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  1. Despite last night's loss, Columbus is still above the playoff line at 69 points - just one above Carolina. There are only two games left before next Monday's Trade Deadline - Friday at Ottawa and back home against San Jose on Saturday. Hopefully, Panarin can play in both of these games, as every point is important in this tight Eastern Conference playoff race. But looming over these final two games before Deadline Day is the Bread and Bob situation. And it is looming: https://www.jacketscannon.com/2019/2/17/18227140/trade-deadline-fatigue-is-real-the-waiting-is-the-worst-part
  2. The Jackets went down 2-0 in first period last night at Montreal - and CBJ fans thought "here we go again". But Montreal - although a good team currently above the playoff line - is not the super-team that Tampa Bay is. The Jackets scored early in the second and midway in the third to tie it up 2-2. Unfortunately, Montreal got the game-winning goal later in the third to win 3-2: https://www.jacketscannon.com/2019/2/19/18232683/game-59-recap-montreal-canadiens-hold-off-columbus-blue-jackets Despite the loss, it was a well-played game by the CBJ - a very even match on the road that could have gone either way. Plus Panarin didn't play last night due to an unspecified pre-game illness. Well, mostly unspecified, as HC Torts said before the Montreal game in https://www.dispatch.com/sports/20190219/blue-jackets--illness-not-trade-keeps-artemi-panarin-off-ice: And although it didn't change the score of the game, seeing team captain Nick Foligno pummel Habs irritant Max Domi was pretty great. Below is a video of the lead-up to the fight and the one-sided battle - erroneously labeled as Marcus Foligno by SportsNet(!)
  3. FYI: Thread retitled "Governor Mike DeWine" to conform with previous threads about Ohio governors. And its about time there was a thread for the current Ohio governor, he took the oath of office almost two months ago
  4. One more tidbit from last night's nationally televised game. NBC color analyst Pierre McGuire was between the benches during the game. Or "inside the glass" as NBCSN calls it. Which is great for getting an up close feel of the game. But it comes with some danger - as McGuire was lucky not to get beaned by the puck late in the first period(!)
  5. Welp - that Tampa Bay Lightning team is good(!) Going into last night's game TBL had 92 points (which put them 15 points ahead of the second-best team in the NHL) and had a +73 goal differential (next highest GD is +42). TBL leads the NHL in goals-per-game, is 5th in goals-allowed-per-game, has the #1 power play and the #2 penalty kill. Plus, their starting goalie Andrei Vasilevskiy had shutouts in his last starts. Plus the previous two CBJ games against TBL went 8-2 and 4-0 in their favor. So-no-problem-lets-get-two-points-boys! Actually, Columbus came out strong in the first period - outshooting TBL 20 to 6. Despite that, TBL led 2-0 at the first break because of two open runaway goals by TBL's leading point scorer Nikita Kucherov. Then the Jackets held TBL scoreless thru the second period, until two penalties late in the period led to a 5-on-3 power play goal from TBL's leading goal scorer Steven Stamkos - giving them a 3-0 lead. Another PP goal 12 seconds into the third period and another goal only 34 seconds later gave TBL a 5-0 lead. Only a CBJ goal with 1:45 remaining prevented Vasilevskiy from a third straight shutout: https://www.jacketscannon.com/2019/2/18/18230651/game-58-recap-tampa-bay-lightnin-cheat-code-columbus-blue-jackets-nikita-kucherov-brayden-point This win gives Tampa Bay 45 wins in their first 60 games of this season (tying an NHL record). Its not like TBL hasn't done this to every other NHL team this season - and its not like CBJ fans didn't expect an outcome like this last night. But despite the CBJ's best efforts, Tampa Bay is "Golden-State-73-win-season" good right now. The only consolation is that backup Korpi started instead of Bob (who is starting tonight at Montreal). With Bob on a hot streak, saving him for a game with greater playoff implications gives the Jackets a chance to get back on the right track at Montreal tonight. And a chance to forget the 0-3 season series against TBL where the CBJ were outscored 17-3 by the best team in the NHL.
  6. One terrible game (3-0 loss to Isles on Thursday) and one terrific game (5-2 win at Chicago on Saturday) leaves the Jackets third in the Metro going into this week's games: https://www.jacketscannon.com/2019/2/16/18227338/bob-bread-blue-jackets-win-at-chicago Here is the Eastern Conference playoff situation going into tonight's games: Four teams are within one point of each other - CBJ 69; PIT 69; MON 69; CAR 68. Three playoff spots are available for those four teams. Columbus has a two games-in-hand advantage over the other three teams to rise above that cluster. But, of course, the CBJ need to harvest points from those extra games-in-hand to do so. Tonight's game hosting TB will be nationally televised on NBCSN. This would be a good time for the CBJ to have an impressive game - and they'll need it against this year's best NHL team. There are only four games remaining until next Monday's NHL Trade Deadline on 2/25: Mon, Feb 18 -- Tampa Bay (NBCSN) Tue, Feb 19 -- @ Montreal Fri, Feb 22 -- @ Ottawa Sat, Feb 23 -- San Jose
  7. Welp. After a truly terrible performance against Illinois and a terrible second half at MSU (OSU was up 31-25 at halftime; then got outscored 37-13 in the 2nd half!) the Basketball Buckeyes drop to 6-8 in conference play and 16-9 overall. I'm not saying these two losses have put their tournament hopes out of reach, but they are on life-support. The remaining six B1G regular season games are: vs NW - 2/20 @ 24 MD - 2/23 vs 21 IOWA - 2/26 @ 12 PUR - 3/2 @ NW - 3/6 vs 20 WIS - 3/10 The only unranked team in that final six is Northwestern, who the Basketball Buckeyes face twice. The other four teams are both ranked and above the Buckeyes in the B1G standings. For this team to have any chance of making the tournament, they must win both NW games and at least 1 or 2 of those games against ranked teams.
  8. How about some old school West Franklinton stuff? And by old school, I mean the former Bellows Elementary School visible from 315: According to this item from 10TV, the Columbus City Attorney's Office reached an agreement with the building's owner, giving him until April 16 to fix code violations on the exterior. After a hearing to update his progress, the court will set a new deadline for him to address the building's interior: https://www.10tv.com/article/owner-ordered-fix-deteriorating-former-columbus-school-found-unsafe-and-dangerous-city And according to this recent reddit post, the owner is doing some roof repairs and painting the very prominent cornice at the roof line: https://www.reddit.com/r/Columbus/comments/aqdvw7/bellows_elementary_building_improvements/
  9. Mount Carmel Grove City hospital opening delayed again The opening of the Mount Carmel Grove City hospital has been pushed back again — this time until late spring — because of construction delays, officials said Friday. ... Last fall, the health system pushed back the Grove City hospital’s projected November 2018 opening because of weather interruptions and to complete and open all 210 patient rooms instead of leaving 24 to be completed as needed. In addition to the expanded emergency department, the new hospital will include a new patient tower, medical office building and surgical suite and intensive care, maternity, oncology and palliative-care services. The facility’s new targeted opening is now late April or early May. MORE: https://www.dispatch.com/news/20190208/mount-carmel-grove-city-hospital-opening-delayed-again
  10. An interesting look at the maturing of high-end dining in Columbus and Central Ohio: Veritas reservations come at a price Reserving a table at Veritas isn’t for the indecisive or faint of heart. The high-end Downtown restaurant charges a $20 per-person deposit for reservations. Veritas, thought to be the first Central Ohio restaurant to charge for reservations, started the policy to discourage no-shows. ... Unlike other destinations that may take a credit card to hold a reservation, Veritas charges the card when the reservation is made. The deposit is refunded if customers cancel within 48 hours of the reservation. If the reservation is kept, the deposit is deducted from the bill or refunded to the credit card. Veritas began experimenting with the reservation deposits for the private dining room of its restaurant at 11 W. Gay Street, which opened in December 2017. The restaurant started charging for all reservations on Jan. 1. “I think you’re going to see it more and more. We just happen to be early adopters for this market but it’s incredibly common in larger, more-developed markets, Veritas manager Gregory Stokes said. MORE: https://www.dispatch.com/business/20190131/veritas-reservations-come-at-price
  11. Columbus council approves $914-million-plus budget Columbus plans to spend $914.2 million in 2019, with the majority of funds in the largest budget in city history going toward public safety. The Columbus City Council approved the 2019 operating budget at its Monday meeting. Mayor Andrew J. Ginther proposed a $912 million spending plan in November, but the city finished 2018 with about $2.2 million in carryover funding that the council can use for programs it wants to support. More than two-thirds of the city’s budget pays for public safety. In 2019, it expects to spend $622.5 million on police, fire and other smaller divisions within the Department of Public Safety. MORE: https://www.dispatch.com/news/20190211/columbus-council-approves-914-million-plus-budget
  12. it One more post about the passing of the Kroger Bakery at 457 Cleveland Avenue. Below is a Columbus Monthly article that gives some historic information about it (it wasn't built as a bakery - it originally was a Ford Motor Co. assembly plant from 1910 to 1925 - then it operated as a Kroger bakery from 1925 until 2019): https://www.columbusmonthly.com/lifestyle/20140820/city-quotient-i-often-smell-something-like-vanilla-cookies-or-cake-when-walking-downtown-am-i-just-hungry-or-is-that-for-real And two articles about the passing of the "Kroger bakery smell": https://www.columbusmonthly.com/news/20190212/ode-to-best-smell-in-city https://www.dispatch.com/entertainmentlife/20190217/joe-blundo-closing-of-aromatic-kroger-bakery-inspires-trip-down-olfactory-lane
  13. ^ More about this from This Week News: https://www.thisweeknews.com/news/20190213/new-albany-lands-600-million-google-data-center The article link includes a site development plan for the new Amazon project. Amazon has built similar data centers in New Albany, Dublin and Hilliard in recent years. Facebook is also building a data center in New Albany (and is shown on the site development plan in the article).
  14. This is some WOW news on the broadcast front: https://www.massivereport.com/2019/2/13/18224217/fox-sports-ohio-to-become-columbus-crews-new-multi-year-broadcast-partner Props to J.D. Smith (aka T-Bone on 97.1 The Fan) for his twitter preview of this news - and the Crew fans response to his tweet: https://twitter.com/DegenerateTBone/status/1095824012578557953
  15. Here's another couple links to this NYC HQ2 news: https://www.businessinsider.com/amazon-cancels-new-york-hq2-2019-2 https://www.nytimes.com/2019/02/14/nyregion/amazon-hq2-queens.html
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