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  1. 750 ft tall residential skyscraper being proposed in downtown Nashville, among other projects: https://urbanland.uli.org/development-business/balancing-nashvilles-skyline-with-more-downtown-density/?utm_source=realmagnet&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=HQ Urban Land Magazine 2-18-19
  2. If only there was some sort of pedestrian circulator that could transport these people from free parking north of Liberty Street to their restaurant workplaces...
  3. I don't mind the bicycle options but if the city was serious about on-street bike lanes they would have been presented as options 3 years ago.
  4. Like everything else in OTR, it will get NIMBY'd and unnecessarily delayed for three years once the designs are announced.
  5. You can't get rid of them but if you live in the neighborhood you can join and have voting privileges for the low cost of $3. http://otrcommunitycouncil.org/wp-content/uploads/2016/09/OTRCCMembershipForm2017.pdf
  6. From what I heard it took long because the building was part of a housing portfolio that included properties outside of OTR and it took forever to separate them out.
  7. Click on any one of the buttons in the link below for the data you are looking for. Sort by neighborhood to Northside. The default view is the past 6 months. https://insights.cincinnati-oh.gov/stories/s/Crime-Public-Safety/p6k7-269c/ I believe the map auto-updates daily.
  8. Seems like bad urban design creep. The project went through all the approvals, now they spring the controversial stuff as an afterthought. No thanks.
  9. I think a gutting down to structural supports and renovation is more likely of at least the part of the building that has foundation and supports for an overbuild. The west section of the building could be demolished and completely reconfigured as it was designed to plug into the now destroyed skywalk crossing Race Street. I'm sure 3CDC will solicit developers for the overbuild.
  10. Meanwhile, there is no consideration for advancing the 3rd phase block with mixed-use. That Pennrose/Greiwe proposal apparently has gone nowhere.
  11. According to the DCI site, the owner is looking for a new GC to take over the project.
  12. https://www.wlwt.com/article/still-no-real-construction-date-for-riverfront-music-venue/25837560
  13. Interesting tidbits on some random downtown developments here: https://www.downtowncincinnati.com/doing-business-downtown/developments
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