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  1. Here's a good breakdown on the approval rating and a comparison to other President's approvals during their relevant crisis: https://www.electoral-vote.com/evp2020/Pres/Maps/Mar27.html#item-2 While some have been higher, some have had mild bumps. IMO these were taken just around the few days he actually acted "Presidential." It will be interesting to see if this trend continues in the wake of his call for an Easter revival of the economy.
  2. This coronavirus is situated perfectly between SARS and the common cold. It seems to prefer both the upper and lower respiratory tracts in a way that other coronaviruses do not. It more transmissible which leads to a faster spread however it takes longer to set in so this disease is fast on infection, slow on immune response and potential recovery. The key difference with the flu is that the flu has a lower transmission rate and we have treatments for it. We have a vaccine, we have TamiFlu. There is still no "TamiRona" that is safe and effective in treating this and vaccines are still over a year away. One potential hope is that there is some limited immunity to reinfection from people who already have recovered from the virus. Immunity could last up to a few years given the fact that the virus has not significantly mutated since it started infecting humans. This means a few things: 1.) Those already recovered can return to work/society. The most obvious benefit is recovered/post-asymptomatic doctors and nurses. This will protect other health care workers who are still vulnerable to the disease. 2.) Plasma transfusion as a treatment option for severely infected patients.
  3. All board meetings outside of City Council were suspended from meeting for 30 days. I expect this will be continued depending on how long this lasts.
  4. I am encouraged by what Ohio has been doing and am similarly optimistic but I expect that we're going to see an uptick due to potentially infected students returning from a beach (or other similar gatherings) spring break and giving it to their families and friends.
  5. I saw some stats today that said roughly 80% of Americans live paycheck to paycheck. Additionally, after the death of two people in Pendleton last month, the issue of drug abuse is one that many restaurateurs were working to address in the Cincinnati area up until the recent pandemic. Not every bartender and server is an addict, actually I bet it is not even close to a majority. Therefore its unproductive to make such general accusations and assumptions. As a matter-of-fact, its hurtful. There are better, more articulate ways, for your to frame your arguments. I would recommend you take some time to critically review your statements before posting them to this forum.
  6. I want to reiterate how important this point is: Right now, proven experts who are working diligently to deliver information and adhere to the ethos of medical professionals, the Hippocratic oath. Politicians, pundits and those close to the medical profession can offer their opinions and insights and while these are worthy topics of debate we must continue this discussion on the side of facts, not speculation and hearsay. I would hope this thread, crucial to delivering information to our readers, will continue to do that. Conspiracy theories will not be tolerated.
  7. JYP

    Career Networking Thread

    City of Springfield, OH is looking for a Planner I. https://springfieldohio.gov/planner-i/
  8. This is unreasonable speculation Jake. Cut it out.
  9. He ran a "Back to basics" style campaign in 2013. People to the right love fiscal responsibility (pension, credit rating), police and fire (Police and fire raises of 2016), basic services ($65 million borrowed for CAP road resurfacing) and opposition to "wasteful boondoggles" (Streetcar, parking plan). Not to mention his well earned "bully" governing style and personality. The only reason he has been slightly more supportive of progressive issues (2-way streets, community solar, bus levy but with roads!) is because he did not have to tack so far right to defeat Yvette in 2017 (thanks Children's Hospital zoning debacle.) Expect those top themes to be what he runs on for Governor in addition to his work in starting the Ohio Innocence Project.
  10. I was there last Tuesday night and while we had a reservation the drinks did take a long time. It's an amazing place and the decor reminds me of an old fav in Montreal (The Emerald). I can see what they are saying regarding the door person. Being on Republic and next to two pocket parks that still hosts a fair number of loitering has probably made them too cautious. It's a shame. Post edit: That being said, what is "the look" anyway? Either way it seems to involve money. I can understand the line (being a basement probably limits capacity) but selective entry and throwing fruit down the stairs? Hopefully this is opening weekend blunders but man, these reviews are hilarious and brutal.
  11. You just missed the fire that happened in that building this morning. https://www.wlwt.com/article/firefighter-injured-after-falling-10-feet-while-fighting-house-fire-in-over-the-rhine/30962027
  12. I loved the frequency of the #17/#18/#19! I thought the #18 was being merged into the #17 which would have made the #17 more frequent, but that never seemed to happen. I was never a fan that the #19 had to take over part of the #39 which was eliminated.
  13. I think there was concern about using the theater with residential also in the building. I am not sure how much sound dampening there is between the theater and the apartments but having concerts in there would have had some sound bleeding through the walls. Some developers even contemplated converting the theater into apartments. With that in mind, the Children's Theater seems to be the right fit.
  14. The downtown building was split into three condo's last year in anticipation for this. Psychologically it hurts when a Fortune 500 leaves, but the reality is that they mostly left years ago.
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