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  1. https://www.cbssports.com/nfl/news/cam-newtons-status-reportedly-up-in-the-air-for-week-3-after-re-aggravating-foot-injury/ So Week 3 of Cam Newton's bizarre fashion show is in doubt? WEEK 1: WEEK 2:
  2. https://www.dispatch.com/sports/20190917/river-cats-4-clippers-0--columbus-clippers-come-up-short-in-triple-a-title-game The Clips came up short in the PCL vs. IL triple-A National Championship Game. But what a great season for the 2019 International League Champs.
  3. I can't believe no one has posted this yet: https://www.thedailybeast.com/sean-spicer-has-most-embarrassing-dancing-with-the-stars-debut-ever-period “It's like you were being attacked by a swarm of wasps,” one judge said after Spicer attempted a salsa dance.
  4. Some slightly newer renderings/maps showing the context of the new Crew Stadium from https://www.bizjournals.com/columbus/news/2019/09/17/columbus-crew-says-it-will-break-ground-on-new.html
  5. Only two weeks into the 2019 season ... but lots of stuff happened: QB INJURIES Drew Brees injures his thumb in Sunday's loss against the Rams - had surgery and expected out for 6 weeks. New Orleans is 1-1 and has Teddy Bridgewater as their backup QB. Ben Roethlisberger goes out with a season-ending elbow injury. Pittsburgh is 0-2 and their backup QB is 2018 3rd-rounder Mason Rudolph from Oklahoma State who is in his second NFL season. The Steelers also traded their 2020 1st-round pick to Miami for safety Minkah Fitzpatrick (a 22-year-old 2018 #11 overall pick by Miami). New York Jets -- going into Monday's game, the Jets announced that second-year QB Sam Darnold had mono and could be out for at least one month. Backup QB Trevor Siemian started MNF against the Browns, but he didn't finish the game because he left with a season-ending ankle injury. The third-string QB is Luke Falk - a 2018 6th-rounder from Washington State in his second NFL season. The Jets will become the first team to start three different QB's to begin a season since the 2016 Browns (who went 1-15). The Jets next four games look brutal (NE, PHI, DAL, NE-again). But they do get to face MIA twice and CIN once, so maybe they won't duplicate the 2016 Browns record. MIAMI DOLPHINS And speaking of those Miami Dolphins. They lost their opening game 59-10 to BAL and followed it with a 43-0 loss to NE. That's 102-10 in their first two games in which they're "Tanking for Tua" or "doing a hard reset" or "trying to do the NFL equivalent of what the Astros did in MLB". Or maybe it's the NFL's version of "Trust the Process"(!) What ever it is, it is making this year's Miami Dolphins bad - maybe historically bad. The one thing the Fins are accomplishing is stockpiling future draft picks. In return for the quality players they've traded away, the Dolphins now have three first-round picks and two second-round picks in 2020, plus two first-round and two second-round picks in 2021.
  6. https://www.dispatch.com/sports/20190917/clippers-to-start-kyle-dowdy-in-triple-a-championship-game The Clippers needed four games to defeat Gwinnett in the Governors’ Cup semifinals. In the championship series against Durham, the Clippers swept the Bulls in three games. But for the Triple-A championship, they’ll get only one game. The Clippers will take on the Sacramento River Cats tonight in the triple-A national championship game in Memphis, Tennessee. The River Cats - triple-A affiliate of the San Francisco Giants - won the Pacific Coast League with a three-game sweep of the Round Rock Express. This will be the first ever game between the River Cats and Clippers. For the first time in four years, the Clippers will be on a national stage. The Clippers last played in the triple-A championship game in 2015, losing 7-0 to Fresno. Tonight's Triple-A championship will be televised on Fox Sports 1 at 8PM.
  7. Some more behind-the-scenes work for the new Crew Stadium from yesterday's City Council meeting: Columbus City Council creates entity that would own new Crew stadium The Columbus City Council created a public entity on Monday that would own the planned Columbus Crew soccer stadium Downtown and could issue bonds to help construct it. The council voted to declare the new Confluence Community Authority organized, defining its boundaries as the 28.66 acres west of the Huntington Park baseball stadium. The petition approved by the council to create the authority says the Crew team, acting as the project’s developer, “entered into that certain Purchase and Sale Agreement” with the land’s owner, Nationwide Realty Investors, which “has agreed to sell approximately 21.02 acres of the property.” It also says the team “owns or ‘controls’ the property within the meaning of” the law creating the authority. MORE: https://www.dispatch.com/news/20190916/columbus-city-council-creates-entity-that-would-own-new-crew-stadium
  8. Technically this is a review of an existing place, and not "news". But it is "info", so still on-topic for this thread. Plus, I just admire these humble-but-high-quality old-school joints like this: Rubino’s: Old-school pizza joint in Bexley a delicious blast from the past Rubino’s Pizza turned 65 years old this year, but it shows no signs of retiring — or of even slowing down. Actually, the little place seems busier than ever. This isn’t because the Bexley restaurant has evolved to keep up with the times. In fact, it’s the exact opposite of that. Here is what you won’t find at Rubino’s: TVs, garage-door windows, IPAs (or any alcohol), music, or a clue that the 21st century is well underway. What you will find, if you follow the arrow of light bulbs twinkling from a 1950s drive-in-style sign pointing toward a small, humble building, is one of the most endearingly idiosyncratic — and most affordable — pizzerias in the region. If you love thin-crust, old-fashioned pies, I strongly suggest you follow that glowing arrow. MORE: https://www.dispatch.com/entertainmentlife/20190911/restaurant-review--rubinos-old-school-pizza-joint-in-bexley-delicious-blast-from-past
  9. The Urban Land Institute named the work on the Scioto Peninsula as one of 11 winners of their 2019 ULI Global Awards for Excellence: https://americas.uli.org/programs/awards-competitions/uli-global-award-for-excellence/2019-winners-and-finalists/ Actually, its not just the planning and projects built to date on the Scioto Peninsula - but also the Scioto Greenways work next to the peninsula. The Scioto Greenways - which has its own thread at https://forum.urbanohio.com/topic/124-columbus-scioto-mile-riverfront-park-news/?do=findComment&comment=682071 - received a National Planning Excellence Award from the American Planning Association in 2016. Here are some of the images from the ULI award page at https://americas.uli.org/awards/scioto-peninsula-cultural-district-2019-global-awards-for-excellence-finalist/ Overhead view of Dorrian Green - the park built above the underground parking garage in front of COSI: Overhead view of the National Veterans Memorial and Museum with COSI, the Scioto Greenways riverfront parks and downtown in the background: More info available at https://americas.uli.org/awards/scioto-peninsula-cultural-district-2019-global-awards-for-excellence-finalist/
  10. The information provided from https://columbusohdev.app.box.com/s/2dpi2iu88meq1li5nmpqw91f3aklwd54/folder/79315184291 was 20 affordable units in the total 304 housing units that is part of the conceptual development plan presented to the East Franklinton Review Board. That would be just over 6.5 percent affordable units. The information from https://columbusohdev.app.box.com/s/2dpi2iu88meq1li5nmpqw91f3aklwd54/file/523152480015 in the quote box below:
  11. GM strike: Nearly 50,000 workers walk out at America's biggest automaker Workers walk out: The United Auto Workers union went on strike against General Motors late Sunday. It's a big deal: This is the biggest strike by any labor organization in the United States since 2007. GM, America's largest automaker, has nearly 50,000 full-time and temporary UAW members on its payroll. What happens next: The two parties resumed negotiations Monday morning. https://www.cnn.com/business/live-news/gm-workers-strike-uaw-negotiations/index.html
  12. Forbes has a 2019 list of the Top 25 Most Valuable College Football Programs: https://www.forbes.com/sites/chrissmith/2019/09/12/college-football-most-valuable-clemson-texas-am/#4caafc3ca2e7
  13. Wendy's is giving breakfast another try. Because, if at first you don't succeed, try again ... and then again ... and now again! Breakfast Baconators and Frosty-ccinos: Wendy's is going nationwide with breakfast Wendy’s is getting back into the breakfast business. The Dublin-based fast feeder Monday said it plans to launch breakfast menus across the U.S. in 2020 with items like a Breakfast Baconator, Frosty-ccino and the Honey Butter Chicken Biscuit. “We are well-positioned to pursue it,” CEO Todd Penegor said in a news release. “We believe we have the right team and structure in place and we put Wendy’s fan favorites on the menu to set us apart from the competition.” It will invest $20 million in the nationwide launch and it and its franchisees expect to hire 20,000 new employees to support the business. That’s about three to four new employees per restaurant on average. The company has more than 6,700 restaurants worldwide with almost 5,500 in the U.S. Further details will be announced at its annual investor day in October. Breakfast isn’t completely new to Wendy’s. It sold it in the 1980s and made another run in the mid-2000s and again in 2011 after it was acquired. MORE: https://www.bizjournals.com/columbus/news/2019/09/09/breakfast-baconators-and-frosty-ccinos-wendys.html
  14. Turns out that the other Tony Bennett news was quite good.
  15. Development on the parking lots at 530 and 600 W. Spring Street isn't far-fetched. They will be prime spots once the new Crew Stadium gets going and when the group renovating the neighboring Municipal Light Building gets finished. -- 600 W. Spring is owned by an affiliate of Nationwide Realty Investors - so very good prospects there. -- 530 W. Spring Street is owned by LION-DOV - which is an affiliate of Bill Schottenstein - aka Arshot - aka the person/company behind the failed Cooper Stadium SPARC project - aka the person/company behind the stalled Millennium Tower project. So not very good prospects there, but only because of the current ownership.
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