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  1. I would be OK with a low rise live / work campus on Scranton Peninsula - akin to Nationwide in Columbus (But this is the Jacob's lot thread not the SW HQ thread.....sorry)
  2. Is there a separate Rock Hall inductees thread?
  3. ^Who owns the parking, is that the casino or the tower?
  4. "Athelon is the old Cleveland Athletic Club" WOW that is horrible! W-O-W! OK - sorry to go off track. Hopefully developers who lurk here will get the message that historical names have value.
  5. Are there any plans for terminal D?
  6. Do I have this right? Tremont place lofts could have been "Gospel Press" The 9 could have been Cleveland Trust building, or Breuer tower, ....(or a hundred better things) What is/was Athelon....I think I missed that one
  7. Meh. I was never a big fan of "The Q" and the Rocket isn't worse
  8. I will say for the landfill, the current stadium is built on the same landfill that makes up Burke.
  9. Not sure this is the best thread for this idea / possible discussion but here goes. If I were the Haslams, and I wanted a new Browns stadium, I would try to package it as part of a larger, regional, infrastructure plan. Namely, I would try to get a 7 county tax base (similar to Pittsburgh) to fund a new stadium, and a new international airport out in a county other than Cuyahoga. Hopkins could still be open for low cost carriers and be the backup airport to this new airport. This would allow Burke to be allowed to closed. A new Stadium could be built on Burke property, opening up the current stadium location for development. Throw in some sweeteners for the counties not getting anything. Maybe use that money to move the port and have even more riverfront and lakefront development land. I just wanted to pitch this idea and get some feedback, especially from people who know the airline industry.
  10. Until I see world class signage, I won't believe it
  11. I see a lot of trees, there were more trees in Cleveland in the 40s, than there are today
  12. We have a media thread if you want to discuss specific outlets and/or reporters. Anything about NuCLEus from the article is germane to be discussed in this thread, everything else is should go into the media conversation.
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