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  1. Side note, and slightly off-topic, but... Does anyone actually go to Harry Buffalo for a steak? :? Just sayin'...
  2. My favorite group of all time is The Smashing Pumpkins. I recently dusted off Siamese Dream and had almost forgotten how beautiful and powerful that album is. I get the chills, tingles and tear up everytime I listen to it. As a teenager through the mid-90s, I was fortunate enough to be exposed to the alternative/grunge scene; Nirvana, SP, and Pearl Jam in the early '90s, then Social D, Bush, and Filter in the mid-90s. Looking back, most of the genre is your typical teen-angst "poor me, I don't fit in" music, but for some reason the Pumpkins really ran deep emotionally for me. At the time of Siamese Dream, Billy Corgan was a really sad guy, and he just opens himself up to the listener, showing feelings of resentment (Cherub Rock), anger (Silverfuck), suicidal thoughts (Today) and most of all, his sadness (Disarm, Soma, Mayonaise). While I was far from suicidal, I was an insecure teen who felt he didn't fit in, and his music got me through some incredibly tough times. Billy's lyrics definitely struck a chord with me, and as cliched as it sounds, I felt like he was singing to me, like he understood exactly how I felt. In my opinion, that album typifies '90s rock, and is definitely one of the best rock albums made. He runs you over with power chords and distortion, but can also serenade you with beautiful melodies and harmonies. Siamese Dream will never get old to me.
  3. I have spent the past week on Jury Duty (and have to go back again tomorrow). I am on a trial, and the courtroom is on the 19th floor. During breaks I am treated to a spectacular view of the Mall and current convention center site. Having looked at this for the past week, I am convinced now more than ever that the CC needs to stay on this site. Putting a convention-sized hotel w/possibly street-level restaurants/retail - would do wonders for this area of downtown, connecting the Civic Center, Public Sqaure, and the Warehouse District. That area is a total dead zone. Walking down St. Clair from the Warehouse District to the Civic Center feels like walking to 2 different cities. There is a beautiful greenspace there that no one uses. You always read about how greenspaces are a dealbreaker anymore for new construction. Why not use what we already have? Putting a CC/hotel there will encourage people to get out and enjoy the Mall; street level restaurants/retail will get people working @ the county offices, City Hall, and the Justice Center out and walking around that area. I would much rather have a site that will "sew together" several city districts rather than a CC that is stashed behind Tower City. Just my humble opinion!
  4. ^Nothing new to report as of this time. It stated in the article that more developments would be forthcoming, probably in the next few months.
  5. Maybe not, but Wolstein did say that there was going to be an "iconic" residential highrise. So if that's the case, I don't see why an office highrise couldn't go there. I certainly realize that if a highrise were to go there, it wouldn't be 40 stories, if that's what you mean.
  6. ^KJP, do you know of any renderings that are out there for the First Union Twin Towers? I read of them on Emporis.com, but never could find any. Two 40-story twin towers on Superior btw. W.3rd and W.6th would certainly have been a sight.
  7. ^Don't get me wrong, that building is fantastic...if it was in Independence. Don't these developers know what urban architecture is? I know that we here are the experts - they should listen to us :-D I know it's just a rendering, and it could change several times between now and the final product, but man, that's right on par with that other god-awful complex (which was thankfully never built), Ontario Pointe. I'm as jazzed as everyone else about the possible construction boom, but let's hope that the Planning Commission aspires for something a little more iconic. Now, if you were to stand the building on its end, then you might be on to something...
  8. You probably already figured this out from a search, but District Park is officially dead and Courthouse Plaza has been silent for a long, long time (and website is now restricted) so is presumed dead. You're right, I did use the search function - I'm new to the site and didn't think to use it - but thanks for the update. The Courthouse Plaza always intrigued me - I liked the original rendering (funky glass box-40+ stories!) but wasn't a big fan of the second model. Between the Progressive Tower, Ameritrust Center, the First Union Twin Towers, the World Trade Center, District Park, the Renaissance Annex, the Sherwin-Williams tower, and the Courthouse Plaza, even if 2 or 3 of those went through, what a difference it would make on the skyline...sigh...
  9. Might be just me, but that building looks a little too suburban-y...kind of reminds me of Wolstein's own DDR HQ in Beachwood...but I guess it's better than what's there (or not there) now.
  10. Going back to the first page... -Whatever happened to that Courthouse Plaza office/condo tower? I know it said that it was pending/maybe, but has it been scrapped, or are they still waiting for financing? I also read that they were looking at possibly putting it in the county parking lot on W. Lakeside. -Ditto for the District Park condos on W.9th/10th...with the unexpected rise in materials cost, has that also been scrapped? Thanks for info...I'm sure it's within the 51 pages in this thread, but I guess I'm too lazy to read 51 pages! :laugh:
  11. I agree with the points calling for more density...I know it was discussed on other threads, but IMO, an "urban" feel builds up to the street. For those of you that have been in downtown Pittsburgh (esp. Grant St. and Fifth Ave.) know that given its size, is very dense. You feel like you're in a city that's bigger than it actually is. I just get tired of all of the calls for "green space" being a top priority - don't we have enough as it is? Malls A,B,C - Willard Park - Perk Park - W.3rd and Lakeside (the name escapes me)- the crap fronting North Point - PUBLIC SQUARE? Weren't there mumblings awhile back about Perk getting a makeover? And isn't a park going in behind the Celebrezze building? Before the greenies jump down my back, I, like Blinker, feel that a "pocket park" can add some aesthetic appeal (i.e. the park next to the Library on Superior.) However, how many do we need? For a city our size, we certainly have several greenspaces that no one uses already...
  12. Just wanted to bump this to the top...has anyone heard anymore about this project? Aren't we supposed to be hearing about the plans of the big 6 firms with leases expiring soon?
  13. I believe he is to have plans ready to submit by Q1 of 2008, and if all goes to plan, construction to start in early '09.
  14. With the Breuer tower now available to be acquired by private developers, how do you think this can/will affect Jacobs's skyscraper plans and Stark's Pesht?
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