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  1. Not necessarily. Harrisburg University just built a 174,000 square foot ESports training and events facility. It's led to Harrisburg becoming quite the hub for ESports, and now there's an annual Harrisburg University ESports festival (HUEfest) which shuts downtown down during the largest ESports invitational in the country so far. Harrisburg is not exactly a wealthy city or tourism mecca by any measure. It took a firm commitment from the University though. I think a venue without a home team is like an airport without a hub. https://garage.ext.hp.com/us/en/news/HUEfestival-esports-gaming-team-competition-Harrisburg.html https://www.sarabozich.com/2018/09/hue-fest-rocks-downtown-harrisburg/
  2. This crushes me. I lived in the building on the left and it was gorgeously restored by Nazca Properties. Original 4-level Victorian staircase, operable transoms and original wood doors. It was gorgeous. The fire that tore through it last year destroyed everything. It's promising to see work moving again on it, but some of what was lost can never be rebuilt.
  3. I'm with jmicah and jjakucyk on this one. The proposal is great but the loss of the street wall is a non-starter in my book. It would be so easy to fix though. Just make that "plaza" space indoors a la IDS Center in Minneapolis:
  4. I would guess that 40-60% of Americans realistically can't and 90% of Americans won't walk up the hill I still maintain that the view from Bellevue Hill Park is better than from the chalet on Mont Royal in Montreal, and yet hundreds of people make that hike daily. All it takes is a little promotion and wayfinding, and I think that hike could be a real tourist draw.
  5. LA is 100% my favorite city in California. I love it!
  6. That's what should ultimately happen to that site (assuming that it's going to stay a gas station). Kroger-owned Turkey Hill has a gas station in Columbus with a convenience store fronting the street and the pumps hidden behind. Actually, now that Kroger is building a grocery store downtown, maybe they should acquire the Shell and turn it into a Kroger Fuel Center with that sort of design. UDF!!!!!
  7. South Fairmount has SO MUCH potential. This project could've been transformative, but Cranley's meddling into the plan really botched things. I'm sure the final product will be a lovely park, but it won't be nearly as accessible to the surrounding neighborhood for the aforementioned reasons.
  8. The problem is also that the CAD/AVL software used for the streetcar was value engineered out. Instead, the streetcar was scheduled and built into the existing CAD/AVL system used by Metro buses. It "works" but is fundamentally designed differently. The streetcar really needs to be headway based and not schedule based. Right now the streetcar is pinging a location every 2-3 minutes and is comparing that location against the closest schedule point. If that ping hits closer to a station in the opposite direction, or if the streetcar gets delayed beyond the typical headway, or if the calculation happens too close to an end of line, the CAD/AVL system just reverts to the scheduled time. This just creates more confusion than anything for riders at stations. Taestell is right about the accuracy of pings in the CBD though. Buses struggle with pings in the CBD every day, but routes are scheduled to ride through Government Square, making the only EOLs outside of downtown, so when the bus pings get a little off in the CBD the CAD/AVL system just uses the previous pings from outside downtown and calculates outbound times accordingly.
  9. Leaving aside the utility of service downtown Cleveland, I actually think it would be a far more interesting and educational ride to transition into the industrial valley.
  10. Room 420 is called "The Man Cave," has a large social gathering space, and two Queen beds? Hmm.....
  11. The thing I love most about the Lehigh Valley is how different the three large cities of Easton, Bethlehem, and Allentown are. They all have so much character. LANTA does a good job at connecting the urban centers with frequent transit as well. I could easily live there, and I think I would choose Bethlehem, but all three are great places.
  12. The transit app's twitter account is followed by Cincy Bell Connector, Cincinnati Metro, and KC Streetcar, so I bet they're aware of the situation. When I was a scheduler at Metro, we had a very close relationship with Transit App. I had to be in close contact when we redesigned the XTRA Service network and had to add 133 new bus routes to the system last year. I have no doubt that the crowdsourcing feature will arrive on the Transit app in Cincy as soon as they begin a larger rollout. In the meantime, it looks like the realtime feed is still accurate on TRAVIC, which isn't very useful when you're waiting on a bus...but still fascinating to watch. http://tracker.geops.ch/?z=14&s=1&x=-9407999.7980&y=4738588.1507&l=transport
  13. This, I feel, is the biggest issue so far. The signs at the stations aren't reliable, the transit app isn't reliable with tracking, the Cincy EZRide app lacks real-time tracking, etc. It's a toss up sometimes when you need to be on schedule. bustracker.go-metro.com usually displays the vehicles properly, but it's not at all mobile friendly. This is something I desperately tried to fix before I left, but the whole branding clusterf--- made it impossible for me to have the time to write the additional static schedules for 1-5 car operations. Basically the problem is that realtime bounces GPS locations off of static schedules to get an arrival time estimate. Whenever the streetcar short turns, gets way off schedule, or has more or less cars operating than scheduled the CAD/AVL system just freaks out and posts scheduled info.
  14. Eh. That can all be unified with a strong MPO. Take a look at the Twin Cities 6 different agencies. They all share a fare policy, transfer policy, ridership data, numbering system, and have their schedule information listed on Metro Transit's website. You can easily ride three different agencies in one trip without ever realizing that you're on different systems unless you look at the name on the outside of the bus.
  15. Metro got a new website today: http://www.go-metro.com/ It's nice to see it freshened up, but I don't really see any real improvements.
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