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  1. Just got word from multiple sources that Amazon has leased the entire warehouse that was build on the corner of 110th and Berea Road. Heard that construction of the 2nd warehouse on that lot will start not to long after they move in.
  2. So would the height of this new building require a tower crane?
  3. Thank god that building is gone! On to bigger and better things! Wish Lakewood would have went with the taller building proposal.
  4. Yes that is what I am going off of is Lumen, Church & State and soon to be Metro Health with either 1 or 2. We have to remember that Market Square could have 2 cranes as well but will they be up at the same time as all of these other ones?
  5. Interesting. When was the last time Cleveland had 4 or more tower cranes up at once?
  6. Will there be a tower crane for the metro health building?
  7. My business is located on 110th Street and I have heard that the first building is already fully leased out. They are already starting to work on the next building.
  8. I drove by there today as well and saw multiple trucks with drilling equipment. I doubt they are repaving the parking lot with that type of machinery there. They are obviously doing soil samples for building not a new parking lot.
  9. I have a feeling they already have a commercial tenant lined up for this project..
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