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  1. Very nice! Next visit your will need to see all the City's great neighborhoods in the East End!
  2. I have always felt Indianapolis has a great downtown but not terribly impressed with its urban neigborhoods.
  3. Very Impressive! It seems like given the choice between Singapore and other cities like Bangkok or Kuala Lumpur in the area for a vacation that Singapore may be a better choice because of it well designed urban areas, interesting architecture, and modern amenities. Thoughts? I imagine the other cities have developed more chaotically with less care to preserve historically significant areas?
  4. Yes Norman is one of the great minds in planning who I had the pleasure of being acquainted with. He contributed some wonderful theory to planning with his ideas on Equity Planning and was Planning Director in the 70s and early 80s involved in saving Cleveland Public Power, turning Cleveland Lakefront Park over to the State Park System, trying to mandate a fair share of affordable housing across the county. He believed in preferential treatment for the City's poor and disadvantaged which explains his hesitance for big business subsidy and investment without direct benefits to the poor. I certainly don't agree with all his viewpoints, but his ideas are worth reading and he has had a large impact on Cleveland.
  5. Next time I am in Georgia skip Atlanta and see Macon and Augusta! This has definitively placed those two cities on my cognitive map.
  6. A bit of an overstatement stating that Manfield has more historic stuff than all three of texas largest cities which technically are Dallas, houston, and san antonio. Houston is the worst of the three but has a decent amount of nice historic homes from the 10s, 20s, and 30s and some historic arch downtown. They really lack urban commercial and walkable neighborhoods. San Antonio has a lot of historic charm downtown, in King William just to the south and quite an extensive historic area north of dwtn focus in the Monte vista neighborhood. Downtown Dallas has a wonder historic set of historic buildings and several good urban neighborhoods. But obviously i agree that ohio far more historic arch. Across the state than Texas.
  7. Certainly lots of potential in the Peebles Corner Historic District as the commercial bones are still left.
  8. urbanforever

    Lake Erie

    So I have always wondered how surfing on Lake Erie works. Are surfing conditions most optimal when the beaches are typically closed for unsafe rip-tide? And are the best waves in the fall, winter, and early spring?
  9. Very impressed with Easton and see many similarities with York PA. Did not expect it to be that nice!
  10. It definitively appears though that the city is on the upswing. Lots of renovations according to the photos.
  11. What street is that in River North with the two story retail buildings. It really has the same feel as Queen Street in Toronto. Although I would argue all of River North reminds me of downtown Toronto.
  12. Yea this is always an interesting dilemma for me. On the one hand you need to continue to create new Class A office space to retain tenants downtown, but on the other hand you end up creating a glut of office space. Hopefully more and more residential conversions can take on the vacated office space, or more office space can be converted to Class A.
  13. rHaha "whole in the wall" is back. Same location? That is where I was introduced to Salsa dancing. Really impressed with Etheridge Hall.
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