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  1. Does anyone have any information on the status of the lawsuit? Plans for the Avenue District? How long can this building stay empty??
  2. I also am a UD grad and currently am still paying off my rent from college. 242 Lowes!
  3. I investigated LaTourettes comments and from what I am being told he was most likely miss quoted. He was probably referencing the past project of building a tower in the East Bank that never happened. Instead money was poured into the current federal building retrofitting floors, and updating security around the building to required standards. Don't get to excited, I think the govt would rather pack people in like sardines and focus on "Green" improvements, than build a new building.
  4. A new building is needed due to the demand of space. Currently the biggest tennant in the building has to lease several floors across the street in North Point Tower to accommodate its staff. Long ago, as I am sure everyone on this forum knows, there were talks of building a tower in the East Bank project.
  5. The VA is spread out, they currently have many floors in the Federal Building on E 9th and Lakeside. It would be nice if they could consolidate.
  6. http://www.clevelandcompetition.com/gallery-09.html
  7. Does anyone have the plan layout for where the field and student housing will be located?
  8. I love this project. Huge Fan. To bad there isn't any Minor League team that could call Cleveland home. All the Indians Minor League teams have new digs, so that is out of the question. Regardless I love this project. Great for Cleveland, and baseball fans.
  9. HaHaHaHaHaHa!!! Is this the only thing our "great" mayor can come up with??? Mental Hospital in Mid Town and a food cart on every corner! What a joke
  10. No big suprise here. There was nothing off topic. Thanks for deleting our relavent postings.
  11. She wasn't the only person to bite their tongue on this one. Not naming names or pointing fingers.
  12. I have two rental properties on Chippewa Lake. Good news for me!
  13. update: Yesterday there was a shovels worth of rubble taken away and there was a heavy machine this morning waiting for a dump truck. PROGRESS! I will take it.
  14. Not sure if retail would work on our side of town. I personally would like to see an 8/12 story condo building with a rec room and indoor/outdoor pool that townhome owners can use! Here is to dreaming.
  15. Oh wow nice response Cimperman!! If Matrix can not bring new development to this property than they should consider selling the vacant property to Zaremba. This property would make for a nice addition to the townhomes. Except for maybe having the back end of the crazy horse as your view from you living room windows.
  16. I will believe it when I see it!!! Why didn't the PD article mention the few millions in tax money Matrix received to build a new building?
  17. The Townhome block originally had high rise condos planned along superior with the townhomes along rockwell. 72 townhomes is plan B. I also do believe the townhomes along superior will be 4 stories. Live and work homes. If you want to see another 10-12 floor structure than start buying so Zaremba will have enough demand to build high. ?Q?: If interest rates drop to 4.8% would the 1.5% off finacing incentive still stand? I cant see a bank giving a loan for only 3.3%. If they do than I want to refinance my Avenue townhome. Happy Monday
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