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  1. Until I see world class signage, I won't believe it
  2. I see a lot of trees, there were more trees in Cleveland in the 40s, than there are today
  3. We have a media thread if you want to discuss specific outlets and/or reporters. Anything about NuCLEus from the article is germane to be discussed in this thread, everything else is should go into the media conversation.
  4. ^I agree Burke isn't going anywhere, but is there any non expensive way to shift the runways a little east with all of the new land there? Then the hight restrictions around North Coast Harbor can be relaxed?
  5. Sorry to be speculative or vauge, but the "blockland" idea said there was an eduction componant to it. Has anyone seen anything that someone like CCC, or Cleveland State might be looking for additional space?
  6. Anyone notice this nugget in the Litt piece about the new Pittsburgh terminal? Robert Kennedy, Cleveland’s director of airports, has said the new plan for Cleveland-Hopkins could lead to $1 billion worth of construction starting in 2023. Airport executives also have hinted a new terminal could be in the offing.
  7. Asbestos, for one. My Dad did pipe insulation on the building, he told me it was the last big project he remembers that used lots of asbestos
  8. ^Congrats on the kiddo!
  9. I had so much fun in New Orleans yesterday....makes today's hangover worth it. Watched Superbowl 44 about 8 times yesterday at French Quarter bars. No one was playing the actual superbowl.
  10. This thread serves zero purpose other than to start fights
  11. The strategy office http://realestate.cleveland.com/realestate-news/2018/11/progressive_to_open_downtown_c.html
  12. It’s hard to get excited about this project, knowing how much of the cost will be picked up by the city and the county. Are there any updated projections for the costs, and ticket tax revenue now that playoffs seem unlikely?
  13. I'm lazy and probably a lot of people have the same question - what airport is RDU?
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