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  1. It has happened a few times in the past 4 years. I have been involved in a few cases where the recommendation from the conservator was overturned for better or worse.
  2. You do know that these are recommendations from city staff right? The hearing for 528 E 12th is next Monday so nothing has been approved yet. While I don't foresee any problems with this application, discussions and board opinions can change against staff recommendation.
  3. And we haven't even gotten to the white bread vs wheat bread debate... Let's get this thread back on topic folks!
  4. It's a 15,000 square foot site. 100 ft by 150 ft. While a garage there is not infeasible, it would likely not be financeable after reviewing what is coming online in the next year or so in terms of parking (and the streetcar). Looks like the current ownership entity is just a LLC for the previous owner who has owned it since 1983.
  5. I believe part of Fountain Square garage extends under 5th street to the US Bank building.
  6. LQ actually did a good job with this in-depth profile of OTR in 2001. Worth watching at least the first ten minutes or so:
  7. The federal highway system is one of the largest government subsidized programs in U.S. History and the free market peeps don't even bat an eye.
  8. Even Zundo raised the sidewalk in front of thier building to be handicap accessible. It looks odd but it works.
  9. JYP

    Cincinnati City Council

    This is a fishing expedition. The more mud they can fling the better but the whole goal is to smear PG and the other council majority members enough to get their guy elected in 2021. And if they can get a hold of those texts, it's more fodder for them. They can see what the majority was planning regarding Cranley and Black, and maybe then some. Any jokes, insults, name calling, etc, if it's in there and is released, the media will be whipped into a frenzy and the 700 wlw crowd will have plenty fodder to spin about for years to come.
  10. JYP

    The SimCity Thread

    Street alignment was the biggest challenge with developing my map a few years ago. The tile layout for roads does not adequately accommodate real-world road widths. What I would do is divide parts of the city into sections and count off the distance between two major roads and fill in between instead of going block by block. This method really helped with the NKY river cities. And with hillside roads, I really just winged it. It's so hard to get the distances and lengths correct for places like Devou Park or North and South Fairmont.
  11. Finally! They told me they were going to demo that building back in 2012 when the new Tri-health building opened on Dixmyth.
  12. It's the fake it till you make it urban growth strategy!
  13. JYP

    Electric Scooter Sharing

    I think pedestrian annoyance and collision from scooters (and bikes on sidewalks) will encourage more demand for bike lanes. They are so popular and so annoying that eventually, people will demand action beyond "enforcement."