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  1. Curious, why was the color of his skin intentionally mentioned? I don't get what that has to do with anything?
  2. Don't you prefer people to be poor anyway? Anyone that has money is pathetic in your mind, so this should be a good thing.
  3. Because idiot put Laure Quinliven in charge of branding and we ended up with "the City that Sings" All of the hubbub over "branding" in this town is for branding of generic products. The only difference between Crest toothpaste and its competitors is the packaging and push behind it. It, along with everything P&G makes, is virtually identical at the molecular level with its competitors. It's all just a stupid cola war. The streetcar isn't competing with another streetcar on a parallel set of tracks (which actually happened back in the for-profit era). People scrunch their noses at things that are over-marketed. Do you hate everything in life? Serious question... Who gives a crap about the branding, it's good that companies want to put their name on the streetcar.
  4. Thanks John, that's what I figured. It's amazing the amount of false crap that is spewed by people.
  5. Sorry if this has been talked about before but I surely can't believe this would be true (see link below) about the current streetcars not being able to make it up the hill? http://csnbbs.com/thread-774435-post-13115380.html#pid13115380
  6. Interesting. I generally consider The Banks as an entertainment district, especially since it's wedged between two professional sports stadiums. And I don't think of entertainment districts as a place to go to to relax. Nor do I think it ever would/should be considered as that type of place, but if you really wanted to there is Ruths Chris, Lager House, Yard House and the soon to be Southern restaurant. None of those places are the "we're still stuck in the frat party mentality" that you describe. Perhaps Holy Grail, Tin Roof, and formerly TKILTBAG were but there are options down there if you don't like the bar scene.
  7. Yea they can be obnoxious but they are out celebrating a once (hopefully) in a lifetime moment with their friends and family. Now if they are being flat out rude that is one thing, but otherwise, good for them, have some fun. Now, about The Banks....
  8. The vast majority of people I talk to that travel out of town very much want to try the local places, not the chains. Now 15 years ago that was different but today I feel most people like trying new local places.
  9. I assume the schedule is flexible enough to change based on the way things go? The data should speak for itself and after a while the city should be able to analyze the data to determine if changes should be made.
  10. Call me crazy, but I actually really like the building.
  11. I think they need more people down there first. That spot is in a little bit of a weird location pedestrian-wise and I don't know who would be walking down there right now for breakfast/coffee. Maybe once GE and the apartments open then there will be more foot traffic down there to justify it.
  12. Wow, when I read the original article I couldn't think of one single singer/band that would warrant a major announcement. When I saw Billy Joel I almost laughed out loud. I didn't even realize he still toured. And I like Billy Joel. This just reeks of small-time when you have a make a big deal out of Billy Joel coming to town.
  13. Does it become too complex to alter the schedule based on events? If not, I like the idea of having it run X minutes after a special event (e.g., Reds game, Bengals primetime game, etc). That way you can cut the hours earlier (10 pm or so) and still cater to larger crowds past that time.
  14. That's how every drawing is, including all those for OTR, The Banks, Smale Park, etc. They obviously design them to look as good as possible.
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