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  1. Yeah IDK if karma or just how my life is. Sure is weird to not be panicked when everyone else is. but you get tired of screaming, and after 2.5 years, now this is my normal. I've been writing a series of free posts on my Patreon to try to impart some lessons learned that would be of help in this time, if anyone is interested: https://www.patreon.com/rustbeltrants
  2. I've been watching the talk here and just wanted to weigh in with my own stuff. One of my closest friends is one of the top infectious disease specialists in the WORLD. He was on the front lines in Liberia battling Ebola and in the NYT several times. He is currently consulting for the WHO in Asia, I believe trying to provide help to Asian nations that don't have on-the-ground expertise in working to contain this. Anyway, that's a long way of saying, way back even before everyone I knew was posting about Kobe Bryant, so, mid-January, I started alerting people about this. I tried, I really did. I posted almost every single day trying to warn people what was coming, to start social distancing, to begin slowly stocking up, to stop going out, wash as soon as you get home. I have a handful, and I do mean one handful, of friends and family who listened, but virtually everyone else poo poo'd it, called me paranoid, laughed and continued their lives. My elderly mother listened a little, but refused to give up the library and the Y/silver sneakers until they closed both. We have been social distancing since January, and I've been slowly adding to our home stash of food and TP since then. Once the freakout hit and shelves became empty, we were fully stocked, and all we have had to do is top off supplies as needed with Instacart. I say all this not to gloat, but because I have a super unique perspective right now because not only was I more prepared than most people I know, I have also been living in an emergency crisis mode for the past 2.5 years since I lost my job. I have not had a paycheck, employer or regular FT or PT job since July of 2017. Since then, I have been scraping on what money I can make from freelance writing, dipping on and off of public assistance (first unemployment, then, when that ran out, EBT, Medicaid and Metro's financial assistance plan for medical stuff) and trying to stay afloat while what little savings I had drained away. In case you missed it, I had a viral article last year on HuffPo about my struggle. I was in a long-distance relationship for awhile but last year my boyfriend moved in with me. He isn't able to offer much of any financial support but a few months has helped me make the rent, as there have been months I had zero income at all and I have a LOT of bills to pay, so it's been super helpful that he moved in. He is an installer for a national alarm system company, and they have continued to have work all this time but I warned him two weeks ago that soon stores were going to close and work was going to stop. This week, it did. He has moved to on-call only and had no work the last three days of this week, and only two jobs scheduled for the whole of next week at this point. Fortunately, his employer has agreed to keep paying people through end of April, but after that I don't know what we'll do. He has no savings, I have had no income since the freakout ramped up beginning or mid-February, and we have very little available credit. That being said, I am less panicked about our financial situation than most people would be, because I have been living at rock bottom for almost 3 years now, and it feels like normal not to have any income and to worry every day where I will get money from. yesterday I did a detailed phone survey about costs for a medical expense that made me $100, and that's the only income I've had in two weeks. But I am worried about getting sick. I am immune-compromised and he has a very public-facing job and continues to have to service accounts and go to the parts warehouse where all the other guys are. More than a month ago, I instituted a home policy where anyone who goes out has to take off clothes at the door and put them in the laundry, then scrub hands, but I fear it isn't enough. My kid was in school up until a week ago as well, and who knows what he was exposed to. I begin homeschooling him Monday - I will do that on my weeks since when he is with his dad I don't think they are doing much, school-wise. His dad still has to go to work every day so the kid has been at my ex-SIL's during the day as she is working from home. It is such a strange, difficult time. However, I am used to being home all day every day and never going anywhere because I've been so broke. We almost never do stuff like go out to eat or go to the movies, haven't been on vacation since 2017, and my only major change is I quit going to the gym, which I was finally able to start doing after two surgeries on my leg, which I severely shattered last March. This is very long, and I'm sorry, but I just wanted to say hi to all my UOers and check in from the southwest suburbs. I am doing all the reading, watching, hoping we flatten the curve within a couple of months.
  3. So, some of you may know I am a "Destination Expert" for Cleveland on TripAdvisor. I answer questions for people traveling to the area, been doing this for a very long time (I'm also a Put-in-Bay DE). A couple months ago a guy from Ottowa, Canada posted who was trying to figure out all the spots in the Drew Carey opening so they could recreate it when he and his fam visited Cleveland, and there was one nobody could come up with. I'm pretty proud that I was able to nail the missing location. I think this, combined with the fact that I've lived here a decade longer than I ever lived in my hometown, make me an unofficial "Cleveland native." (for you location nerds, it was the US Bank Building, which has something reference "Renaissance" on it in the show opening, but nobody could figure it out because it wasn't the Renaissance Hotel building. I took one look and was like oh heck, that's the US Bank building. I googled it and found out it used to be called the Renaissance Center way back in the day, which you nerds probably already knew but I didn't. I only know because I swear to god I've interviewed in every building downtown. Anyway, I was pretty glad to get this little bit of Cleveland treasure hunting stuff, and I think their video is super cute.
  4. It was apparently posted upthread but I haven't been on here as much lately so I wouldn't have known about it but for the invite I received.
  5. Hi! Yes, the multimodal center was discussed. There was a lot of history that I don't think necessarily needed to be there. While the presentations about the history of the project were certainly interesting, I could have done with half as much information and twice as much discussion. Because the presenters took the entire allotted time, there was only time for like 2 or 3 questions and no real debate or discussion. Still, very interesting. I was disappointed not to see more diversity. The future of and access to our lakefront is an issue affecting all Clevelanders, yet all four panelists and the moderator were white guys and out of the 50 or so all-white attendees, I was one of only 4 women. It was the only such meeting I've been to of course and may not be representative of the entire group and their interests, but it was something I noticed. Takeaway is that we've been talking about this problem literally for like a century and there hasn't ever been a plan that everyone agreed to and that has funding and gets done, which I found to be disappointing. Now that there are so many more players in the mix who all have a vested interest and say in what happens (transit systems, tourist attractions, parking garage owners) it sounded to me like it would be even more difficult to accomplish. I did speak up at the end in opposition to one guy's statement that because we don't have any state or federal funding to better RTA we should ask the taxpayers to fund it and I was like yeah that's a big nope from me, we need to pressure our state to fund transit similarly to other nearby states.
  6. I went to a meeting moderated by the Green Building Coalition today and @KJP's name came up with his All Aboard Ohio work (praise for some sort of plan you've proposed). They were talking about landbridge vs. footbridge. Is there a discussion thread about this? I admit I am brand new to this group, issue, the architect panelists, etc so I apologize if this is old hat.
  7. SO MUCH THIS. I am putting together a blog post to dispel some of the sh*tty comments I've gotten from know-it-alls but it doesn't matter how you explain things to smug, judgy fks, they always think they know better. The visual of you delivering pizza to your old boss, my god, that should be in a movie.
  8. Wow mrnyc, that is extremely high praise, and much appreciated. I am going to work very hard to (finally) get a book deal out of this. It seems the right time, and I have thousands of comments and emails like your to put forward to an agent to convince them this is a story that needs to be told. I've already written the manuscript. I haven't been on UO as much the last couple of years as it's been so much work just staying alive some days, and keeping my head above water. I had to cut out a lot of extra stuff in my life to focus on day to day living. I'm resurfacing now as it's been a good couple of months and I'm hopeful the tide is turning - and then this article hit. I just hope it can help me push a path forward where I can share my thoughts on these issues more widely, and hopefully further build my own business as a writer at the same time.
  9. I think the essay is "going viral" as they say. I have gotten close to 400 emails. My blog is blowing up. It's being shared all over LI and the FB sharing is unbelievable. I may have put a nail in the coffin to ever getting a "real" job again but it was worth it to get the emails I've been getting. This has really resonated with people and I am SO GLAD. Thanks for reading, my peeps.
  10. Hi everypeep. I got published in Huffington Post today, which is a pretty big score for me. Thought I would post here to share with my UO peeps. What I’ve Learned About Unemployment And Being Poor After Applying For 215 Jobs This month marks two years since I lost my full-time job. At the time, I’d been working as a communications professional for 15 years, and the loss was devastating. I was a single mother with almost nothing in savings and no safety net. Read more: https://www.huffpost.com/entry/unemployment-poverty-america_n_5d387f32e4b004b6adb9a15e
  11. hiiiii I so wish I could go to this. My sister is in town that weekend and I couldn't go even if she wasn't as I severely broke my leg and cannot walk or drive, probably going to be next year or maybe Xmas at the earliest for driving/walking. Take pictures! xoxo Nina/RNR
  12. Also, if helpful, we have like 8 connected devices and many of them operating simultaneously, and no problems.
  13. I think I'm in the medium tier. I don't do a lot of streaming, but I work online constantly loading webpages and it's been reliable 24/7 so far. I had Spectrum before this and it would randomly disconnect or take 30 seconds to reconnect all day and night and they could never solve the problems so I switched. We just got new fiber optic lines laid behind my apartment a couple years ago so I figured this would be an improvement. My partner has a thing that measures the internet speed and has randomly checked it and it usually exceeds what we were promised, so no complaints.
  14. I'm not in Cleveland Heights but I work from home and have ATT, just switched over a few months ago and am glad I did. No problems.
  15. With goal in sight, caravan members must make tough choices about asylum By Kate Morrissey Contact Reporter "Gilbert Saucedo, a Los Angeles-based attorney who volunteered with the National Lawyers Guild to give legal orientations at the sports complex, estimated that about 70 percent of those he talked to had stories that should pass credible fear interviews, the first major step towards asylum after migrants make it in the door." Link: https://www.sandiegouniontribune.com/news/immigration/sd-me-caravan-asylum-outlook-20181126-story.html
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