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  1. The debt/deficit is still a thing? Haven't heard much of anything about it lately...
  2. Classic criminal defense tactics folks. If the facts are against you, pound the law. If the law is against you, pound the facts. If the law and the facts are against you, pound the table and yell like hell.
  3. Minkah Fitzpatrick No Matter What
  4. ^^You would've been the first one to post that story during the Obama years.
  5. So...Cousins + Tristan + Love? I don't see it. That's 3 starters. You want to tell TT he's going to come off the bench? TT is actually an ideal energy guy off the bench. He comes in when the other team is getting tired and makes a mess of things for about 5-10.
  6. ^Re your second paragraph, completely agree. Re your third paragraph, I get it, but none of that is new. Those types of disagreements on policy and legislation have occurred throughout our nation's history. Trump is a different animal. He is not comparable to any past President who I am aware of. And, yes, I understand that is a big part of why his base likes him.
  7. Sure they can. I wouldn't put them as the favorites, but it's hardly a foregone conclusion that they would lose.
  8. ^If the rumor is true and we had acquired Thompson (I doubt the trade would have been straight up), then we'd have both Rose and Calderon to run the point. The roster is built around LeBron. It was specifically constructed to fill his window. That's why the Nets pick in the Boston deal was such a huge get. Remember, Boston turned down a trade proposal for Paul George because it wouldn't include that pick. So, even if LeBron leaves (absent something drastic changing, he won't), we will have a very high pick to start the rebuild. But I put the chances of us trading that pick for an All-Star midseason just as high as keeping it. I don't expect Felder to be on the team for very long. He did nothing to light the world on fire last year and I just don't see us keeping two sub-5'9 PGs on a 15 man roster.
  9. Why not raise the debt ceiling through budget reconciliation? Seems like the tax reform they want to pass to give massive tax breaks to the wealthy will inevitably raise the deficit. Simple math. When you raise the deficit, you increase the amount the debt is raised each fiscal year. Raising the debt ceiling would seem to be a necessary first step.
  10. ^Why does the GOP need help from the Dems to pass a raise in the debt ceiling? That can be done through simple majority, right?
  11. May I suggest a few? :whip: :x :-( :shoot:
  12. And TRUMP and his supporters whine about the "alphabet networks" all the time. Cry baby POTUS and his cry baby supporters
  13. I'm a liberal and I hadn't even heard about the issue until a conservative started whining about it.
  14. People react in different ways, but I think the blowback was more to do with ESPN's shift into politics instead of pure sports. Plus look at how the story came out. The original story was that he was pulled for having the same name as the general, which people find ridiculous and overboard. People overreacted yes, but ESPN should also be embarrassed by how they handled it too. Okay. Even if I agree with you on all points, my comment still stands. Ironic, isn't it, that the members of this forum who get so hot and bothered by PC culture are the main culprits of it?
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