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  1. ^This is an absolute joke. If you read between the lines, Kroger and Walgreens did not want the reconfiguration and so there will be no reconfiguration. They want to build larger surburban-sized stores. They don't get it, don't care, or both because people will shop in their stores regardless of where the road leads. Whatever they do on Short Vine is all for naught if they don't send traffic down Short Vine. The district has to have traffic to be successful over the long term.
  2. ^It's "downtown" Fairfield. The hacks at the Enquirer didn't bother to distinguish between the two.
  3. I'm torn over this plan. I think the concept is great and agree that it will do alot to spur foot traffic in that vicinity. But, I recall Jane Jacobs' belief that a city's great institutions should be dispursed, not concentrated in one area. I guess that philosophy presupposes that the institutions are guaranteed draws with perpetual funding, which might not be the case in this instance. It just seems to me that we're robbing several areas to support one. Additionally, I'm not hot on the idea of building 1,000 extra parking spaces unless they're dedicated for future condo residents. If this megaplex is truly a destination then take full advantage by allowing people to park elsewhere supporting more street traffic. If people are able to park in this building for shows, they'll never step outside the two block radius.
  4. As crazy as it might be, the problem with this is that courts have ruled that panhandling is a form of commercial speech protected by the First Amendment. Thus, it can be regulated but not forbidden. Cincinnati does require panhandler licenses and the city has a full set of rules that must be obeyed, but the rules are hardly enforced and, when they are enforced, enforcement is not much of a deterrent.
  5. I'm interested in the proposed I-71 interchange at MLK. That could lead to new investments in Walnut Hills, Corryville, and Avondale. Plus, it's sorely needed. There's no easy way to get to UC for people coming north on I-71. When I came for my campus vist so many years ago my parents and I had alot of trouble figuring out how to get there because there's no exit.
  6. I have to disagree from personal knowledge... Not through their own country and their own countries nationalized health plans. The Clintons Canadian pals came here for treatment. Castro went elsewhere for treatment The Brits are pulling their own teeth with pliers or traveling to other places for treatment and I have personal friends and acquaintances who have gone elsewhere and paid out of pocket to get health care we take for granted as normal and common treatment. i have only this question to ask, why do we ,the country that pays the most for healthcare in the entire world, have the 45th highest life expectancy? should we not be one or two or even in the top ten? canada might not be perfect, but when I am 76, you bet I want that extra 18 months of life. -Fast food -Accessible and affordable junk food -Car-centric transportation systems -Suburbs -More work, less sleep -High-fructose corn syrup -TV -Etc.
  7. I don't know how much you should read into this but on Thursday I saw several meters in the vicinity of 5th and Race were marked reserved for Eagle Realty.
  8. ^The Chiquita cafeteria is only for Chiquita workers and some lucky tenants like me. You have to have a key card to enter and pay for your meals. Also, I was told that back when Lindner owned Chiquita that the cafeteria was very exclusive and served extremely nice meals on the cheap. The cafeteria now is still very good but not what it once was.
  9. I spoke with their bartender last Friday and she said a bank was buying the space because all the old vaults are in place. I hope the wall paintings, the woodwork, the vaults, the high ceilings, etc. survive the next tenant.
  10. The auditor's records show that Tarbell just sold several parcels to WDC, LLC. (I didn't confirm but I think they include the Grammer's parcels.) The interesting part is that WDC, LLC's statutory agent is Martin Wade, one of Jean-Robert's partners. Coincidence? I think not.
  11. As I understand it, most of the subsidy will go towards the podiums and garages needed to support the development. This land is not otherwise developable, at least not in the current market. Otherwise, the same people who are whining now would've taken at crack at it long ago. I am not aware of any direct subsidies that will go towards Banks structures built above the platforms. While subsidizing the parking and underlying supports will certainly reduce the developer's costs, I do not see how it will be so great an amount as to significantly affect the office rents. And, as far as the additional competition goes, cry me a freaking river. That's part of business with or without public subsidies. It happens. You have to step up to the plate or someone else will. These Fourth Street property owners had just as many opportunties, if not more given their insider status, to take a crack and that development and seek the same subsidies. The competition stepped up and entered serious talks. End of story.
  12. Anybody know of a group/survey that shows nationwide home price using numbers adjusted according to local median prices. What I'm getting at is this: A 1% price drop in the Midwest where the median home value is $150,000 is $1,500. A 1% price drop on the West Coast where the median home value is $400,000 is $4,000. (I just made these numbers up for illustrative purposes.) Thus, a 2% drop in the Midwest ($3,000) is not as bad as the 1% drop on the West Coast. Even though all these media outlets sugget the Midwest is seeing the worst drops in median home values, I have not seen any evidence to suggest that, beyond percentage drops, the Midwest is leading the country.
  13. ^An article on the Building Cincinnati blog suggested that ODOT is holding onto the easement for future light rail purposes.
  14. Anyone snapped a pic of that new development behind Stetson Square? I can't remember its name but it's quite possibly the worst thing I've ever seen. It's like Hydra but instead of snakes for heads it has garages. I'm sure if you cut one garage off then two'd grow back in its place.
  15. ^ I think it helps because if the city owns the building the city can make the rules for the use of the building, and the city can decide whether to continue renting the building to the Drop Inn Center. As it is now, the Drop Inn Center is holding the city and development hostage in the southwestern section of OTR.
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