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  1. Anybody who starts sniping and attacking other forumers in this thread will be immediately banned. Please have respectful conversations. I know this is a challenge because this pandemic touches on so many things. That is what PM is for. If you cannot head this warning, take it up with the Admins. Thanks.
  2. So it’s up there with enforcing traffic violations and rogue motorcycles? Go it.
  3. 5 years from now it will be a hip new restaurant called "The Chung Resurrection." It will be decorated with wigs and other memorabilia from the store. Drinks and dishes will be hair-dye themed to honor Sun Wigs. Everyday they will have a different Going out of Business special on the sandwich board.
  4. It is but then again, it's not. Newport has a flood berm that is elevated to withstand a 500-year flood. This part of Ovation is behind that berm so floodplain regulations do not apply since the land is protected by the berm. This is just bad planning.
  5. I take this as a sign that the administrations conversations with the FTA went well.
  6. This is a huge strategy departure for Steiner and their development team. They are looking at the fall of box retail and the precarious position their existing leasing is in and making major course corrections. I don't blame them. Build more residential to help support the town center. I think what hurts them is that Hamilton is doing really well. Why settle for "new urbanism" when you have some really good old urbanism down the road?
  7. Honestly the best analogy to the streetcar battles is the endless fight over the ACA.
  8. That's if 3CDC survives the pandemic! Cue the doom and gloom...
  9. I would not be surprised yet is disappointing. 3 Points had the right neighborhood scale vibe for Pendleton. I would often use their daytime co-working space for work and meetings. Also they had good beer!
  10. Well they can do that if they want. But they will never emerge from fiscal emergency if they do!
  11. Yes, you would need to convince a City Council person to support a text amendment to the zoning code since the FBC is part of the zoning code. It was 2012 and breweries like Rhinegeist (opened in 2013) were just getting started. The neighborhoods were less concerned with breweries than with bars. They wanted a process that allowed the neighborhoods to have input so that was the compromise. We give Neighborhood Councils tons of (unregulated) power in this city and this is a nod to that.
  12. I've written FBC's and I have insight into this one because I was there when the four neighborhoods got together at Centennial Plaza II to calibrate the code and were so concerned about the negative impact of undesirable bars and breweries. The consultants that worked on the code said that putting more limits on uses would be antithesis to an FBC and this was the compromise. The UP means the applicant has to go before the Zoning Hearings Examiner for a conditional approval. It's the exact administrative process hoop FBC's try to avoid. I can go all day about the flaws in the Cincy FBC...
  13. Protesters: Defund the Police! City Administration: We heard you! Fund more Police!
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