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  1. His arsenal of guns was purchased legally and all background checks were followed: IIRC, NV does not require guns to be registered so one can collect all the weapons they want. We always speak of 2A right to the individual; should it be such that an individual obtain enough firepower to be a "well-regulated militia" by himself?
  2. Nobody realized the monument was even there, along Cin-Day Road hidden in the weeds and brush until the Enquirer started rabble-rousing. Then it was removed.... It was placed by the daughters of the Civil War back in the 20's I think?
  3. Katrina in NOLA was actually the storm surge. I don't think there was much rain with it (relatively speaking) But yes, by far the biggest cause of loss of life in weather disasters is Flooding, a lot of times not connected with newsworthy events.
  4. Posted w/o comment....
  5. That was in 2005, during one of the worst hurricane seasons ever and not long after Katrina. And Rita was one of the strongest Gulf hurricanes ever, and headed in Houston's direction at the time. Evacuation made sense. It was not a mistake. A lot of people dying during it was bad, but that's not an argument against future evacuations when facing another historic event. It's an argument for learning lessons about evacuation practices and improving the plans for them. If Houston didn't do that, that's definitely on them. Rita was about wind, Harvey was all about rain (at least in the Houston area). Different types of situations. In some respects, yes. However, a cat 5 hurricane into Houston would've brought a huge storm surge and would've also caused major flooding. There wasn't really any surge in Houston from Harvey. It was entirely freshwater flooding. The storm surge with Harvey actually exacerbated the freshwater flooding, piling up water at the mouths of the rivers and estuaries https://www.scientificamerican.com/article/hurricane-harvey-why-is-it-so-extreme/
  6. I was golfing during Katrina, so what is your point?
  7. Mr Sparkle

    Off Topic

    I was watching Youtube videos on conspiracy theories concerning the eclipse that they claimed were backed up by science so I'm pretty sure it wasn't 'ludicrous,' sir. You're fake news. Seriously though, that super-volcano is due to erupt and when it does, most of the U.S. is absolutely f-ed. Ohio is probably a Doomsday Prepper's wet dream. We manage to stay out of the way of almost every major threat, minus tornados, which really aren't that big of a threat. I have heard multiple times that earthquakes occur shortly before or after a total eclipse. Yellowstone has recently been experiencing a hell of a lot of earthquake activity lately anyway and earthquakes do trigger volcanic eruption. One just occurred, right before the eclipse: http://www.express.co.uk/news/science/844037/eclipse-solar-eclipse-earthquake-Yellowstone-volcano There have been thousands, recently. When the super-volcano in Yellowstone erupts, it is projected that it will be 1000x more powerful than Mt. St. Helens. We're talking 10 inches of volcanic ash and nuclear winter for MOST of the United States. That is in addition to lava instantly destroying everything in the western-mid United States. Not only will tens of millons of people die but crops will as well. It will effect the entire world. It may happen tomorrow or thousands of years from now but one thing is certain; it will happen and there will be devastation like we've never seen. Yes, the gravitational pull of the sun and moon line up and it is believed that larger quakes happen at this time; however, this alignment happens every 28 days during a new moon. And also when opposite as during the full moon.
  8. Oh, come on......even a part time browser of UrbanOhio should recognize all of them.....
  9. http://www.startribune.com/minneapolis-police-officer-who-shot-killed-woman-identified/434975623/#1
  10. When you own the golf course, and rule the country it's in, you can drive your cart on your green, despite NBC's statement to the contrary. Of all the faux Trump outrage, this one might just be the dumbest example yet. I do love the fist bump at the end, and the fact that he still wears the hat, though. That's how you know he genuinely cares about Making America Great Again, the hat isn't just a prop. I'm sure the greenskeeping staff doesn't care either ;-)
  11. Mr Sparkle


    Bill defines as: "Religious organization" means an organization that qualifies as a religious organization under Section 11.20, Tax Code. (http://www.statutes.legis.state.tx.us/Docs/TX/htm/TX.11.htm#11.20)
  12. Wasn't the question she asked if an active investigation has ever been halted due to a request, not if requests have ever been made? ("we are often given opinions......" lead me to believe they get ask to halt investigations all the time...)
  13. Semi and long haul trucks do the most damage and wear and tear to infrastructure, by far. As part of any transportation funding overhaul, it needs to be determined if the trucking industry is paying their fair share for the infrastructure, or are the personal vehicles subsidizing the trucking industry's use of the road infrastructure (I have not searched for any numbers, but my gut feeling is it's the latter). This is speaking strictly from a maintenance standpoint which we are still woefully short on. Capacity issues are certainly depending on automobiles, but excessive truck counts do impact level of service too.
  14. http://contracts.dot.state.oh.us/common/searchAPI.do?PROJECT%5FNUM=170361&cabinetId=1002 The replacement bridge is the Seymour Ave. overpass (SR561); with this project there is some work to the Paddock overpass (SR4). In ODOT parlance, work on separate routes in separate locations gets the 'slash' in the Project name; with the lower route listed 1st; hence HAM-4/561
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