appraise for as much as possible. Consider it like painting your house when you want to sell...
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