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  1. Way back when Tucker Carlson was on CNN, I thought the reason I didn't like him was because he insisted on wearing a bowtie. Then he moved to Fox News, stopped wearing the bowtie, and I realized it wasn't the bowtie that made he unlikeable.
  2. ^^ WOW - that would be an amazing project to replace the last most visible vacant lot in the Arena District area. Here are some of the details, according to the Business First story at https://www.bizjournals.com/columbus/news/2019/07/16/chipotle-planning-new-arena-district-offices.html?iana=hpmvp_colum_news_headline Pablo took a photo of this location about month ago (see below). This view is looking east down Spruce Street. The proposed Chipotle-tenanted commercial development would be on the jam-packed surface lot to the right of Spruce Street. The elevator cores under construction in the photo are for the AC Hotel project at the corner of Park & Spruce adjacent to this Chipotle/Nationwide Realty proposal:
  3. Blue Jackets forward Sonny Milano accepts club's qualifying offer -- https://www.nhl.com/bluejackets/news/blue-jackets-sonny-milano-re-signs-2019/c-308261120 -- The first good move Sonny's made this off-season (see previous post ^^)
  4. An artistic and gritty addition to Franklinton. Wild Goose Creative is adding an East Franklinton location that is within a block of 400 West Rich, Land-Grant Brewing and the recently completed River & Rich development. It is also located on the same block as the BrewDog pub bar: Wild Goose Creative Expands to Franklinton Wild Goose Creative (WGC) has announced the signing of a new space in Franklinton at 188 S. McDowell Street. The community arts organization has resided at 2491 Summit Street in SoHud (South of Hudson) since 2008, but says it can and wants to do more. Among WGC’s plans are providing more space for new and ongoing programming; supporting more expansive art installations, performances and other media; and creating a brand new lounge for members to meet, work and converse. MORE: https://www.columbusunderground.com/wild-goose-creative-expands-to-franklinton-tm1
  5. https://www.columbusalive.com/entertainmentlife/20190711/capa-reflects-on-50-years-in-performing-arts-scene Another article about the 50th anniversary of the Columbus Association for the Performing Arts (CAPA). CAPA was originally formed as simply a vehicle to save the wonderful Ohio Theatre downtown in 1969. But over the next 50 years, CAPA has grown to own two other historic downtown theaters — the Southern (opened in 1896) and the Palace (1926) — and to also manage seven performing arts organizations in Columbus.
  6. As ridiculously terrible as this 2019 season has become - it is instructive to remember that the only thing worse than a bad season for a team you care about - is no season for a team you care about. The below linked article from a Columbus Alive columnist, who was also involved in the #SaveTheCrew movement, points this out: https://www.columbusalive.com/sports/20190708/crew-view-gratitude-amid-lost-season
  7. That reminds me of the time they put the "Motorists" signs at the top of their downtown tower. Almost everyone called the company "Motorist" like you just did. And then the signs go up as "Motorists". And everyone was like "there's an "s" at the end of Motorist?"
  8. Motorists rebranding isn't a big deal. I just think its a dumb dopey exercise. Particularly when its surrounded by Dilbert-level corporate-speak like "Encova is a made-up word that stands for “encircling our agents with coverage.” No, it doesn't stand for "encircling your agents with coverage" (and shouldn't it be encircling your customers with coverage?). GCrites80's got it right with this assessment: The new management just thought their company name sounded a bit old-fashioned. So they changed it to a made-up word that means nothing to nobody. Awesome. I don't care what they call the company, I just hope they don't bankrupt it - for the sake of their employees and customers.
  9. GAME #21: https://matchcenter.mlssoccer.com/matchcenter/2019-07-13-orlando-city-sc-vs-columbus-crew-sc/recap https://www.massivereport.com/2019/7/14/20693307/columbus-crew-lose-orlando-city-1-0-winless-streak-at-9 More of the same for the Crew in this ridiculously terrible 2019 season. This game at Orlando is a perfect example of just how ridiculous a season it has become. The Crew outpossess Orlando 57% to 43%; outshoot Orlando 11 to 4; have 10 corner kicks to only 1 for Orlando; and get a red card called on Orlando. But because the Crew have two shots hit the crossbar while Orlando brilliantly cashes in on their best scoring chance for a goal in the 84th minute - and because the Orlando red card comes in the 93rd minute (too late to benefit the Crew) - Columbus drops another 1-0 loss.
  10. Crew President Tim Bezbatchenko continued his reshaping of the roster this week by trading away a pair of underperforming forwards. In return, the Crew added a homegrown player that Bez signed as the general manager of Toronto FC and opened up two international roster slots to add Dutch goalkeeper Eloy Room and Costa Rican winger Luis Diaz to the roster: https://www.massivereport.com/2019/7/10/20689539/columbus-crew-jordan-hamilton-toronto-fc-patrick-mullins-international-slot-mls-2019 -- The Crew sent striker Patrick Mullins to Toronto in exchange for striker Jordan Hamilton. The Crew also received an international roster slot, $50,000 in Targeted Allocation Money and the right of first refusal on an unnamed player. Mullins, 27, was acquired last summer from DC. He had 1 goal and 1 assist in 10 games last year, but zero goals and assists in 9 games this year for the Crew. Hamilton, 23, a former homegrown player signed by Bez, has 4 goals in 14 games with Toronto this year. https://www.massivereport.com/2019/7/10/20689687/columbus-crew-sc-trade-robinho-orlando-city-target-allocation-money -- The Crew sent forward winger Robinho to Orlando in return for $50,000 in Targeted Allocation Money. The Crew could receive an additional $100,000 in TAM if certain performance conditions are met. Robinho was acquired from a Brazilian team in January 2019, but had zero goals and two assists in his 19 games with the Crew. Moving Robinho also opens a roster spot for 20-year-old Costa Rican winger Luis Diaz, newly acquired in the summer transfer window. The addition of 23-year-old Hamilton, as well as previous recent addition of 24-year-old forward Romario Williams from Atlanta, will provide veteran depth behind striker Gyasi Zardes. It would also allow the Crew to loan out 21-year-old rookie JJ Williams to help with his development.
  11. https://www.dispatch.com/business/20190712/motorists-no-more-insurer-changes-its-name-to-encova At the risk of sounding like "old man yelling at cloud" - I couldn't be less happy with this news that Motorists Insurance is changing its name to Encova. Motorists Insurance has been a Columbus-founded institution since seems-like-forever. Motorists is a dignified name that sounds like "this is a safe solid insurance company that hopefully won't rip me off". The Motorists name is at the top of their black monolith tower on E. Broad Street built in 1973. But now Motorists will become Encova. According to the above linked Dispatch article, the Columbus-based Motorists Insurance Group and WV-based affiliate BrickStreet Mutual Insurance - who apparently formed a joint venture in 2017 -- https://www.insurancejournal.com/news/national/2017/04/24/448826.htm - are rebranding as Encova Mutual Insurance Group. The company’s new website, Encova.com, will launch Monday. Company CEO Dave Kaufman says in the Dispatch article that this new name is part of an effort to integrate all of the company’s operations and names under one brand. He cheerily adds that “One name gets clarity with our associates and clarity in the market with our agents. That’s what kind of drove it.” And further adds that "Encova is a made-up word that stands for “encircling our agents with coverage.” Sorry CEO Dave, Encova sounds like a new ED drug.
  12. https://puckprose.com/2019/07/12/nhl-rumors-blue-jackets-want-sign-mitch-marner-offer-sheet/ I thought the "trading with Vegas for Gusev" rumor was interesting for the CBJ. But that is nothing compared to this "Mitch Marner offer sheet" rumor in the linked article above. Teams can offer contracts to other team's RFA's (i.e. an offer sheet). However, this happens rarely because the team controlling the RFA player can simply match the offer sheet and keep the player. This has happened once in this off-season when Montreal offered Carolina's talented 21-year-old center Sebastian Aho a 5-year deal at $8,454 mil/year. Carolina quickly matched and signed Aho to this deal. Marner is an even more talented 21-year-old winger who Toronto would like to lock up long-term (like they did with other young stars Matthews and Nylander). Marner is rumored to want a Matthews-type deal worth in the $10 to 11mil/year range. The problem for Toronto is that they only have a little over $9mil in cap space. This is a situation that a team flush with cap space, like the CBJ, could take advantage of by offering Marner a $10mil+/year deal that Toronto couldn't match. Now Toronto could rework their roster enough to clear the required cap space to match a Marner offer sheet deal. Or, they could lose Marner, but get draft pick compensation for his loss. In the $10mil+/year range for Marner, the draft pick compensation would be the next four 1st-round picks from the CBJ!!! (I told you this would be a wild deal!) Since the off-season is also known as the silly season in the NHL, it is certainly possible that nothing whatsoever comes of this Marner offer sheet rumor related to the CBJ. But some reasonably solid sources are now reporting this - and our GM Jarmo Kekäläinen has shown he is willing to swing for the fences and take big risks. So stay tuned...
  13. https://www.dispatch.com/sports/20190713/destroyers-find-positive-signs-in-columbus-amid-1-9-season So the return of the AFL to Columbus has been ... underwhelming. On-the-field the team is 1-9 going into their final two games. In-the-stands the team has drawn an average crowd of 6,610, which ranks fourth in the six-team league and is about 400 fans below the league average. Which tells you something about the relative weakness of this current 6-team AFL. During the Destroyers original 2004 to 2008 run, they averaged between 12,000 and 16,000 per game. Of course (as I pointed out earlier in the above quoted section) the AFL was also a league with some promise in the 2000's. But then they financially imploded in 2009 and haven't been the same since. According to the Dispatch article, the AFL plans two more expansion teams for 2020. We'll see. Because so far this sequel AFL hasn't been nearly as good as the original.
  14. The Dispatch had an article about this new CRMD (Creamed) Short North ice cream shop about a week ago under the headline "Millennial-targeted ice cream shop to open in Short North": https://www.dispatch.com/business/20190705/millennial-targeted-ice-cream-shop-to-open-in-short-north That completely triggered this Columbus reddit thread: https://www.reddit.com/r/Columbus/comments/c9sn73/alt_headline_naive_millennials_open_ice_cream_shop/
  15. North Market tower comes at critical time for downtown office market By Tristan Navera – Staff reporter, Columbus Business First July 11, 2019 - 8:17am EDT A new tower by the North Market comes at a critical juncture for downtown Columbus as it competes with development in the suburbs. Wood Cos., Schiff Capital Group and Rockbridge now plan to develop a $175 million mixed-use project on the 2.1-acre parking lot next to the North Market at 59 Spruce St. Plans for the project include 90,000 square feet of Class A office space. That's significant because downtown Columbus has been competing with nearly a dozen mixed-use developments underway in the suburbs promising new high-quality Class A space. Existing vacant space in the city is largely older, prompting a rise in downtown tower vacancies and a renovation push along Capitol Square in particular. Despite some losses, the city's central business district has had a strong year so far. In its second-quarter office outlook, JLL noted 165,000 square feet of new office space opening in the market, including the 711 N. High St. building in the Short North, which opened almost fully leased. Meanwhile, several projects are under construction – including Gravity in Franklinton, new phases at Easton and Polaris, and Hamilton Quarter in the far northeast corner of the city. And downtown has scored a number of office wins recently, too. Root Insurance expanded its office space to 19,000 square feet at 80 on the Commons, while Candid Care signed on as an anchor tenant leasing 33,300 square feet at the former Columbus Dispatch building. Orix Real Estate Holdings, which cemented plans to expand, is consolidating at 10 W. Broad St., adding 34,000 square feet to bring it to 69,000 square feet in that newly renovated tower. But Collin Wheeler, a JLL broker specializing in office real estate, said the downtown market has seen a clear trend – Class A space is almost fully leased out while older properties languish. MORE: https://www.bizjournals.com/columbus/news/2019/07/11/north-market-tower-comes-at-critical-time-for.html
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