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  1. So, after reviewing the tape - Sherman said he was wrong and said he will apologize to Mayfield. http://www.nfl.com/news/story/0ap3000001063930/article/richard-sherman-to-apologize-to-qb-baker-mayfield
  2. http://www.nfl.com/news/story/0ap3000001063629/article/niners-motivated-by-baker-mayfields-pregame-snub
  3. Baker continues to be a class act
  4. Those towers make we wonder if Sherwin would like to have a campus on the TC side of the river
  5. I am in favor of this second pedestrian bridge, with the one stipulation that Rock Gaming first build a time machine, go back and decide NOT to demolish the Columbia Building and Stanley Bock for the dont-call-it-a-garage Welcome Center
  6. I fully expect Phase II to start construction as soon as Nucleus, Pesht, The Progressive Tower and the Ameritrust tower wrap up their builds
  7. I think we can all agree that it makes financial sense for Sherwin to stay in Cleveland. If another city tries to offer incentives to move it would have to overcome the financial hit. Also, my guess is there is a big chunk of stock holders who have ties to Cleveland, so there is an emotional component to the decision as well. So, is it impossible? No, but its unlikely Sherwin is going anywhere unless someone gives an astronomical amount of money.
  8. Land bridge, or a pedestrian bridge like the one that was shelved?
  9. He does, I haven't asked him since he told me he was not allowed to talk about it (when they tabled it a few years back) My guess, the company stays in Cleveland, downtown. What i found interesting in the announcement was the phrase "research campus" In my SIMS Cleveland, I would make the R&D buildings part of a mixed use neighborhood on Scranton Peninsula, but I could also see SW gobbling up all of the parking lots that were part of the proposed Amazon footprint with some low rise buildings and a skyscraper.
  10. Not sure if anyone wants to spitball an opinion on this, but is the soil along the river, where the original HQ and current research center is located, suitable to build a skyscraper?
  11. As an alternative to closing it down, I would be interested in learning if could be “shifted” north east. Hundred of acres of infill have been added since Burke opened. If its feasible to “shift” the runways, then not only could land adjacent to North Coast Harbor be developed (private or park) but land west could build taller buildings. I dont expect this to happen, but it might be worth running the numbers
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